MapleStory Reboot Gear Progression Guide

MapleStory Gear Progression is an important aspect of playing MapleStory as it boosts your damage, saves you mesos and allows you to take on the end-game bosses. The game itself is over 16 years old as of writing this guide and has many thousands of different gear equipment items that make finding the most optimal setup quite challenging. By following a gear progression guide you can save mesos by not wasting valuable resources on the wrong items. This guide will look at early-game gear to end-game gear, showing you all the content you need to take on to be able to get this Best In Slot items.

MapleStory Gear Progression Guide

  1. Early Game Gear Guide - Level 1-200
  2. Midgame Gear Guide - Level 200-230
  3. End Game Gear - Level 230+
  4. MapleStory Medals
  5. Updates

Let me preface this by saying that MapleStory is an MMORPG. That means it's going to be constantly updated and as such, gear guides can often lag behind the most optimal setup/meta. You can often find the most up-to-date information usually by asking guild-mates or players in-game. That being said, i'll try to keep this guide as up-to-date as possible.

This gear progression guide is focused on Reboot worlds. Reboot worlds are different to normal worlds as they cannot trade items with other players, so most of the gear has to be acquired by the player (unless you get someone to carry you- more on this later). Reboot players also don't have things like Marvel Machine (which introduce some overpowered items) so gearing up for end-game is slightly different.

You can of course follow this guide to the letter, or chop and change various areas to suit your playstyle and needs. There are some things this guide can't account for, such as the availability of event items which can be best-in-slot items at certain level ranges.

Boss Carries

Boss carries are a common solution in MapleStory Reboot to getting gear faster. If you join a popular guild, you may have the opportunity to get carried for some of the hardest bosses in the game, allowing you to gear up relatively quickly. A carry basically works by you joining a party of a really strong player, who deals all the damage to the boss and you get the rewards. Some players would rather have "solo" progression, where they take down all the bosses themselves, but this makes gearing up a lot more time-consuming. It is definitely recommended to join a guild if you can though.

Star-Forcing Gear

In MapleStory, star-forcing is a way to enhance your gear with mesos to gain more stats. The more starforce you add to your gear, the stronger it becomes. At some point, the costs will become incredibly high and there is also a risk of "booming" your equipment. At end-game, star-forcing will drain most of your mesos, with a single piece of equipment needing around 30 billion mesos to get to the most optimal star-force level. At early levels, Star Forcing is great way to get some extra stats for cheap.

Starforce Inventory Maplestory

You can enchance your gear by clicking on the enhance icon in your Inventory and dragging a piece of equipment to it. This will then open up the star-forcing UI, which shows you the mesos cost and the chance of your star-forcing succeeding.

Starforce UI

There is also a star-forcing "mini-game" which supposedly increases the chances of your star-force happening if you win the game.

MapleStory Flames

Flames in MapleStory add extra stats to your equipment. Each time you use a Flame on a piece of MapleStory it adds a selection of random stats to the gear. Also, all gear that drops has a randomly assigned flame to it by default. If you want to reroll the flame to try and get better stats, you'll need to use either a Powerful Rebirth Flame or Eternal Rebirth Flame. These items can usually be obtained from Boss drops, events and other areas in MapleStory.

Flames are ranked in terms of Tiers. When you reroll a flame on a piece of equipment, you have a random chance to be assigned a certain tier of stats to your equipment. There are a total of 7 tiers for flame stats. Each stat can have a random tier from 1-7 (they don't all have to be tier 6, for example you could get tier 2 stat for int, and tier 5 stat for str).

Special equipment that drops from Bosses (or part of a boss set) can get the highest tier of flames. When you flame boss gear, you also are guaranteed to get 4 lines of flame stats, whereas normal equipment gets 1-4 lines randomly.

Item Normal Flame Tiers Boss Flame Tiers
Powerful Rebirth Flame Powerful Rebirth Flame 1-4 3-6
Eternal Rebirth Flame Eternal Rebirth Flame 2-5 4-7

Powerful Rebirth Flame can give tiers 1-4 stats to your equipment and Eternal Rebirth Flame can give tiers 2-5 for normal equipment.

