Best Valorant Agent Loadouts

Valorant's release is just around the corner and we've compiled the best loadouts for each agent currently available in Valorant. The game will be available to all players on June 2nd and everyone's looking to get in on the action. One aspect in which it's similar to games like CS:GO is that all Agents have access to the same guns via the shop. This allows for loadout flexibility as you're not locked into a particular set of weapons. It also means that each Agent can change up their playstyle depending on the situation.

Best Valorant Agent Loadouts

In this article, we offer up some suggested loadouts for each Agent that best optimizes them for offence and defence.

The Loadouts

Omen Loadout

There are four core types of loadouts we've identified that suit the majority of situations and Agents in Valorant. Each loadout focuses on a primary gun and a sidearm. The rest of your kit will comprise of armor - you should always be picking up the highest protection armor that you can afford - and your Agent's Basic abilities.

The Silent But Deadly

Operator Valorant

This loadout is for those who enjoy moving about the map stealthily and getting sneaky kills from the back or afar. To make up this loadout, buy the Ghost for your sidearm and either the Marshall for your sniper or the Operator if you can afford it.

The Right in Your Face

Judge Weapon Valorant

For the lover of all things shotgun, this loadout is best suited for those who enjoy big booms from close range. Buy the Shorty for your sidearm and any of the two shotguns, with a strong preference for Judge as it's much faster than Bucky.

The Wannabe Action Star

If high damage and indiscriminate firing is your thing, then this loadout is what you were born to use in Valorant. Either the Phantom Rifle or Stinger SMG, depending on your inclination on fire rate, are both great options for your primary, while Frenzy will be your sidearm.

The Quick on My Feet

Bulldog Valorant

A pretty standard loadout that is especially good for people who are just starting out. The weapons here will give you a good balance between damage and ease of control. Pick up the Bulldog for your primary and the Classic for your sidearm here.

Agent Loadouts


As we said in another article, Sage is a great beginner Agent. She can play with pretty much any loadout in this list as her kit is quite versatile.


Check out our more comprehensive guide on Sova and our primary recommendation was to use the Silent But Deadly loadout. Sova can also work well with the Quick on Your Feet loadout as the Bulldog is quite strong with his kit.


Another beginner-friendly Agent, Brimstone works great with high damaging loadouts that complement his Incendiary. Either the Right in Your Face or the Wannabe Action Star loadouts will do well depending on your preference.


Phoenix Valorant

Phoenix is another high damage Agent who can work well with most of the loadouts on this list. The one you might want to avoid is the Silent but Deadly as being at a distance puts him at a disadvantage in terms of his abilities.


The poison specialist of the bunch, Viper's kit works great with loadouts that allow her to move around freely. Pick the Silent but Deadly or the Quick on Your Feet to help spread her abilities while still delivering the pain.


Jett is the most mobile Agent of the lot and as such requires loadouts that fit her nimbleness. While the Quick on Your Feet or Wannabe Action Star will give her an edge, she can work with pretty much any loadout on this list


Raze Valorant

Similar to Phoenix, Raze will work well with most of the high damaging loadouts on this list. Particularly strong would be the Right in Your Face loadout as it complements her kit well.


As an Initiator, Breach works well with the loadouts that Sova does. However, we would stay away from the Silent but Deadly, as Breach works best as a frontliner after he's unleashed his initiating abilities.


Cypher is sneaky and stealthy in nature so it stands to reason that the Silent but Deadly loadout would be the best suited to him. Alternatively, the Quick on Your Feet loadout will also complement his kit in a pinch.


Omen's kit is incredibly versatile in the right hands thanks to his teleportation and vision-impairing abilities. Any loadout on this list will work great depending on your playstyle but be warned that the Right in Your Face will require some skill on your part.

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