Nimiq Mainnet Launch

Nimiq has finally launched it's much-anticipated Mainnet, which allows users to mine the NIM cryptocurrency in their web browser. The NIM crypto isn't currently listed on any exchanges, but I'll keep you up to date when it finally does. Right now the team are concentrating on making sure the mainnet is stable and carrying out improvements to ensure it's working correctly.

Nimiq Mining

Nimiq aims to be a decentralized payment protocol & ecosystem, where users can pay for any kind of goods using NIM. You can head over to the Nimiq Miner now and start using your computer's CPU to mine blocks on the Nimiq blockchain. Some details on how Nimiq mining works:

  • You can mine using your web browser. Head over to, create a wallet and start mining.
  • Current block reward is around 4400 NIM, so if you mine a block you'll be reward with this balance. The amount of NIM per block will slowly decrease over time.
  • You can also setup a NodeJS Miner to mine NIM, which offers better hashrate than browser mining (but is a little bit more complicated to setup).
  • NET tokens, which were generated for Nimiq's ICO, can be exchanged for NIM at a rate of 1 NET = 100 NIM. You can still buy NET on exchanges.
  • Mining Pools are currently being worked on and should be released soon. They allow you to pool your hashrate with others to earn a consistant amount of NIM.
  • The first 720 blocks were mined by the Nimiq Team and sent to a burn address (made unusable) due to the low difficulty of mining them.

Nimiq's Mainnet launched with a global hash rate of over 400 MH/s! It's very competitive to mine NIM at the moment, which says something about the popularity of this coin's future. You can check the blocks being currently mined at:

To store your NIMs, you use Nimiq's Safe, which acts as a kind of vault for all your Nimiq Wallets. You can see the balance of each wallet as well as send NIMs to others. The team have stated they are looking to implement Nimiq into hardware wallets in the future too and have already prepared for the implementation. For now, you'll just have to keep your wallets safely stored on your computers.

Check out the Nimiq Team's YouTube Videos on how they prepared for the launch of Mainnet:

Finally, I'll just mention a small-project I worked on which is called the Nimiq Miner Status, which allows you to view the status of any NodeJS miners you have. This was the first time using Github, so it was a good experience to make something for the community for once.

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Nimiq Mainnet Launch


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