MapleStory Cubing Gear

Almost every piece of equipment in MapleStory can have it's own potential stats. Each item can have up to 3 lines of potential and each piece of equipment can rank up to a max tier of Legendary potential, which gives the best lines. The potential lines range from giving main stat, boss damage, normal damage, critical damage and even give special skills like Decent Sharp Eyes.

Master Craftsmans CubeMaster Craftsmans CubeMaster Craftsmans CubeMaster Craftsmans CubeMaster Craftsmans Cube

In Reboot, you can use Cubes to reroll potential stats. Cubes can be purchased from the Cashshop for Mesos (in regular servers you have to pay NX). Much of the mesos you earn in Reboot MapleStory will be spent on cubes to get the best stats on your equipment.

As you progress through this guide, you won't want to waste precious meso on gear that you are going to replace within a couple of weeks. Getting to Legendary rank takes around 1 billion mesos, so when you cube you should make sure that the gear is going to stick around for a while.

A decent method of using lower-tier potentials is to get your gear to Epic rank and look for 6-9% main stat potentials. This is usually quite cheap to do but not everyone can afford even to get to Epic rank.

Let's dive in!

Early Game Gear Guide - Level 1-200

Levels 1-200 are the easy early game of MapleStory these days. In Reboot world, monsters drop equipment that are relevant for your class (i.e. If you're a thief, you only get thief equipment and not warrior drops). The first 200 levels of the game are very quick, it is not uncommon for MapleStory veterans to get to level 200 within a couple of hours. As a newbie, you're likely going to take quite a bit longer because you don't have things like Legion, Link Skills or an optimal training route.

Check out our Reboot Training Guide for the best spots to grind on during these levels.

Here is a summary of the gear you need, look below for an explanation on how to obtain this gear.

Equipment Slot Level Item Notes BIS
Weapon 140 Utgard Weapon Utgard Weapon Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Secondary Weapon 100 Death Sender Charm Secondary Weapon Vendor Found in Leafre No
Emblem 100 Gold Maple Emblem Gold Maple Emblem Questline Yes
Hat 140 Pensalir Hat Pensalir Hat Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Overall 140 Pensalir Overall Pensalir Overall Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Gloves 140 Pensalir Gloves Pensalir Gloves Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Shoes 140 Pensalir Shoes Pensalir Shoes Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Cape 140 Pensalir Cape Pensalir Cape Drops from mobs level 130+ No
Face 110 Condensed Power Crystal Condensed Power Crystal Drops from Zakum No
Eye 100 Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory Drops from Zakum No
Pendant 120 Horntail Pendant Horntail Pendant Drops from Horntail No
Pendant 120 Chaos Horntail Pendant Chaos Horntail Pendant Drops from Chaos Horntail No
Ring 110 Silver Blossom Ring Silver Blossom Ring Drops from Chaos/Normal Horntail No
Ring 140 Kanna Treasure Ring Kanna Treasure Ring Questline No
Earring 130 Dea Sidus Earring Dea Sidus Earring Drops from Chaos/Normal Horntail No
Badge 130 Crystal Venus Badge Crystal Venus Badge Drops from Easy/Normal/Hard Magnus Yes
Shoulder 120 Royal Black Metal Shoulder Royal Black Metal Shoulder Drops from Easy/Normal/Hard Magnus No

Between the levels 1-139, you will want to equip any items that drop from mobs. Don't worry about getting the best item for your level, because leveling is incredibly fast that by the time you've got to the next tier of equipment, you would have outleveled it.

