December Income Report - 2017

This is my 19th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

This Income Report will be a lot shorter than my current ones, mostly because I spent half of this month on vacation and not really doing anything productive. However, I have some new ideas for the blog...

The Titan update is going well. I have almost finished the revamped Invoice section now and it works a million times better than the current one. I'm still running tests on it and smoothing features out but once this is done I'll be moving onto other user suggestions. I've already implemented To-Do lists, Task Templates and a revamped Login section. January is still my target for getting this finished, so you should be seeing it soon!

Titan Income Reports 2017

I also want to start publishing updates about my products on my product pages section. Right now, they just serve as a place to mimic the buy pages on CodeCanyon, which is quite useless. So in the future I want to develop a blog template that allows me to post roadmaps, currently updates and a history of the product. With everything else I'm working on, this will take a little bit of time to get done, but I think it'll improve the product experience.

In December, I took my girlfriend to New York City for her 21st birthday as a surprise. We went for 5 days and it was such an amazing experience. This was my first time visiting America and it  was so strange seeing and hearing a world that you've only ever seen on T.V. shows. We visited the Status of Liberty, the 9/11 Museum, Harlem, Top Of The Rock, Central Park, Museums, lots of StarBucks and did a bit of shopping too.

After New York it was Christmas, which is always a very busy period of time for me. We go away for a week together and end up celebrating New Years, having meals and just generally relaxing. It's a time where I normally recharge myself and get ready to start work again. I'm definitely feel I've done just that and excited to get back into things.

I also did some more research into Cryptocurrencies. I may write a few blog posts about the subject because it is really interesting and fascinating. You can invest small amounts of money into them and get very large returns. It's like a brand new stock-market that is gaining huge volume.

Income Report

Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $2,286.61 −24.3%  (−$735.45)
Freelance $0.00 0% (-$300)
Affiliate $94.73 +800% (+$84.21)
Total $2381.34 -28.5% (−$951.24)

The holiday month of December is usually quite slow. Lots of users were reporting slow sales so even though I'm down on last month, breaking $2k felt like a good amount for this month.

Amazon Affiliate earnings were very high this month (compared to usual) so it looks like my Recommend section of my blog is starting to pay off.

I've started a new Services page for customers who would like me to install products for them on their web servers. I'd love to get some clients who are looking for someone to manage their sites, so hopefully this is just the start of a new revenue stream. We'll see if anyone is interested.


Traffic Stats for December 2017

Traffic rose 22% this month! I've broken over 300 hits per day on some days which is amazing too. Hopefully I can continue to increase this over the next 12 months!


No point showing you the graphic this month since I did less than 40 hours due to the holidays. Let's hope for a better January!

January Plans

I want to kick-start the year by working really hard and publishing the next update for Titan (V1.6). That will be my main focus and if by some miracle I get that done before end of January, I'll then begin work on the Support Centre.

Blog wise I want to get up to date with my Income Reports and also publish a post about my 2018 goals. I have some ideas for articles of Cryptocurrency too but I haven't decided on whether I want to actually use this blog for that yet. I'm getting really obsessed with it at the moment so it may just by my own hype.

I'm still living at my parent's house whilst my relatives continue to stay until mid-January so I may have a bit of disruption this month in terms of regular work hours. But hopefully I can hit 100+ hours for once.

Hope you all had a great winter break and a Happy New Year!

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