MapleStory Commerci Sweetwater Voyages And Prequests Guide

MapleStory Sweetwater Equipment comes from Commerci Voyages mini-game, which requires you to take on daily dungeons and a simple party quest to earn Commerci Denaro and Equipment. The area is accessible from around level 140 and provides some mid-game to end-game gear that many players work towards. The content is relatively easy to complete, but it does require to complete the content many times in order to save enough coins for your equipment.

MapleStory Commerci Sweetwater Quests


Commerci Republic Prequests

In order to access Commeric Voyages, you need to complete the Commerci Republic Prequests up to a certain point (The whole prequest line doesn't need to be completed).

To start the prequests, find the Lightbulb quest that becomes available at level 140:  (Lv. 140) [Commerci Republic] Neinheart's Call. You'll be instantly teleported to Ereve and where you need to talk to Neinheart again and you'll be teleported to Lith Harbor to talk to Parbell.

Parbell will then teleport you to the beginner of the Commerci quests. You'll start at Commerci Republic: Berry and must talk to Mayor Berry. You'll then need to complete a series of mob killing quests from Mayor Berry:

[Commerci Republic] Kill 100 Gray Tomcat (found at Commerci Republic: Berry Coast)

[Commerci Republic] Kill 100 CalicoTimcat (found at Commerci Republic: Commerci West Coast)

After these two quests, you'll need to head to the right of the map and you'll be automatically teleported before reaching the end. Kill the 12 Calico Timcat and then talk to Leon Daniella.

You now need to head to Commerci Republic (main town). Just follow the maps to the right and you'll eventually come to it.

Once at Commerci Republic, talk to Tepes (Daniella Merchant Union Crew) and complete the quest: (Lv. 140) [Commerci Republic] The Trade Kingdom and (Lv. 140) [Commerci Republic] Stolen Items.

Then head to Commerci Republic: Trading Post (the first portal to your right in Commerci Republic). Talk to Maestra Fiametta until you get a lightbulb quest above your head (complete it to get rid of the quest).

You now have access to the Commerci Voyages to get Sweetwater Equipment. Look in your lightbulb quest notifier for the quest: (Lv. 140) [Commerci Republic] Get Rich Quick and talk to Maestra Fiametta. Complete all the tutorial quests, where you'll get to go on some easy voyages, which shouldn't cause you any problems. Once all tutorial quests are completed, you can talk to Maestra Fiametta and press Start Trade to begin a Commerci Voyage.

Commerci Voyages Guide

Commerci Voyages allow you to earn Commerci Denaro and have a small chance of Sweetwater Equipment of dropping. When you first begin your Commerci Voyages, you'll only have access to the first Region called Dolce. The good news, progressing in Commerci Voyages is not really needed to farm coins and equipment as we are going to repeatedly farm the same Commerci Voyages over and over again.

Commerci NPCCommerci NPCCommerci NPC

Talk to Maestra Fiametta and press Start Trade to begin a Commerci Voyage. Each day, you'll start out with 100 Energy, and each mission you take on will deduct a certain amount of energy. For example, to take on a Dolce mission, you'll need 10 Energy.

Each mission will allow you to take some items on your journey. There is a cost for each item you take, but if you succuessfully complete the voyage, you will get extra Denaros for the items being delivered. All missions are profitable, unless you die, then you lose all your Denaros you spent on the items. So don't die!

Here are the regions available:


Region Energy Cost Boss Count Unlock Cost
Dolce 10 0 Default
Luna 12 0 Complete 5 Voyages to Dolce
Rosa 15 1 Complete 5 Voyages to Luna
10 Denaros
Herb Town 20 2 Complete 5 Voyages to Rosa
20 Denaros
Rein Harbor 25 2 Complete 5 Voyages to Herb Town
50 Denaros
Lith Harbor 30 2 Complete 5 Voyages to Rein Harbor
80 Denaros

Commerci Vessel Level

One important aspect of trades is the level of your Commerci Vessel. Your boat will level up the more voyages you do, and your level up increases the amount of items you can ship on your voyage. The more items you can ship, the more Denaros you can earn per run. The max level of your ship is 10.

You can view the level of your vessel by looking in the Equipment Tab (press E) and clicking on Vessel.

You can also upgrade your vessel to another vessel, which will increase the amount of items you can carry, your energy and attack power (Vessel skills).

The following Vessels are available:

  • Cargo Skiff (Max Space: 4) (Max Energy: 100)
  • Sailboat (upgrade at level 10 Cargo Skiff + 200 Denaros) (Max Space: 4) (Max Energy: 100)
  • Dreadnought (upgrade at level 10 Sailboat + 500 Denaros) (Max space 6) (Max Energy: 120)

There are Boss monsters that appear on certain Commerci Voyages. These can drop cubes, cubic blades, cube fragments and have a rare chance to drop Commerci Equipment.

You can also spend your Denaros in the Sweetwater shop by talking to Javert. You can buy Sweetwater Tattoo and Sweetwater Monocle for 250 Denaros each.

Farming Commerci Denaros

Commerci DenaroCommerci DenaroCommerci DenaroCommerci DenaroCommerci Denaro

The easiest way to farm Denaros is to repeatedly do the Dolce mission. The mission itself takes less than 30 seconds to complete and will net you a positive of 2 Denaros for < 3 items and 3 Denaros for 4 items.

Doing 10 Dolce missions each day (10 energy cost each of your 100), you can early 20-30 Denaros every day. That means it will take you around 9-13 days to earn one piece of Sweetwater Equipment (Face or Eye).

There are other missions you can take on, but they take more time to complete. For many people who are going to try and star their Sweetwater equipment to high amounts, you'll need to farm thousands of Denaros for multiple copies. Check out the MapleStory Dailies Checklist tool.

Merchant Union Trade (Commerci Party Quest)

To complete in the Commerci Party Quest, you need to unlock Herb Town voyage in Commerci.

The Commerci PQ, also known as Merchant Union Trade, allows 3 players to take on a voyage together. You'll face up to 2 bosses that have a higher chance of dropping Commerci Equipment and you'll also earn Denaros.

You'll be teleported to one of three random voyages when the party leaders starts the quest.

Goldway and Huntersway both have 1 boss each, with Silkway have 2 bosses (so most people prefer to get Silkway for more equipment drop chances).

Each run will net you 6-7 Denaros, so you can earn around 18-21 coins Denaros per day. The PQ does not take away your Vessel Energy either, so it's extra coins.

Sweetwater Equipment Set

There are 6 pieces of Sweetwater gear that contribute to the Sweetwater Equipment set. The following items do not contribute to the set, despite being named Sweetwater (go figure):

  • Sweetwater Tattoo
  • Sweetwater Monocle
  • Sweetwater Earrings
  • Sweetwater Pendant

All of these items come from the Sweetwater Shop.

The Sweetwater Equipment set is made up of the following items:

  • Sweetwater Weapons
  • Sweetwater Cape
  • Sweetwater Shoes
  • Sweetwater Hat
  • Sweetwater Gloves
  • Sweetwater Suit

The set gives the following effects:

Set Stats
2 Piece All Stat: +25
Weapon Attack: +20
Magic Attack: +20
3 Piece All Stat: +75
Weapon Attack: +35
Magic Attack: +35
4 Piece All Stat: +95
Weapon Attack: +48
Magic Attack: +48
5 Piece Defense: +100
6 Piece MaxHP: +20%
MaxMP: +20%
Defense: +200
Boss Damage: +30%

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