Pensalir Gear

Required Level: 140

Once you hit level 140, you can start working on your gear properly. The first set becomes available which is called Pensalir. This equipment drops from all mobs level 130+ and is very easy to get. It's the highest level of equipment that drops from regular mobs, the rest of your gear is going to come from bosses and other MapleStory Content. Here is the gear you're going to need:

Utgard Weapon Pensalir Hat Pensalir Overall Pensalir Gloves Pensalir Shoes Pensalir Cape

  • [Hat] Pensalir Hat
  • [Cape] Pensalir Cape
  • [Boots] Pensalir Boots
  • [Gloves] Pensalir Gloves
  • [Overall] Pensalir Overall
  • [Weapon] Utgard Weapon

The Pensalir equipment also gives a set effect bonus for equipping all 6 items. The Pensalir set is below:

Set Stats
2 Piece Defense: +140
3 Piece Max HP: +9%
Max MP: +9%
Damage To Normal Monsters: +2%
4 Piece Main Stat: +9
Magic/Weapon Attack: +9
Damage To Normal Monsters: +4%
5 Piece All Stat: +15
Defense: +250
Damage To Normal Monsters: +6%
Ignore Defense: +10%
6 Piece Magic/Weapon Attack: +10
Damage To Normal Monsters: +8%
Ignore Defense: +10%

All set effects are cumulative; meaning if you have 5 pieces of gear, you'll get the set effects of 2 piece, 3 piece, 4 piece and 5 piece altogether.

At early levels, the best spots for getting Pensalir gear is at Moon Bunnies in Korean Folk Town. In fact, most of the mobs in Korean Folk Town are a great way to get plenty of this gear.

Maple Emblems

At level 100, you get access to your Maple Emblem. This is the Best-In-Slot item currently, though there are a few rare events that give you a better emblem. Unfortunately, those don't come around often so you want to use the level 100 emblem instead.

The explorer classes you'll need to complete the Maple Explorer Questline. It's rather easy to get a best-in-slot item so early in the game, so it's highly recommended you do it. The Maple Explorer Questline can be started from the lightbulb quest: The Explorer Book and A Maple Leaf at level 10.

For other classes, you usally just have a quest to complete from the lightbulb icon that requires you to just press yes. It's given as a gift and very easy to obtain.

Gold Maple Emblem

Obtainable gear:

  • [Emblem] Gold Maple Emblem (various)

Secondary Weapon Gear

You can obtain your secondary weapon (for most classes) from the Secondary Weapon Vendor (found in Leafre) at level 100. They cost less than 1,000,000 mesos and are best-in-slot until you get to end-game.

Death Sender Charm

Zakum Boss Gear

Required Level: 100+


The next piece of gear you should aim to get is the two Zakum equips: Condensed Power Crystal and Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory.

Condensed Power CrystalAquatic Letter Eye Accessory

You can kill Zakum around level 100 and he gives a decent amount of EXP that can help powerlevel between 100-120. You can fight Zakum once per day. These two equips are part of the Boss Accessory Set, which will be part of your main set going into mid-game. It can take a number of tries to get these two pieces of equipment; if you're lucky enough to get boss carries, Chaos Zakum drops these two pieces of equipment at a much higher rate.

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Face Slot] Condensed Power Crystal
  • [Eye Slot] Aquatic Letter Eye Accessory

Easy Magnus Gear

Required Level: 140+

Easy Magnus provides a route to getting the Best In Slot badge, Crystal Ventus Badge. You can take on Easy Magnus at level 115, though you probably want to be around level 140+ to solo it.

The drop rate for the badge is quite low, so it may take you 10+ clears for it to drop. Alternatively, if you can get carried in Normal or Hard Magnus, the badge drops at a much higher rate.

Royal Black Metal Shoulder Crystal Venus Badge

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Badge] Crystal Ventus Badge
  • [Shoulder] Royal Black Metal Shoulder

Kanna Treasure Ring Questline

Another good ring to obtain is the Kanna Treasure Ring. You'll likely keep this ring until you can take down Gollux comfortably so it's worth getting early on. To obtain Kanna's Treasure Ring, look for the quest in your lightbulb icon called: (lv 140) [Hieizan Temple] Regards, Takeda Shingen. Follow the questline for Kanna and you'll get the ring in no time.

