Niche Site Case Study – Content Creation – Part 2

Welcome to my Niche Site Case Study series, where I attempt to make money by building up a site from scratch, targeting a specific niche and gaining traffic by search [...]

August Income Report 2016

This is my 3rd Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month. These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to [...]

Entrepreneur Success Stories #1 – How I Turned $600 into $4,000 within one month!

Welcome to our Entreprenuer Success Stories- where we give you an insight into how other entrepreneurs are making a success. This weeks story is from Nick, who managed to turn [...]

How to Improve Your Blog When You’re Exhausted

Are you building a blog? If so, I’m sure you have experienced those times when you are just plain exhausted and have no motivation to work on your blog. You’ve [...]

Niche Site Case Study – The Beginning

Making money from a Niche site is not something new or a unique topic to talk about. But they still remain some of the most popular posts amongst bloggers today, [...]

Server Move Complete!

After 2 days, the server move is finally complete! I've been preparing for this for a while and now that it's finally done, I can begin to focus more on [...]

July Income Report

This is my 2nd Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month. Welcome to the July Income report for Patchesoft! This report will detail [...]

Learn Linux: Setup DNS Server with Bind On Debian

This guide will teach you the basics of DNS (Domain Name System) and how to setup your own DNS server so that your domain names point to your website. DNS [...]

Moving to HTTPS!

Hi everyone, Over the last month or so, I've been upgrading our VPS system and have been learning all about HTTPS. In the next 3 weeks, I'm going to begin [...]

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