MapleStory Root Abyss - CRA Gear Guide

Root Abyss is an area in MapleStory which allows you to defeat some of the most difficult mid-game bosses for end-game gear. Root Abyse allows you to obtain CRA gear (Chaos Root Abyss set) which is still featured in end-game setups despite the gear being released over 2013. Luckily, with the content being so old, the once end-game bosses are now a lot easier to defeat as the power creep has made these bosses a lot easier and in most cases, "soloable".

MapleStory Root Abyss Soloable

Root Abyss Prequests

The prequests for Root Abyss are very fast and simple to do. You can start Root Abyss when your character hits level 125. To start the prequests, look for the quest called: (Level: 125) [Root Abyss] An Urgent Summons. The Root Abyss quest line will take you on a mini-story quest and for the most part you can skip the cutscenes. Once you have completed the cutscenes (should take no longer than 5 minutes) you'll be able to access Root Abyss through the Dimension Mirror for easy and quick access.

When you have completed the prequests, you'll have unlocked 4 different portals on the map. Each portal leads to a different boss. To enter the portal, you need a Gnarled Wooden Key, which costs 100,000 Mesos each and can be purchased from the NPC in the Root Abyss map. Each portal will give you the option of taking on either the Chaos version of the boss, or the normal version.

Normal Root Abyss Bosses

These bosses are rather easy for anyone that is level 200 and above. You should be able to take these on with relatively low damage. Unfortunately, the loot you get from the normal version of these bossess is rather useless, but you can still defeat them for:

  • Reward Points (Up to 200 Points for all four boss clears)
  • Cubes
  • Crimson Queen Soul Shards
  • Vellum Soul Shards
  • Wealth Acquisition Potion Recipe (drops from Pierre)
  • Guild Contribution Points (when defeating these bosses in a party with the same guild members, you get bonus contribution points for your guild)

The four bosses are:

Boss HP Range Tips

Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen

315,000,000 50~100K The easiest of the Root Abyss bosses; just watch out for her breath blast and you should be golden. She is a tier SS Boss, so her Soul Shards are worth collecting.



315,000,000 50~100K Watch out for the falling hats which will stun you and require you to mash left and right but you are one-hit KO'd. The clown will also change it's hat, and if you're wearing the same one the damage you deal to it will heal Pierre instead. Pierre drops Wealth Acquisition Potion Recipes, which are valuable in Reboot Worlds.

Von Bon

Von Bon

315,000,000 50~100K Von Bon has a few mechanics that you need to watch out for. He will jump in the air and deal damage to anyone on the ground, but he doesn't have any one-hit ko shots. The different colored time portals will speed and slow down the timer, but you shouldn't need to worry about these.



550,000,000 100K~200k Vellum does have some one-hit KO moves you need to worry about. This fight is far easier than the Chaos version, but still can be a challenge if your damage isn't high enough.

Chaos Root Abyss

Once you have defeated each normal Root Abyss boss 10 times, you'll then be able to challenge the Chaos version of these bosses. This is where you'll get the good loot, but the bosses are also a lot tougher with new mechanics, more HP and more defense. You'll need to defeat all four bosses in order to get the complete Chaos Root Abyss set, which is some of the best gear in MapleStory. Each boss will drop shards (these are affected by drop rate, so the more drop rate you have, the more shards you can get) that you can exchange for a piece of gear. You'll need 5 shards for Hat, Bottom and Top pieces of gear, and 15 pieces for the weapon.

Chaos Crimson Queen - Hat (5 Shard Pieces)

Chaos Pierre - Bottom (5 Shard Pieces)

Chaos Von Bon - Top (5 Shard Pieces)

Chaos Vellum - Weapon (15 Shard Pieces)

You may have to defeat each Chaos boss more than once to collect enough shards. Usually, you can get enough on your first defeat for the top, bottom and hat though.

Chaos Root Abyss Set Effect

Equipping all pieces of the Chaos Root Abyss Set will give you the following set stat bonuses:

Set Bonus Status
2 Piece +20 Main Stat
+20 Secondary Stat
+1,000 MaxHP / MaxMP
3 Piece +10% MaxHP / MaxMP
+50 Attack Power
4 Piece +50% Boss Monster Damage

Warrior CRA Equipment

  • Royal Warrior Helm
  • Eagle Eye Warrior Armor
  • Trixter Warrior Pants
  • Weapons
  • Fafnir Pentient Tears (Hero)
  • Fafnir Big Mountain (Blaster)
  • Fafnir Twin Cleaver (Warrior)
  • Fafnir Guardian Hammer (Warrior)
  • Fafnir Battle Cleaver (Warrior)
  • Fafnir Mistiltienn (Warrior)
  • Fafnir Raven RIng (Hayato)
  • Fafnir Brionak (Dark Knight)
  • Fafnir Lightning Striker (Warrior)
  • Fafnir Moon Glaive (Aran)
  • Fafnir Death Bringer (Demon Avenger)

Mage CRA Equipment

  • Royal Dunwitch Hat
  • Eagle Eye Dunwitch Robe
  • Trixter Dunwitch Pants
  • Weapons
  • Fafnir Mana Taker (Wand - Bishop|F/P Mage|I/L Mage)
  • Fafnir Mana Crown (Staff - Bishop|F/P Mage|I/L Mage)
  • Fafnir Indigo Flash (Kanna)
  • Fafnir Mana Cradle (Luminous)
  • Fafnir Psy-limiter (Kinesis)
  • Fafnir Lucent Guantlet (Illium)
  • Fafnir Scepter (Beast Tamer)

Bowman CRA Equipment

  • Royal Ranger Beret
  • Eagle Eye Ranger Cowl
  • Trixter Ranger Pants
  • Weapons
  • Fafnir Wind Chaser (Bowmaster)
  • Fafnir Windwing Shooter (Marksman)
  • Fafnir Dual Windwing (Mercedes)
  • Fafnir Ancient Bow (Pathfinder)

Thief CRA Equipment

  • Royal Assassin Hood
  • Eagle Eye Assassin Shirt
  • Trixter Assassin Pants
  • Weapons
  • Fafnir Risk Holder (Night Lord)
  • Fafnir Damascus (Dual Blade)
  • Fafnir Ciel Claire (Phantom)
  • Fafnir Split Edge (Xenon)
  • Fafnir Chain (Cadena)
  • Fafnir Dragon Ritual Fan (Hoyoung)

Chaos Root Abyss Bosses

You enter Chaos Root Abyss Bosses the same way you would for normal Root Abyss boss. When you enter a portal, you just select the Chaos version instead. You can clear Chaos Root Abyss once per week.

You need to have defeat each normal Root Abyss boss 10 times before you can take on the CRA version.

Boss HP Range Tips

Crimson Queen

Crimson Queen

140,000,000,000 1-2mil She is the easiest of the Chaos Root Abyss bosses.



80,000,000,000 4-8m  

Von Bon

Von Bon

100,000,000,000 3-4m  



200,000,000,000 5-10m  

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