Kanna Treasure Ring

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Ring] Kanna's Treasure Ring

Horntail Boss Gear

Required Level: 180+


Whilst you can attempt to take on Horntail at level 135, it is not recommended until level 180 when you'll have hopefully acquired enough damage to solo the boss. Horntail drops a few pieces of useful gear, and like Zakum, can be killed once a day.

If you can get a carry to Chaos Horntail, you can get the better and upgraded pendant Chaos Horntail Pendant instead.

Silver Blossom RingChaos Horntail PendantDea Sidus EarringHorntail Pendant

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Pendant] Horntail Pendant
  • [Pendant] Chaos Horntail Pendant (chaos version only)
  • [Ring] Silver Blossom Ring
  • [Earring] Dea Sidus Earring

Early Game Cubing and Star-forcing

One of the best parts about obtaining gear is enhancing it to make it super strong. However, this does cost a lot of mesos and in order not to waste billions on obsolete gear, early-game gear you want to hold off making them strong because you'll be disposing of them soon enough.

You want to star-force all your gear to at least 10 stars. You can go for 12 stars if you have extra mesos, but anything beyond that is usually seen as a waste.

You can cube your Secondary, Emblem and Kanna Treasure Ring all to Legendary since they are likely to stick around throughout midgame.

If you plan on soloing all content without any carriers, you'll want to cube all your gear to legendary. On average, it takes around a billion mesos to get to legendary, so it's going to take you a while.

Midgame Gear Guide - Level 200-230

Now you're about to face your first bit of grinding for gear content. As you move towards midgame, you unlock 5th job and start increasing your character's power through Arcane Force and Nodestones. This guide focuses mainly on gear, but you will also want to start working on your Legion, Link Skills and Arcane Force dailies to help increase your range.

Midgame was altered quite dramatically in patch 213 after the Gollux content was revamped. Gollux had it's HP increased dramatically, making it now closer to end-game bosses. Gollux is also very hard to find carries for, as the drops are not split amongst party members so only one player gets them. For this reason, Gollux gear has been moved to the End-Game gear Guide.

Here is a guide on the gear you'll be looking to get in Midgame.

Equipment Slot Level Item Notes BIS
Weapon 160 Absolab Weapon AbsoLab Weapon AbsoLab Content No
Secondary Weapon 100 Death Sender Charm Secondary Weapon Vendor Found in Leafre No
Emblem 100 Gold Maple Emblem Gold Maple Emblem Questline Yes
Hat 150 CRA Hat CRA Hat Chaos Root Abyss No
Top 150 CRA Top CRA Top Chaos Root Abyss Yes
Bottom 150 CRA Bottom CRA Bottom Chaos Root Abyss Yes
Gloves 160 Absolab Gloves AbsoLab Gloves AbsoLab Content No
Shoes 160 Absolab Shoes AbsoLab Shoes AbsoLab Content No
Cape 160 Absolab Cape AbsoLab Cape AbsoLab Content No
Face 110 Condensed Power CrystalCondensed Power Crystal Drops from Zakum No
Eye 100 Aquatic Letter Eye AccessoryAquatic Letter Eye Accessory Drops from Zakum No
Pendant 120 Dominator Pendant Dominator Pendant Drops from Arkarium No
Pendant 120 Chaos Horntail PendantChaos Horntail Pendant Drops from Chaos Horntail No
Ring 110 Silver Blossom Ring Silver Blossom Ring Drops from Chaos/Normal Horntail No
Ring 140 Kanna Treasure Ring Kanna Treasure Ring Questline No
Ring 130 Solid Gollux Ring Solid Gollux Ring Drops From Normal Gollux Yes
Earring 130 Solid Gollux Earrings Solid Gollux Earring Drops from Normal Gollux No
Badge 130 Crystal Venus Badge Crystal Venus Badge Drops from Easy/Normal/Hard Magnus Yes
Shoulder 160 Absolab Shoulder AbsoLab Shoulder AbsoLab Content No
Pocket 140 Pink Holy Cup Pink Holy Cup Pink Bean Boss Drop Yes
Belt 140 Golden Clover Belt Golden Clover Belt Pink Bean Boss Drop  

