March Income Report - 2018

This is my 22nd Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

March was a good month in terms of different revenue sources all increasing. I managed to pick up some freelance work also which helped boost this month's total and my Amazon earnings have increased too. I want to keep diversifying my income streams so that when one dips slightly it won't be a huge impact on the overall earnings.

I finished my update for the Social Network this month and raised the price of it to $38.00. I'm happy that the product is now stable enough that it will be one of my main products going forward in terms of keeping up to date. This new update included new advertisement options, posts with included polls and other improvements.

This year I'll also be dropping a couple of my older products from my portfolio. Most of these don't sell well anyway, so it's no big loss but I want my portfolio to only show actively developed products. I may move these old products to the site as free downloads or something else (such as mine cryptocurrency or something like that).

I also made a new update to the Support Centre this month which includes the Documentation Builder software implemented into it. This year I want to move my support network to this product, I just need to find the time to actually get it done. Right now all my support is handled via email, but now that my support product contains all the features I need, I want to move to using it.

Niche Project Update

I've written around 7,000 words for my new niche site. It's definitely hard work and I feel the burn out coming on, so I'm glad I didn't start more than one. But once I hit 15,000 words, I'm going to work on link-building, which will make for a good change from writing article after article.

I mentioned before, but if I do manage to make money from this niche site, I'll then try to repeat the process by hiring writers to write content for me using the Amazon Affiliate earnings. But first I want to do everything myself so I know exactly what I need to get it work.


This month I've been preparing for the Nimiq Mainnet launch. It actually happened on April 14th (14 days later than expected) but it has been one of the coins I've been following from the start. You can start mining coins directly from your browser with this cryptocurrency and it'll be interesting to see if it gets adopted.

Income Report

Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $2,765.81 +33.12% (+$687.69)
Freelance $520.00 -30.66% (−$230)
Affiliate $462.92 +47.03% (+$148.09)
Total $3,748.73 +19.30% (+$606.61)

CodeCanyon Sales were at a good amount this month. Even though I took part in March Madness, it didn't actually give me many extra sales than normal. I just generally had good strong weeks on the site.

Another great Amazon Affiliate month. That $462.92 income is based on over $15,000+ shipped items on Amazon, which is crazy when you think about it. It's one of the reasons why I want to work on my Niche Site more because these types of sites can earn you a lot of money every month.


Income Report March 2018

March Traffic has been simply outstanding. I can't believe I'm getting over 1,000 hits a day now. This traffic has really helped contribute to an increase in Amazon Affiliate earnings. I'll be continuing to build upon this and hopefully I can use my SEO skills to improve this higher. If I can maintain this level for the rest of the year, it would be amazing!

Time Report

I started this month off really well... but slowly dwindled towards the end. I blame getting excited about Nimiq Mainnet launch that caused me to lose focus. My target is always 100hours a month but I haven't hit that for a very long time.

Plans for April

April I'll be working on a new update for Titan and also start work on my School Management System too. My School one is going to get a lot of revamps that I've added to my other products, including the login system, invoices and layout changes. Then I'll be implementing a couple of new features that have been suggested by users.

Once the School Management App is done, I'll be deciding on whether to work on a new product or update my Live Chat product. I'm not 100% sure on this decision yet, so I'll have to keep you updated next month.

Blog wise I'll be focusing on trying to hit 15k words on my niche product. I'll write one or two small articles about Nimiq and possible some additions to my recommendations section.

Currently Reading: Mistborn: The Hero Of Ages
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Current Mood: Frantic
Current Obsession: Cryptocurrency: Nimiq.

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