MapleStory Gollux Guide - Prequest And Boss Drops

Gollux is one of MapleStory's toughest bosses and provides some of the best end-game gear available. It is also a great way for mid-game players to progress, with plenty of equips available to start gearing your characters up. This guide will walk you through the prequests, Gollux mechanics and items in the shop to look out for.

MapleStory Gollux Guide

In MapleStory Patch V213, Gollux was revamped in GMS completely, making it now an end-game boss but allowing you to get multiple copies of the same equips (Rings and Earrings were previously limited to 1 per account). The revamp vastly increased the HP of the end-game version of Gollux and also limited the entries to one per day. Unfortunately, that means that Gollux is no longer a boss that you can be carried for and also means it will take you a lot longer to obtain the Gollux Superior Item Set.

The revamp is good news for stronger players; they now can get multiple copies of the same equips to starforce (no risk of booming 1 of a kind items). The Gollux Equipment set is still BIS (Best-in-slot) and will be something you'll need to gradually work towards obtaining.

Gollux Prequests

The tiresome Gollux Prequests have been removed and you no longer need to do them. The only requirements for Gollux is to be level 180 in order to travel to the Gollux map/area.

The Gollux storyline has now been incorporated into the Phantom Forest questline. If you want to play the actual game and learn more about Gollux, it might be worth completing the Phantom Forest prequests first.

Gollux can be entered from the Quick-Move menu (The Dimensional Mirror) from most major towns.

Gollux Difficulties

You can enter Gollux once per day. Upon entering Gollux, you are placed at the bottom of Gollux and need to make your way to Gollux's head to fight him. To get there, you'll travel through various maps and there are a couple of "mini-bosses" along the way.

Gollux has several different difficulties and to face them you need to defeat/leave these mini-bosses. If you don't kill any of the Gollux mini-bosses, you'll face the hardest version of Gollux, known as Hellux. See the table below for which version you can fight:

Gollux Difficulty Mini-Bosses HP
Hell Gollux 0 770,000,000,000 HP
Hard Gollux 1 165,000,000,000 HP
Normal Gollux 2 6,600,000,000 HP
Easy Gollux 3 110,000,000 HP

As you can see, the more bosses you leave alive, the harder Gollux becomes. The mini bosses are:

  • Right Shoulder
  • Left Shoulder
  • Abdomen

They are all fairly straight-forward to kill (they have some knockback effects that will teleport you to the bottom of the Gollux Maps again).

Gollux Enter Map

To enter the "Boss" part of Gollux, you need to head to the core of Gollux, known as Memories of the Heart Tree. Here there is a portal in the center of the room that leads you to the boss fight. You can move in and out of the boss fight if you wish (though during Phase 2 Gollux can restrict you from entering).

- Boss -
Right Shoulder Core [Memories Of The Heart Tree] Left Shoulder
Map Abdomen Map
Map Map Map
Map Map Map
- Start Here -

Gollux Drop Guide

With the revamp, Gollux now drops Belts and Earrings instead of Pendants and Belts.

Each version of Gollux drops different equips and items. Check out the loot table below:

Boss Equips Items
Easy Gollux Cracked Earrings, Cracked Belt Gollux Pennies
Normal Gollux Cracked Earrings, Cracked Belt, Solid Earrings, Solid Belt Gollux Pennies
Hard Gollux Reinforced Earrings, Reinforced Belt Advanced Gollux Coin, Fallen Heart Key
Hell Gollux Superior Earrings, Superior Belt Advanced Gollux Coins, Fallen Heart Key, Gollux Chair

Fallen Heart Key will teleport you straight to Gollux without the need to travel to him.

Superior Gollux BeltSuperior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux PendantSuperior Gollux Belt

You can buy Pendants, Rings, Belts and Earrings from the Gollux Coin Shop (click Lucia NPC) and their purchase limit resets once a week. The Gollux equips can only be purchased with Gollux Coins. The current coin shop has:

Item Cost
Cracked Gollux Ring 100
Cracked Gollux Pendant 100
Cracked Gollux Belt 100
Cracked Gollux Earrings 100
Solid Gollux Ring 250
Solid Gollux Pendant 250
Solid Gollux Belt 250
Solid Gollux Earrings 250
Reinforced Gollux Ring 450
Reinforced Gollux Pendant 450
Reinforced Gollux Belt 450
Reinforced Gollux Earrings 450
Superior Gollux Ring 700
Superior Gollux Pendant 700
Superior Gollux Belt 700
Superior Gollux Earrings 700

If you have any old Gollux Coins left over from before the revamp, you can trade in a 100 a week for Gollux Coins.