Chaos Root Abyss Gear

Required Level: 150+

Chaos Root Vellum

Chaos Root Abyss Gear provides some new Best-In-Slot items for you to get. You can also get a Fafnir weapon, which can be used as a placeholder until you get your AbsoLab weapon. Otherwise known as CRA gear, you can start obtaining it around level 125, but the item level is 150. In order to start taking on CRA bosses, you need to defeat the regular RA bosses 10 times each. It'll take you 10 days to do this since you can only fight them once per day. The regular RA bosses are rather easy and can be done in a couple of minutes each when you hit level 200.

When it's time to do the CRA bosses, you're either going to need a carry or have help from a group of other players. They have a lot of HP compared to their RA counterparts, so you're going to need decent damage to take them down. Coming from early game, this will be a massive struggle as a solo player.

Check out our Root Abyss - CRA Gear Guide for more information on these bosses.

CRA Hat CRA Top CRA Bottom

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Weapon] Fafnir Weapon (optional)
  • [Hat] CRA Hat
  • [Top] CRA Top
  • [Bottom] CRA Bottom

Absolab Gear

Required Level: 190+


Absolab gear is some of the best gear in the game. It is gear that you'll use for a long time to come, so cubing it, flaming it and enhancing it is very much a good idea. The only difficulty with getting Absolab gear is you need to take down "semi end-game" bosses. The bosses Damien and Lotus are quite difficult for players coming from early-game and so you're going to have to get some outside help.

This might seem counter-intuitive for "mid-game" gear, but for the most part you're either going to have to:

  • Rely on getting Carried
  • Join a group of players to take it down together

The getting carried option is far the easiest and most common. In Reboot worlds, there are many players who can easily solo the bosses Lotus and Damien for you.

In order to get Absolab gear, you need special coins which take boss drops + weekly items to craft. It can take several weeks (if not months) to get full AbsoLab gear if you're a brand new player with no mule characters. Check out our AbsoLab Guide for how to get all the gear efficiently.

Absolab WeaponAbsolab GlovesAbsolab ShoesAbsolab CapeAbsolab Shoulder

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Weapon] AbsoLab Weapon
  • [Shoulder] AbsoLab Shoulder
  • [Gloves] AbsoLab Gloves
  • [Shoes] AbsoLab Shoes
  • [Cape] AbsoLab Cape

Whilst there is a 7 set AbsoLab effect, we'll be going for 5 set AbsoLab + 3 set CRA for maximum efficiency.

Pink Bean Gear

Required Level: 160+

Pink BeanPink BeanPink Bean

Pink Bean offers 1 best in slot item and 1 item you can use towards your Boss Accessory Set. To take on Pink Bean, you'll need to complete the Temple Of Time questline, which requires you to kill 100 of each mob in the Temple Of Time. It can take around 1-2hours depending on your damage. Pink bean is a boss than can be solo'd; you'll need around 600k range to take it down comfortably. If you're level 200+, you can start getting more gear by getting Arcane Force and Nodestones.

The most sort after item is the Pink Holy Cup, which is a pocket item. In order to unlock the Pocket Item slot in your Equipment inventory, you need to get to level 30 charm in your traits. This can be done in a number of ways, such as equipping cash shop items, Boss equipment like Zakum Helmt and Horntail Pendant, or eating/using trait items such as Cologne. You can also get Train Potions from Legion and other areas in the game to speed up this process.

The Pink Holy Cup is the hardest to obtain item and will likely take several runs for it to drop. You'll want to also grab yourself a Golden Clover Belt which drops pretty often.

Pink Holy CupGolden Clover Belt

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Pocket Item] Pink Holy Cup
  • [Belt] Golden Clover Belt

Arkarium Gear

Required Level: 140+

Arkarium is a boss in the Silent Crusader questline. It's a fairly simple questline that takes you around Maple world defeating different monsters. Arkarium himself requires some decent range to solo, around 1-2mil. He does a full-map attack 1-hit KO move that is hard to dodge if you don't have any "i-frame" moves (moves that can with stand 1hit ko).

