MapleStory Meso Making Guide For Reboot

Making Mesos in MapleStory is one of the key ways to progress your character, and in Reboot Worlds it is even more important due to the fact you can't trade with others. This guide will go through all of the key ways of making meso in Reboot World, so you can help fund your characters and increase your damage. We'll provide methods for both early-game and end-game, helping you decide on what you should focus on to increase your meso earnings.

MapleStory Mesos Making Guide Reboot

Reboot World And Mesos

Reboot World is different to other MapleStory worlds as it aims to take out the "Pay-to-win" elements of the game and give players a true RPG feeling. This means instead of spending hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of dollars on NX items to get more powerful, you are instead rewarded based on your play time. Most power boosting items in Reboot World cost meso; Red Cubes and Black Cubes can be purchased from the CashShop for mesos, character slots, monster park tickets, pendant slots and many more pay-to-win items are now only purchasable with mesos.

You also cannot trade with anyone in Reboot World; so you can only get stronger by funding yourself. No Free Mesos Pl0x!

Reboot World also increases the amount of mesos you get from playing compared to normal worlds. You actually earn 6x the normal amount of mesos in Reboot World, which means you can earn a decent amount by grinding on mobs compared to normal worlds.

MapleStory MesosMapleStory MesosMapleStory MesosMapleStory MesosMapleStory Mesos

There are still some elements of pay-to-win in Reboot World. It is recommended to have a pet, which costs NX to purchase. A pet will greatly help as it collects your mesos and items for you; you can do it manually but that will get tedious very fast. You can earn free pets in game, but they are only available to players who already have decent-leveled characters and are very basic (They don't have many of the useful pet skills that you can benefit from with Cash Shop pets.).

The most recent addition to Reboot World is Maple Tour. Whilst your first 2 entries of the day are free, you can then pay 300 Maple Points (equivalent to $0.30) per entry up to a max of 7 times a day. Maple Tour allows you to earn a decent amount of mesos compared to other areas of the game (more on that later).

That being said, Reboot World is far easier to get a high-level character with the best gear based on grinding/playing the game versus a regular world where you have to pay NX to get it. If you have surplus cash and want to spend money rather than time on the game, normal worlds will be better for you.

Early Game Meso Making Guide

Every new account in Reboot World gets a Reboot Box, which will give you a boost of items, cubes and scrolls when you reach certain levels (up to level 150). This early boost is great as you can give your main character some early potential and stats that can help progress further.

Level Rewards
Level 30 +20,000,000 mesos
Epic Potential Scroll 100%
Level 60 +30,000,000 mesos
Character Slot Coupon
Epic Potential Scroll 100%
5x Master Craftsman's Cube
Level 90 +50,000,000 mesos
Character Slot Coupon
Epic Potential Scroll 100%
5x Meister Craftsman's Cube
Level 120 +100,000,000 mesos
Character Slot Coupon
Unique Potential Scroll 100%
5x Meister Craftsman's Cube
Level 150 +72,000,000 mesos

By the time you reach level 150, you can claim a total of 272,000,000 Mesos! The Reboot Box is only available for brand new accounts who have yet to make a character. If you create a character and delete it, you won't be able to reclaim the box.

Boss Crystals

One of the early ways of making mesos in MapleStory Reboot is by selling Boss Crystals, or also known as Intense Power Crystals. Each boss will drop 1 crystal and you can sell them to an NPC in the Free Market (up to a max of 60 crystals per character per week). Ideally, this method is best when your character is around level 200, as you can quickly solo lots of the early-game bosses and get the crystals without much effort.

Intense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power CrystalIntense Power Crystal

Some of the early game bosses to go for are (In normal worlds, the power crystals are worth 3x less):

Boss Intense Power Crystal Earnings
Zakum 1,837,500 Mesos
Horntail 3,037,500 Mesos
Hilla 1,800,000 Mesos
Crimson Queen 2,904,000 Mesos
Pierre 2,904,000 Mesos
Von Bon 2,904,000 Mesos
Vellum 2,904,000 Mesos
Easy Magnus 2,166,000 Mesos
Easy Von Leon 3,174,000 Mesos

If you managed to solo all these bosses every day for a week, you could earn a total of 165,417,000 Mesos just from Power Crystals. You'll also pick up other valuable items like Flames, Cubes and equipment you can NPC.

As you get stronger, you can then take on stronger bosses which drop crystals worth much more to increase your earnings. Check out the MapleStory Dailies Tool for a list of all bosses.

Mid-Game Meso Making Strategies

Maple Tour

Once you reach level 200, you'll be able to take on the highest dungeon in Maple Tour (a new type of daily content to earn Mesos). You get 2 free entries per day, with the option of buying 5 more for 300 Maple Points each ($0.30 each). At level 200, you can take on the dungeon Masteria - Krakian Jungle Studio which will net you 27,234,075 Mesos per run. If you did all 7 per day you'd get: 190,638,625 Mesos and if you did that for a week, you'd get 1,334,469,675 Mesos.

You can take advantage of certain events which also give free Maple Tour passes if you don't want to spend real money. Maple Tour also has a Mesos Piggy Bank item which costs 140 Maple Tour Coins (you get 1 coin per dungeon complete) that will give you 50,000,000 mesos per day.

Each dungeon can take around 1 minute to complete, so it's incredibly easy mesos to earn.


