August Income Report 2016

This is my 3rd Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

The beginning of August was good for me in terms of getting solid work done. I've mentioned a few times that for literally the past few months I've had so many distractions to work and life that I've found it really hard to concentrate on getting anything done. Sadly, after the beginning of August, things got hectic again.

I probably had close to two full weeks worth of work done and then every other week after that had something to distract me or that would take up time. This is not good when you're working online and I really need to buckle down.

As mentioned in my previous report, I'll be staying in France for a while. My girlfriend is doing her year abroad and so I got the opportunity to come along too. I know zero French so this is going to be very interesting experience.

She starts work at the beginning of September and I'll be 100% distraction free then. I want to try and get at least 40 hours of work done each week and so in the next income report I'll be posting my time logs. I have written some software that helps track the amount of time you work for.

The other big news is that my steady freelance gig has finally ended. It means I'm no longer guaranteed the $1000 a month I was getting from freelance work and now either have to move that time to product design or look for other freelancing jobs. I had this freelancing opportunity for over 2 years and so it's quite strange not to be working on this site. It was actually myself that ended the gig- the client was paying me money to work on their site but I had literally ran out of ideas from them. They gave me very little input on what they wanted- they just expected me to come with creative ideas and every week. After 2 years of this, sadly it was time to bow out. It'll be interesting to see if adding extra time into my products helps increase the amount I earn.

I also reached out and did some guest posting for the first time for this blog, which is exciting. I wrote one for and also one for When my experiment with niche blogging is over, I'll try to reach out to more blogs and guest post since it is a good way of increasing your websites Domain Authority.

Finally, I've released a new product on CodeCanyon called the Recipe Builder. So far, 0 sales, which is quite disappointing. I didn't do too much market research into whether there was a demand for this type of product, so that was probably my mistake. I still think it's a useful product however. Perhaps it'll pick up a sale or two over time.

I also started two new blog post series: Niche Case Study and Entrepreneur Success Stories. I'll hopefully post one of these each once a month. Let's break down the numbers for this month:


Source Earnings Last Month Estimate Time Spent
CodeCanyon $608.65 -2.5% (-$15.52) Not Tracked
Freelance $800.00 0% 40 Hours
Total $1,408.65.00 -1% (-$15.52) N/A


 A small drop in traffic from last month, but overall rather consistent every day. Averaging around 30 Unique hits per day. I have written 5 posts for the blog this month, which I'm quite happy about.

Plans for September

I know I said it in the last income report, but hopefully for September I can get at least 4 full weeks worth of work done. I want to do at least 40 hours each week and I'll be tracking all my working hours to see if I accomplish this. Working 40 hours on new products will really help boost my productivity levels.

I have one major product in development that I hope to prepare for release by the end of September. I may release some small updates for my other products as some of them are using CodeIgniter 2 and need to be upgraded to the latest version.

I'm going to try and find some freelancing opportunities too. I've had a look at sites like but haven't had much success with them so far. If I find anything substantial, I'll definitely write a report on it.

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That is so exciting that you are going to be in France for awhile! What a great opportunity, Regarding the freelancing gig you ended, I think this will be a good decision in the long run. You always want to be sure you are doing what you love and providing the best you can. So hopefully, this will open some new opportunities for you!

Thanks for sharing!





Hopefully! I'd love to work fulltime on products but it needs to pay the bills too haha. It's going to be an interesting few months anyway to see if I can increase the earnings from it.

Viva la France!



Matt | MyAppIncome

That's very honest of you to chuck the freelancing gig in as you knew your client wasn't getting value for money. I'm sure with an attitude like that you'll do well. I know too many people who would've just sat on that gravy train.


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