Arkarium drops the Dominator Pendant item, which is added to your Boss Accessory set. You can also use the more common Mechanator Pendant, which drops more often.

Dominator Pendant

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Pendant] Dominator Pendant
  • [Pendant] Mechanator Pendant (optional)

Gollux Gear


Since Gollux's revamp in version 213, getting Gollux gear has become a lot more difficult. It is now reserved for end-game players, unless you can find a carry.

Having said that, you can still get some Gollux gear at early levels which can be useful. The Solid Gollux Earrings drops very frequently from Normal Gollux and is a decent item to have during mid-game. Since AbsoLab now reduces the Boss Accessory set to 7 items, we can lose the Dea Sidus Earring (that you get from Horntail) since there isn't an 8 set effect (only 9). Gollux has a very rare chance to drop Solid and Cracked Gollux Rings too.

Check out the Gollux guide for details on it's revamp and how to get items from him.

Solid Gollux RingSolid Gollux Earrings

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Earrings] Solid Gollux Earring
  • [Ring] Solid Gollux Ring

Cubing Your Gear

When you get mid-game gear, you want to now be cubing all your items to Legendary rank and aiming for at least 15% main stat on all items. You'll have mid-game gear for a very long time, so it's best to increase your damage as much as possible by cubing. To do this, you're going to need lots of mesos, so check out the Mesos Farming guide for Reboot.

Cubes come in both Red and Black versions and can be gotten for Mesos in the Cash Shop. On average, it'll take around 1 billion mesos for a legendary rank.

Red CubeRed CubeRed CubeBlack CubeBlack CubeBlack Cube

You may also want to start cubing for Meso Gear and Drop-Rate gear to increase the amount you earn when training. Usually this is reserved for dedicated players, but if you plan on playing MapleStory past mid-game, you're going to need this gear to help farm.

Don't worry about crafting cubes- they're not as good as Red Cubes and it's easier to farm Mesos than it is to farm Master Craftmans Cubes.

You might also want to wait for Double Miracle Time events, which have a chance to increase your tier-up rate. Check out this cubing simulator for a good idea of the amount of mesos you'll need to get specific lines.

Flaming Your Gear

As with cubes, you also want to start getting good flames on your mid-game gear. On regular equipment, you want main stat and a bit of +all stat%. Flames can be purchased from general merchant in Leafre for around 9,500,000 mesos.

Star-forcing Your Gear

After you have cubed your gear, you want to start star-forcing beyond the 10 star to around 15-17 stars. It is best to wait for special Sunny Sunday events to do this, as they offer big discounts on the mesos cost for star-forcing gear.

End Game Gear - Level 230+

End Game gear is the hardest gear to get and requires thousands of hours to obtain. If you're a dedicated MapleStory player and want to be able to take on the end bosses, then this section will show you all the gear you need to start working on after mid-game.

Don't forget, at this level, you now need to have a decent Legion level (around 6000+), all your Link Skills and have all your Nodestone skills maxed. You will struggle to get this gear if you don't have these areas completed.

End Game will allow you to take on the hardest bosses in MapleStory and allow you to start preparing to take down the Black Mage for your Genesis Weapon. Whilst the Genesis Weapon is available, the Black Mage still hasn't been defeated in Reboot worlds yet, so I am not considering this to be best-in-slot.

End Game also requires you to learn about transposing items. More on that later. Items in the table below with a * mean they need to be transposed.

