MapleStory EXP Guide

MapleStory is a MMORPG that at its core is all about how much EXP you can gain from grinding on monsters in order to progress your character's stats. When MapleStory was first released, there were only a few mechanics regarding the EXP system; you killed monsters, you got EXP. Nowadays, MapleStory has evolved to the point where there are so many different areas of EXP you  can gain from that it's hard to keep up with all the methods. There are also many tips and tricks you can do in order to increase the amount of EXP you can gain. This guide aims to show you all the relevant ways you can gain EXP on your character so that you can make the most of them.

MapleStory EXP Guide

MapleStory EXP Modifiers

MapleStory offers many ways to increase the amount of EXP you get from killing monsters. Every monster in MapleStory gives a fixed amount of EXP (called the base rate) and this amount can be affected by many different features in MapleStory to help increase the amount you earn. Here is an overview of all the ways you can increase the base rate:

  • EXP Events (These are held by MapleStory team for special occaisions where every monster gives double the amount of EXP).
  • CashShop EXP Coupons (These are purchasable in the CashShop on MapleStory. Not available on Reboot worlds).
  • EXP Coupons (These are given out to players for completing specific content; the rates can range from 1.2-3x)
  • MVP Atmosphere Buff (Gives +50% EXP to everyone on the map when used)
  • Runes (Gives +100% for limited duration (3-6 minutes, can be boosted by Evan Link Skill))
  • Monster Park Extreme Gold Potion (Gives + 10% EXP)
  • EXP Accumulation Potion x2(+20% EXP)
  • Mercedes Link Skill (Gives +10-20% EXP)
  • EXP Hyper Skill (Gives +10% EXP at max level (15))
  • Burning Field (Gives +100% EXP on certain maps, Burning Field gradually reduces over time)
  • Legion Grid Bonus EXP (+0.25% per block)
  • Combo Orbs (Give 5x monster EXP, can be increased by 400%/650%/900% with Aran Link Skill)
  • Holy Symbol - Bishop [SKILL] (Gives +50% EXP when in range)
  • Decent Holy Symbol [SKILL] (5th Job skill for all classes, does not stack with HS. Gives +35% EXP when maxed).
  • Friends Of Arby - Beast Tamer [SKILL] (+30% EXP)
  • EXP Equips (Spriit Pendant (+30% after 3 hours), Prepared Spirit Pendant (+30%))

EXP Setups

Wow! That's a lot of EXP modifiers! A lot of these buffs are very hard to come by and are not worth trying to obtain. They are great when they're available, but you should priotise certain ones when you can. EXP is either additive or multiplicative. Multiplicative EXP modifiers are applied before any additive exp modifiers are added to the base EXP. For example:

2EXP Coupon + CashShop 2x EXP Coupon + 15% Mercedes Link Skill = 4x + 15% = 4.15x.

Let's look at how much EXP you can potentially earn in certain scenarios.

Reboot World EXP

Reboot World does not have access CashShop EXP modifiers. So, let's assume there isn't a 2EXP event on, what kind of EXP rates can you feasably obtain:

2EXP Coupon (2x) + MVP Atmosphere Buff (+50%) + Rune (+100%) + Monster Park Extreme Gold Potion (+10%) + EXP Accumulation Potion (+10%) + Mercedes Link Skill Level 2 (+15%) + 100% Burning Field + Decent Holy Symbol Maxed (+35%) = 5.2x modifier.

Most of the buffs above are obtainable, apart from probably MVP Atmosphere buff which might be rare in less populated worlds.

Non-Reboot World EXP

You get access to CashShop Coupons in non-reboot worlds, so you get an extra 2/3x multiplicative exp modifier. You'll want to aim for the following:

2x CashShop + 2x EXP Coupon + MVP Atmosphere Buff (+50%) + Rune (+100%) + Monster Park Extreme Gold Potion (+10%) + EXP Accumulation Potion (+10%) + Mercedes Link Skill Level 2 (+15%) + 100% Burning Field + Decent Holy Symbol Maxed (+35%) = 7.2x modifier.

Obtaining EXP Modifiers

Here is a quick overview of all the ways to obtain the above EXP Modifiers.

EXP Modifier EXP Obtained Difficulty
2x Coupons (non-cashshop) 2x Obtained from multiple areas of the game, including:
  • Monster Park Sunday Growth Box (random)
  • Legion Shop (can buy 10 30min 2x coupons every week)
  • Rest Rewards( not logged in for 2 days consecutively)
  • Events (most events offer some form of EXP coupons as rewards)
  • Compensation (when Nexon messes up, they usually reward 2x EXP coupons)
  • Daily Gifts (kill 300 monsters each day to unlock a gift).
2x CashShop Coupon (Non Reboot Worlds) 2x-3x Purchasable from CashShop or Marvel Machine Easy
2x Events 2x Special events hosted by Nexon Rare
MVP Atmosphere Buff +50% Obtained by being an MVP user (spend $600 over 3 months) or be in the same map when an MVP player uses the coupon Medium
Rune +100% EXP Runes appear as you train in maps. Some maps (lower leveled ones) don't spawn runes. Usually spawn every 15 minutes. Easy
Monster Park Extreme Gold Potion +10% Obtained from Monster Park Shop for 10 coins. Easy
EXP Accumulation Potion +10% Obtained by crafting the potion in Ardentmil. Requires an EXP Accumulation Potion Receipe, which drops from the following Bosses: Horntail, Zakum, Pierre Medium
Mercesdes Link Skill +10%/15%/20% for Level 1/2/3 Level a Mercedes character to level 70,120,210 for Link Skill Medium
Burning Field 10-100% EXP Some Maps have Burning Fields. They loss 10% every 15 minutes of a player using them, and regain 10% every hour of non-use. You can switch channels to find higher % Burning Maps. Easy
Decent Holy Symbole +20%-35% Obtained from 5th Job nodes. Can craft it for 120 node shards. Easy
Holy Symbol +50% Obtained from Bishops; moving too far away from a Bishop will make the skill give only 25% EXP Medium
Friends Of Arby +30% Obtained from Beast Tamer Skill. Just have to have a Beast Tamer in your party (no recast buff). Beast Tamer is a limited-time character, meaning it can only be created at certain events. Medium
EXP Hyper Stats +0.5-10% Add points into EXP Hyper Stat Skill. Easy
Legion Grid Bonus EXP +0.25% per grid Legion requires leveling multiple characters. You unlock the EXP section of the grid around 2000 legion levels. Hard
Combo Orbs 5x EXP of monster on map When you get 50 combo kills, an orb is generated that when touched gives EXP. The amount can be increased by getting Aran's Link Skill. Easy
EXP Equips +30% You can obtain Pendant Of The Spirit usually from Daily Gift, Monster Park and Events. There are other equips that also give +% EXP, but those are usually handed out for special events. Easy

We've tried to cover all the ways to get EXP in this guide, but if we've forgotten any, feel free to comment below and we'll update this guide accordingly.

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