If you manage to get yourself into a decent guild, or play on a popular Reboot server, you can do Ursus 3 times per day. Ursus is a raid boss that requires up to 20 participants to take it down. You get rewarded based on how much damage you do, heals and if you clear the boss. During special hours, Ursus gives 2x the amount of mesos, and you can average around 29,000,000 Mesos per run for a total of 87,000,000 Mesos per day. The content usually takes less than a couple of minutes to complete, so it's fast mesos for very little effort.

In addition to mesos, you can also trade in some of the items that Gollux drops in his shop for some Epic Potential Scrolls.

Regular Mob Grinding

Once you start getting into levels 210+ you'll be getting stronger and stronger. Your character will have access to Arcane River, which has some of the best mesos grinding spots. Check out the MapleStory Reboot Training Guide for the best spots to gain EXP. In order for this place to be efficient, there are a few things you'll need:

  • Be able 1-2 shot the mobs (You'll need to get your Arcane Force up to 1.5x the require amount to do 150% more damage. You'll also want to scroll your equips with good potential and star-force them)
  • Fury Totem. Fury Totem can be purchased in the Maple Rewards shop for 2,000 Reward Points (Unfortunately this means it's not easily obtainable. It's also limited to 15 per month, with each Totem lasting up to a max of 2 hours). The alternative:
  • Level 225 Kishin Mule - The Kanna Skill Kishin Shoukan will buff the amount of monsters that spawn and reduce the amount of time it takes them to respawn. This means you'll be able to kill more mobs faster and get more mesos. Unfortunately, that also means you'll need to have a Kanna character that is in the same level range as you (Arcane River is limited to certain levels, so if you want to train in Arcana you need a Level 225 Kanna to Kish you). This is referred to as the "2-PC Meta" because it requires having two characters at the same time; you basically use the Kishin skill to buff the map spawn and play on your main character as normal. The process of leveling another character to 225 is a tough grind because it feels like a waste of time if you're only using it for one skill and isn't your main. The Kanna Class is regarded as one of the best mobbers in the game anyway, so you might be better off just skipping to the End-Game Grinding Mesos section.
  • Have 120% Mesos Drop Potential on equipment - This will boost the amount of mesos you earn from mobs.
  • Have Big Spider Familiar for the extra +60% drop.
  • Optional: Legion Wealth Coupons give +50% mesos for 30 minutes, but require Legion Points. Ideally you should be slowly grinding out your Legion levels anyway to boost your main characters damage.
  • Optional: Wealth Acquisition Potions give + 20% Mesos for 2 hours. You can craft these in Ardentmil if you have the Recipes which drop from Zakum, Horntail and Pierre bosses.

The rates you get from regular mob grinding will vary depending on two important factors:

  • How fast you can kill the mobs
  • Which area of Arcana you train in

The two best areas for grinding mesos are:

  • Chu Chu Island: Slurpy Forest Depths (Level 213)
  • Arcana: Cavern Lower Path (Level 237)

There are many other maps between these two that will get you good rates too, but they won't be the best of the best. Some maps are more friendly to certain classes, so you'll have to check out which ones work for you.

When you can 100% 1-hit these mobs, have Kishin, 120% Mesos Potential and Big Spider familiar, you can expect to earn rates of around 400-800mil per hour. It does take a lot of time and effort to get to this level though and it's why many players stick with doing dailies such as Ursus and Maple Tour until they can fund their character to 1-hit mobs. If you don't want to train a second account Kanna to kish your main character, you will then need to move onto End-Game Mesos Earning Guide.

End-Game Mesos Making Guide

The best way to make Mesos in Reboot World is by having your own Level 235+ Kanna. As mentioned, Kanna has it's own Kishin Shoukan skill to boost map spawn and so by funding a single Kanna on your main account you will no longer need a second PC. You will farm on your Kanna and then transfer the mesos you have earned to your main character.

Arcana MobsArcana MobsArcana Mobs

Having your own end-game Kanna is also a good idea because it is arguably the best mobber in the game. It can clear big maps because it has many large AOE skills, summons and does decent damage with little funding compared to other classes. Even if you train a Kanna Mule to level 225 on a separate account and kish your main, the mesos you earn won't be as good as if you had your own Kanna because of it's skills and map-coverage to kill more mobs. Unfortunately, that means the end-game meta is that you have to spend a whole lot of time playing a class that isn't your main. If that doesn't appeal to you, you're best going with the Mid-Game strategy of funding a second kanna account.

As with the mid-game strategy, you're going to need:

  • 1-Shot mobs in Arcana (This will take a whole lot more funding that making a level 225 Kanna mule. You will actually have to invest billions of mesos into this character to get it to have good enough damage, not to mention doing all the Arcana dailies to get good Arcane Force).
  • 120% Mesos Drop Potential
  • 100%-200% Item Drop Potential to boost the amount of mesos you gain
  • Big Spider Familiar
  • Around 450 Arcane Force
  • Legion Coupon
  • Wealth Acquisition Potion

With an End-Game Kanna, you can expect to make between 800mil-1.2bil per hour. These are the best mesos rates so far and only the hardcore players will use this method. When you get to End-Game in Reboot, you need to acquire hundreds of billions of mesos to star-force your gear and so this method is what most players tend to lean towards. More casual players will stick with just having a Kanna Mule at level 225 and play on their main character because the mesos you earn from that are still very good (the only issue with is you need an extra PC to login to the Kanna Mule).

Training in Arcana also has other benefits; you will start acquiring Nodestones to boost your damage (they are transferable too, so good for mules and second mains). You'll also be able to get Arcane Droplets for crafting Arcane gear, which is the current best gear in the whole game.

Got any tips for making mesos in Reboot World in MapleStory? Post them in the comments and I'll update this guide!

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