Equipment Slot Level Item Notes BIS
Weapon 160 Arcane Weapon Arcane Weapon Lucid / Arcana Exchange Yes
Secondary Weapon 140 Princess No Secondary Princess No Secondary Princess No Boss Drop Yes
Emblem 100 Gold Maple Emblem Gold Maple Emblem Questline Yes
Hat 150 CRA Hat CRA Hat / Arcane Hat Chaos Root Abyss Yes
Top 150 CRA Top CRA Top Chaos Root Abyss Yes
Bottom 150 CRA Bottom CRA Bottom Chaos Root Abyss Yes
Gloves 160 Arcane Gloves Arcane Gloves Lucid / Arcana Exchange Yes
Shoes 160 Arcane Shoes Arcane Shoes Lucid / Arcana Exchange Yes
Cape 160 Arcane Cape Arcane Cape Lucid / Arcana Exchange Yes
Face 110 Sweetwater Tattoo Sweetwater Tattoo Commerci Republic Yes
Eye 100 Sweetwater Monocle Sweetwater Monocle * Commerci Republic Yes
Pendant 150 Superior Gollux Pendant Superior Gollux Pendant Drops from Gollux Yes
Pendant 150 Superior Gollux Pendant Superior Gollux Pendant Drops From Gollux Yes
Ring 150 Superior Gollux Ring Superior Gollux Ring Drops From Gollux Yes
Ring 140 Reinforced Gollux Ring Reinforced Gollux Ring Drops From Gollux Yes
Ring 130 Solid Gollux Ring Solid Gollux Ring / Glona's Heart Drops From Gollux / Phantom Forest Yes
Ring 140 Kanna Treasure Ring Kanna Treasure Ring Questline Yes
Earring 130 Sweetwater Earring Sweetwater Earring * Commerci Republic Yes
Badge 130 Crystal Venus Badge Crystal Venus Badge Drops from Easy/Normal/Hard Magnus Yes
Shoulder 160 Arcane Shoulder Arcane Shoulder Lucid / Arcana Exchange Yes
Pocket 140 Pink Holy Cup Pink Holy Cup Pink Bean Boss Drop Yes
Belt 140 Superior Gollux Belt Superior Gollux Belt Drops From Gollux Yes

Arcane Umbra Gear

Required Level: 220+

Arcane Umbra gear will be replacing all of your AbsoLab gear. Arcane Gear unfortunately takes hundreds of hours of farming items called Arcane Droplets to craft any one piece of equipment. You also need to be able to defeat Lucid boss (the easy part) and Will Boss to gain the core ingredients.


Arcane WeaponArcane GlovesArcane ShoesArcane CapeArcane Shoulder

During the transition between AbsoLab and Arcane gear, you'll find that having high-star'd AbsoLab equipment is better than your new shiny Arcane Umbra equipment. There will be a lot of chopping and changing the more Arcane Umbra gear you are able to obtain.

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Weapon] Arcane Umbra Weapon
  • [Hat] Arcane Umbra Hat
  • [Shoulder] Arcane Umbra Shoulder
  • [Gloves] Arcane Umbra Gloves
  • [Cape] Arcane Umbra Cape
  • [Shoes] Arcane Umbra Shoes

Sweetwater Gear and Transposing

Sweetwater gear is actually quite easy to obtain. The problem is that you're likely going to need multiple copies of each item and getting a hold of the items needing to transpose to Sweetwater is rather difficult. In order to get Sweetwater items, you need to do dailies in the Commerci Republic area of the game to collect Denaros (coins) to buy the gear from a shop.

DenaroDenaroCommerci NPCDenaroDenaro

Sweetwater Gear is best when it's transposed from other equipment.

Transposing allows you to take the star-force enhancements, flame tiers and potential of an item and transfer them to the Sweetwater Item. The reason we do this with Sweetwater items is because they cannot get Boss Tier Flames and by transposing an item to Sweetwater, you get 1 extra star-force star. (Explanation: When you transpose star-forced items, it reduces the number of stars by 1 on the new item but carries over the stats of that extra star. Therefor, you can effectively gain the same star twice).

You want to get the transpose item to 16 stars in star-force and have decent boss tier flames before transposing.

