Valorant: Guide On How To Play Sova

Sova is an Initiator type Agent in Valorant, with tools that grant him and his team vision of enemy players. His toolkit makes him an excellent scout that can operate both offensively and defensively and includes one of the best Ultimates in the game. In this guide, we breakdown Sova and his abilities, showcase his best loadout and provide some quick tips to utilize him to the fullest.

Sova Valorant Guide

Sova's Abilities

Like all Agents in Valorant, Sova has 4 unique abilities that make up his kit. His two Basic abilities can be bought from the Shop at the start of each Round, while his Signature recharges over time and his Ultimate that requires 7 points to become active (a point is gained for each kill). Sova is one of the best beginner agents to master in Valorant.

Sova Basic Ability

Shock Bolt (Creds: 100)

Shock Bolt Sova

Sova equips his bow with a Shock Bolt arrow that can be shot forward, exploding upon collision and damaging all nearby enemies. The range of the bolt can be extended by holding down Fire. Before loosing, you can choose to add up to two bounces to the bolt before it detonates upon final collision.

This is an excellent ability for starting fights before entering a zone. Combined with his vision granting abilities and Alternate fire, Shock Bolt can be used to damage enemies hiding around corners and behind cover. It's best not to use it when enemies know where Sova is as firing the bolt can be pretty slow.

Owl Drone (Creds: 300)

Owl Drone Sova

Sova equips an Owl Drone that can be controlled to scout an area and reveal enemy positions. Once equipped, the drone can be fired off with the Fire button, after which control is shifted to the drone itself. Use Fire to shoot darts at enemies that reveal their location for a short period of time.

An excellent tool for scouting out a planting site and other areas where the enemy might be hiding, the Owl Drone is best used right before your team is ready for entry. One other way to use the drone is as a distraction while having a teammate in tow ready to attack unsuspecting foes. Be careful, as the Owl Drone can be destroyed by enemy fire.

Sova Signature Ability

Recon Bolt

Recon Bolt Sova

Sova equips his bow with a Recon Bolt that reveals enemy locations in a wide area. Just like with Shock Bolt, the range of the Recon Bolt can be extended by holding down Fire and releasing. The bolt will pulse 3 times in a wide radius upon landing. Enemies caught in the pulse and within line-of-sight of the bolt will have their position revealed. Alternate Fire can add up to two bounces to this bolt.

Recon Bolt is the main reason to play Sova as its a powerful ability that can give your team an edge during offence and even turn the tide when on the defensive. A key aspect to master is the right angles from which to loose the bolt in order to get the most out of the pulse. Keep in mind the line-of-sight aspect, though, as enemies can be within the pulse but hiding behind a wall or even a smoke bomb. Players hiding like this will not be revealed by Recon Bolt. Another downside to remember is that Recon Bolt can also be destroyed by enemy players so be sure everyone is ready before firing it.

A neat trick is to fire the bolt upwards and lobbing it over crates and other hiding spots then following up with Sova's Ultimate to down revealed enemies without engaging. Other great spots to fire Recon Bolt at are overhead locations, such as roof edges.

Sova Ultimate Ability

Hunter's Fury

Sova equips his bow with up to three energy blasts that can pierce through walls and reveal enemy locations. Blasts are shot forward by hitting Fire and any enemy caught in the line is damaged and has their position revealed. From the moment the ability is activated, a timer begins during which up to three bolts can be fired.

The best way to use Hunter's Fury is in tandem with Sova's other location revealing abilities like Recon Bolt and Owl Drone. If you're quite certain an enemy is hiding behind a specific wall, you can also try to snuff them out by firing blindly. It's best advised that you use Sova's Ultimate when enemies are revealed as you won't have access to your guns while the ability is active.

Upon activating Hunter's Fury, pay attention to your minimap which will now show a blue line, indicating the ability's effective range.

Sova Team Role

When playing as Sova, your role is to create openings and provide information advantage for your team during both offence and defence. When on the offensive, use Recon Bolt and Owl Drone to reveal enemy locations so that your team can enter Spike planting sites and other locations without getting shot in the back.

Use communication with one of your teammates to sync up a Drone distraction tactic when you know there's a player hiding behind a corner. Lead up with your trusty owl to get their attention so that your teammate can eliminate them without resistance.

Shock Bolt has a surprisingly decent area of effect so you can also cause some panic by lobbing it towards unsuspecting foes hiding behind cover. Use bounces to get the bolt around corners so that you keep enemies guessing and doubting their hiding spots.

Sova Loadout

Sova can operate with pretty much any weapon in the game save for up-close-and-personal types like the shotguns, Bucky and Judge. One of the best loadouts to use with Sova, however, are Operator - the most expensive gun in the game - as your main weapon and Ghost for your sidearm.

Sova Loadout

Sova is best played when starting off fights then hanging back to disrupt enemy movement and attacking from vantage points. This enables him to use his abilities while also providing cover fire with Operator. While any sidearm will essentially do the trick, Ghost is particularly good for when you want to circle around to take out stragglers as they try to flee the teamfight you just started.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use Shock Bolt just like how you would use a frag grenade in other FPS games by adding bounces to it before firing.
  • Recon Bolt can be destroyed by enemy fire which means there is potential to use it as a distraction to allow a teammate to flank.
  • Use Owl Drone to lead a team push, especially if you're rocking a sniper loadout. Once your team is set to enter enemy-occupied territory, send out your drone and lead the way to distract opponents who might be waiting around corners.
  • Hunter's Fury is one of the strongest Ultimates when defending a planted Spike. Once the timer starts ramping up, take cover and start firing through the walls towards the Spike. Be sure to prepare your recording software for the highlight reel.

Why Play Sova?

Play Sova

Sova is like a player maker in a basketball game. His ability to reveal enemy locations can literally guide a team's approach in any situation. If you enjoy setting up openings for your team and providing cover fire while supporting your team with shocking arrows, remote-controlled drones, and wall-piercing energy blasts, then this blonde tactician is the right character for you.

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