January Income Report - 2018

This is my 20th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

The first income report of the year is here and on time! Woohoo! I had a nice break in December and so I was happy to get back into work mode and really make a push to improve the business. That "new year new me" vibe always acts as a great springboard into starting work again.

I recently wrote about my plans for 2018 in a new blog post, so go check that if you haven't already. Apart from the other income reports, I also wrote my first article on a cryptocurrency called Refereum. It's actually quite a cool idea, but whether or not it succeeds remains to be seen.

Work wise, I managed to finally finish the Titan Version 1.6 update. It comes with lots of new improvements and updates, including user suggestions such as Task Templates, Improve Invoices and ToDo Lists. This is going to be one of many big updates for my products this year as my focus is going to be on improving existing products rather than making new ones.

Something else has started to happen too: my recommended section is starting to gain some traction. So I'm going to continue building this up as it's actually making me money. Any money I make from the blog is going to be reinvested into it too, such as new designs and pages. I would love to really build this into a big section but I have to find good products to work on.

Lifewise, I'm all moved back into my old office again. Sometime during this year I'll hopefully be getting my own place, so this could very well be my last six months here. My current setup involves two monitors, a laptop and a fishtank!

Le Office

Income Report

Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $1,921.59 -15.96% (-$365.02 )
Freelance $630.00 0% (+$650)
Affiliate $81.46 -14.01% (-$13.27)
Total $2632.46 +10.55% (+$251.12)

Sales this month on CodeCanyon were very slow indeed, especially at the beginning. This month was saved by the flurry of activity at the end of the month, which might have been due to the Titan update going live.

You can see I earned a decent amount from my Amazon Affiliates income stream this month. This is all due to my Recommended section working well.

I took on some freelancing work because I had a bit of spare time and wanted to earn some money to help offset the slow sales. I had to turn down two huge jobs this month that were really tempting but I just couldn't commit the time to them. I'm still very much committed to improving this blog and my products and taking on big jobs would mean neglecting those things.


Traffic stats income report january 2018

A slight dip of the December Income Report. Most of the new traffic is is coming from the recommended section. I'm going to look to be growing this section over the next 12 months, so we'll see if I can meet my target of over 500 hits per day.

I'll also be writing some articles to do with Cryptocurrency and seeing if I can gain some traffic on this topic. Since it's quite popular at the moment and lots of people want to learn about the different types, I feel this could be a good entry.

Time Report

time report january 2018

My time was actually okay this month. Still didn't hit my 100 hours, but I didn't officially start work until 7 or so days into the month so I'm not too worried. February will hopefully be my month!

Plans For February

My main plans for February is to get the Support Centre update out and begin work on either Pro Schools or my Social Media products. I haven't decided which ones will go first, but they are both inline for an update and I have lots to work on for them.

As mentioned, for the blog I'll be putting out a few more pages in my recommended section and I also hope to write one or two new articles on Cryptocurrency. January was actually a really bad month for investing in cryptocurrencies, as everything has gone down (back to pre-december levels). It'll be interesting to see if it picks up!

I have some blog programming to work on too; I need to write some code that'll automatically post posts to my Twitter and Tumblr pages. Right now I have to do this manually and I always forget to do it. So this new code will hopefully help get my articles out there a bit more.

If I manage to get more than two big updates out, I'll hopefully be also revamping my product section on the blog. It definitely needs an update and I need to put in the time to actually get it done.

Hope you've all made a great start to the year too!

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