The following items need to be obtained to transpose:

Sweetwater TattooSweetwater EarringSweetwater Monocle

Transpose Item Obtained From Sweetwater Item
Papulatus Mark Papulatus Boss Drop Sweetwater Monocle
Meister Earring Crafting Town Sweetwater Earrings

The Sweetwater items can be purchased from Commerci Republic for

  • Sweetwater Monocle - 250 Coins
  • Sweetwater Tattoo - 250 Coins
  • Sweetwater Earring - 350 Coins

Gollux Gear

You should now be at a point where you can finally take on Hard Gollux and Hell Gollux. These two bosses will start dropping Advanced Gollux Coins that you can use to buy your Superior Equipment. Hell Gollux also drops Superior Earrings and Superior Belt.

Superior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux BeltSuperior Gollux BeltSuperior Gollux BeltReinforced Gollux RingSuperior Gollux Ring

Each piece of Superior gear costs around 700 coins in the Gollux shop. Hell Gollux drops around 20-30 coins each clear, so it will take you a while to obtain all pieces of the Superior Gollux set.

The Reinforced Gollux set is also good for Mesos and Drop-Rate gear.

Obtainedable gear:

  • [Pendant] Superior Gollux Pendant (shop)
  • [Ring] Superior Gollux Ring (shop)
  • [Ring] Reinforced Gollux Ring (shop)
  • [Belt] Superior Gollux Belt (drop)

Princess No Secondary Weapon

You can obtain your Princess No Secondary Weapon by completing the same questline you did for the Kanna Treasure Ring. Princess No is a boss that becomes available once the questline is complete. Her difficulty is on-par with Chaos Vellum, so in order to take her on you're going to need decent damage.

Princess No drops tokens similar to the CRA bosses. You can then exchange them for your Secondary Weapon. It'll take 2-3 runs in total to obtain the item.

Princess No SecondaryPrincess No SecondaryPrincess No SecondaryPrincess No Secondary

MapleStory Medals

MapleStory Medals can also be equipped to your character extra stats. A lot of medals are event-based, so getting a Best-In-Slot medal can often mean getting lucky with events being available. There are some medals you can work on in the meantime however.

Item Stats Obtained

Ursus Defeater King

Ursus Defeater King

Str: +7
Dex: +7
Int: +7
Luk: +7
Weapon Attack: +7
Magic Attack: +7
Defeat Ursus 10 times.

Antellion Guardian

Antellion Guardian

Str: +15
Dex: +15
Int: +15
Luk: +15
Weapon Attack: +8
Magic Attack: +8
MaxHP: +500
MaxMP: +500
Complete the Masteria Through Time Blockbuster

Seven Day Monster Parker

Seven Day Monster Parker

Str: +7
Dex: +7
Int: +7
Luk: +7
Weapon Attack: +7
Magic Attack: +7
Ignore Defense: +10%
Complete Monster Park 77 times on every single day. 77x7 = 539 runs)

Repeating Event Medals

These medals come from events that often are repeated each year, so you may have a chance to get them again. There's no official guarantee to know when a certain medal event will be returning though, so you have to keep an eye on the Patch Notes.

Item Stats Obtained

Living Proof

Living Proof

Str: +14
Dex: +14
Int: +14
Luk: +14
Weapon Attack: +8
Magic Attack: +8
MaxHP: +1200
MaxMP: +1200
Complete the Wonderoid Questline (all seasons)

Updates To Come

This guide is a work in progress and there is much to cover. So I'm going to put a list of topics that I'll be covering in future updates:

  • Phantom Forest
  • Titles
  • Totems
  • Event Gear
  • Mesos / Drop Gear
  • Arcane Force / Nodestones
  • Inner Ability
  • Link Skills

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This is so helpful. I really appreciate the time you spent making this.



Michael Parker

For your mid-game gear, you've got 8 items for the 'Boss Accessory Set'.
If you added on Noble Ifia's Ring, you'd make it to 9 and get the final set bonus without losing anything.
You've only got 3 rings on that part of the guide anyway, so can just add on Ifia's ring or switch it out for Kanna's ring if you're leaving space for event-specific rings.


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