Currently there is no way to get Gollux Coins unless you defeat Hard/Hellux Gollux. This poses an issue to mid-game players as they can no longer get the reset of Solid/Cracked sets from the Coin Shop or start saving for the Reinforced Sets. This may change in a future update, since it currently doesn't make much sense.

Shadowknight Coins

Shadowknight CoinShadowknight CoinShadowknight Coin

When you defeat any version of Gollux, there is a chance for a special NPC shop to spawn (similar to Root Abyss). This shop allows you to buy Shadowknight Coins for Gollux Coins. Shadowknight coins can be used to Starforce and purchase the BIS item Glona's Heart Ring from the Phantom Forest questline.

Gollux Boss Mechanics

Gollux has three different phases. Upon entering Gollux, you'll be presented with the first phase, which is Gollux's Giant Head.

Gollux Head

Throughout the whole battle, either side of Gollux spawns Corrupted Veilstone monsters. They slowly travel to the center of the map, towards Gollux. If they are consumed by Gollux, you'll be given a Death Count; if your count hits 5, you will automatically die. You'll either need to place a summon below to clear them or periodically jump down to defeat them.

You have a total of 5 lives for Gollux for all modes.

Each difficulty of Gollux presents different mechanics and how much HP the boss has. Based on leaving certain parts of Gollux alive, these are the mechanics you'll face:

  • Left Shoulder - Breath In
  • Right Shoulder - Breath In
  • Abdomen - Hand Swipe

Gollux Boss

Gollux Phase One

Phase one is all about dodging Gollux's attacks whilst doing consistent damage. He will use one of the three attacks: Breath In, Breath Out, Hand Swipe (some will not happen at all if you're doing Easy Gollux).

To dodge these attacks, you simply need to be on the opposite side of Gollux when he performs them. Gollux's eyes will glow when he is about to perform an attack, so that is your queue to teleport/flashjump out of the way. You must be on the opposite side of the map to which the attack is facing.

Breath Out will deal 50% damage, whereas Breath In and Hand Swipe will 1-hit KO you.

Gollux Phase Two

Upon defeatin Phase One, a teleport portal will appear taking you to the next ledge above to face Gollux's eyes. Gollux now has four new attacks:

  • Shockwave: deals around 30% HP damage and can knock you off the platform.
  • Shockwave 2: deals 100% damage; this can be dodged by staying on the edges of the second platform (the one to fight Gollux Eyes).
  • Ground Attack: An attack that deals damage on the bottom-most platform. Just stay on the second platform to dodge this.
  • Curse: A curse attack that can stun and reverse key you. It also leave's you with 1/1 HP/MP. To avoid, simply leave the map through the portal
  • Hand Sweep: Deals 100% damage if hit, dodge by being on the bottom platform.

Gollux Phase Three

Phase three is relatively unchanged from before the revamp.

A third and final ledge will appear and you can now attack Gollux's Gem. You just need to destroy Gollux's gem before the timer runs out (or else you get nothing!). Gollux will also use his shockwave periodically that can knock you off the ledge.

Once you defeat the Gem, you'll be teleported to Gollux's Gemcore. Attack it and it will spill the drops for you to claim.

Gollux Set Effects

When equipping Gollux equipment, you can unlock a set effect that gives bonus stats. Depending on how many pieces you have equipped, you'll get the following stat boosts:

Set 2 Piece 3 Piece 4 Piece
Cracked Set

All Stat: +10
MaxHP/MaxMP: +500

MaxHP/MaxMP: +5%
Attack Power/Magic Attack: +12

Ignore Defense: +15%
5% chance to cast Lv2 Freeze

Solid Set

All Stat: +12
MaxHP/MaxMP: +800

MaxHP/MaxMP: +8%
Attack Power/Magic Attack: +20

Ignore Defense: +15%
5% chance to cast Lv2 Freeze

Reinforced Set All Stat: +15
MaxHP/MaxMP: +1200
MaxHP/MaxMP: +10%
Attack Power/Magic Attack: +30
Boss Damage: +30%
Ignore Defense: +15%
Superior Set

All Stat: +20
MaxHP/MaxMP: +1500

MaxHP/MaxMP: +13%
Attack Power/Magic Attack: +35

Boss Damage: +30%
Ignore Defense: +30%

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