Quora Partner Program - Case Study - Part 1

This case study is all about if you can make decent money from the Quora Partner Program. All I have to do is ask questions for a living and let the dollars roll in. How hard can it be?

Quora Partner Program - Case Study

I've been interested in the Quora Partner program for a while. It's been in existence since at least 2018 and I first heard of it from other Journey threads on BHW. As someone who earns their living online, I'm always curious about these get-rich-quick schemes, or even just alternative ways to make money online. Quora seems to be a perfect fit for me because its:

  • Low cost, low effort type of work.
  • Has potential to earn you thousands of dollars (NICE!)

Quora is a giant database of questions and answers. It's been around since 2009 and dominates a lot of the SERPs for Google. Anyone can ask questions and anyone can answer them. You can find almost any type of question on it's site and probably find many people willing to give you answers to them too. Sometime in the last couple of years, Quora introduced the Quora Partner program, where you can actually get paid to ask questions. You don't have to provide the answers- just the questions. It seems so simple, so easy, that it almost sounds too good to be true.

Quora claims people are earning thousands of dollars every week. In fact, on the Partner dashboard, they list the weekly and monthly top earners (with some earning over $5000 every month). Just for asking questions. Well call me a spade, but I'm about to quit my programming freelance jobs and start putting all my effort into Quora.

Well, not quite. This case study is going to look into how much effort you have to put into the program to earn a decent amount of money. There's no official timeline for this, but I'll probably stick at it for a couple of months or so and see where it takes me. Hopefully this will give you some insight into whether the partner program is worth your time and energy too.

Quora Partner Program Restrictions

Before I get into this case study, there are some restrictions Quora places on it's Quora Partner program.

The first is that the program is Invite only. Basically, Quora has to specifically pick you to be a part of their program and there's no sure-way of getting an invite either. I was a member of Quora for over a year before I got an invite to the partner program, but then I wasn't very active on it either.

There are no restrictions on how many questions you can ask. You could submit a thousand a day, a hundred a day or just one or two. The only restriction they have on this is requesting answers (Quora Partners can request specific Quora users to answer a question. There is a limit on how many requests you can send out a day to stop you spamming their users.).

They have other limits like $10.00 minimal withdrawl and they pay out to Stripe and PayPal. These are both fine for me.

Quora Partner Program Case Study Goals

I want to set out a few goals that I want to accomplish by doing this case study. It will give me something to personally aim for, as well as letting me show progression during this blog posts.

In order to get a good idea of how much you can earn from this program, I'm going to need to dedicate time and effort to it. Coming up with a couple of questions a day is easy and takes 0 effort. But that's not going to get you paid unless you're incredibly lucky. I need to come up with hundreds and hundreds of questions. And then I need to submit them to the program, which takes even more time because of formatting issues and selecting the right categories to place the questions in.

I also want to review what type of questions earn the most money. Luckily, Quora Partner program gives you some nice statistics of your top earning questions, so I can use that to hopefully improve on my direction of question asking.

And I also want to get a good understanding on how monotonous the job is. I've already had a go at doing this program for a couple of hours, and trust me, it does start to get frustratingly boring. I want to explore how I feel in a couple of weeks, a couple of months down the line of doing this program. I can also hopefully give advice on what I did to help sustain my energy and motivation for this program.

Part One - Initialisation

I begun the Quora Partner program about 5-10 days ago. In that time, I have been experimenting with how the system works, learning about it and seeing my first earnings. I've been recording how much time I've been spending too, so I can see whether or not this program pays as much as a minimum wage job.

I will say my expectations for this case study are low. I don't expect to be earning the thousands of dollars that Quora claims I could be. I expect I'll earn less than a minimum wage job in the UK for the amount of time I've put in. I also expect to become mentally stuck and my rate of asking questions per hour will go down.

Bu anyways, enough of the chit-chat. Let's get down to the statistics.

Quora Partner Program Earnings

Date: April 1st- May 10th
Time Management
Hours spent on Questions: 4
Hours spent on Input: 4
Hours spent on Research: 0
Total Hours Spent: 8
Questions Asked: + 686 (Total: 686)
Total Earned: + £19.18 (Total: £19.18)
Earnings Per Hour: £2.39
Questions over £10: 0 (Total: 0)
Questions over £1: +2 (Total: 2)
Questions over £0.50: +8 (Total: 8)

These are my current stats at the start of this case study. Despite adding my first few questions around April time, I've only really started to put effort into it this last week (hence why my hours are so low).

A couple of early observations:

  • A lot of my questions get merged or removed. I think the wording is too similar to other questions out there, but hopefully with time I'll be able to think of better questions.
  • The amount of money you earn on a question is not a direct correlation to how much traffic it gets. For example, I had one question about Politics that got over 14,000 views and it only earned £0.50. I had another question which had less than 2,000 views and it got almost £2.00+. I'm going to have to do some reviewing of my questions to see which ones get the most money so I can better focus my time.
  • A lot of my questions earn nohing. Of the 600 I have asked, I think only a 100 of them have earned £0.01+ or more. That's not to say those other 500 questions won't ever earn me anything, because Google could pick up my question at a later date and drive traffic to it.
  • Question Insights (a section provided by Quora) is very helpful in knowing what types of questions of getting paid. Of the thousands of questions being asked this week, only 1 of them has earned the top tier bracket of £77+ ($100+).
  • Formatting your questions takes a lot of time, especially if Quora's site is slow too.

I'm happy to have earned my first earnings. But now the real case study begins. I'll report back next month with the amount of hours I've put into this program and hopefully we can see a better return on our time investment. £2.39/hour is pretty rubbish!

If you've had any experience with Quora's Partner program, post in the comments as I'd love to get some feedback on how to best improve my chances of making it a success.


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