Refereum: A Cryptocurrency for Gamers

Refereum Cryptocurrency

Refereum is an up and coming cryptocurrency that aims to reward influencers (such as streamers, youtubers) who help advertise video games. These days, streamers on popular sites such as, get paid for displaying adverts during their streams. Well now, game publishers can pay these streamers using the Refereum Cryptocurrency, which they can then use to turn into real cash.

In fact, you can already get involved by signing up to their website and start earning points by watching games, streaming, signing up to their Discord and a host of other ways.

Traditional Game Advertisement Process

As a cryptocurrency, Refereum's aim is to cut out the "middleman" between game publishers and influencers. The normal approach would be for a game publisher to approach an Advertising Agency, pay them lots of money, who then approach influencers like YouTubers and Twitch Streamers to advertise games. With Refereum, their aim is to allow Game Publishers to pay you directly via Cryptocurrency called RFR Tokens using the blockchain technology.

Refereum Cuts Out Middleman

But much more than that, you can also buy games using RFR Tokens. If you check their website, you can currently buy games like PUBG for RFR tokens. Check out this great video by Refereum below for an example:

Refereum Token Sale

Currently, you cannot purchase RFR tokens. But not to worry, on February 8th 2018 Refereum is doing their Token Sale in which you can purchase RFR tokens for Ethereum or Bitcoin. The current set price is 1 RFR token for $0.01.

You can learn more about their Token Sale on their Support page, which answers several FAQs.

How can you make money with Refereum?

With any cryptocurrency you invest it, most users want to see a return on their intitial investment. Right now the crypto-world has exploded, with Bitcoin hitting $18,000 per coin and tons of other alt-currencies rising 1000% within weeks.

Well if you buy RFR during the token sale, there is a chance that somewhere down the line in the future, the price of RFR tokens will rise. An ICO is a way for Refereum to raise money and investors (like ourselves) buy the token in the hopes that the price of the token will rise.

So why is Refereum a good cryptocurrency to invest in? Well here are some key reasons:

  • There is already a working service behind it. Many Cryptocurrencies just have a whitepaper and a theory of how they are going to work. With Refereum, there is already a working product, examples and they have over 25,000 registered users using their platform already.
  • With a price of just 1 RFR token for $0.01, you have to decide whether you think it will rise or not. Personally, I think this is a great deal and can only see it rising in the future.
  • Two major companies in Twitch and Unity have spoken favourably about Refereum and are keen to see it grow. Having these names associated with Refereum gives lots of credability to the service.
  • It's very easy to use. Most cryptocurrencies require a bit of technical knowledge to get involved in, but you can literally sign up to Refereum today and start using their service.
  • The gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and is only going to keep on growing with new services and games coming out all the time.

Get Involved With Refereum

If you want to keep an eye out on this cryptocurrency, there are many avenues in which you can receive updates and news.

Check out the Refereum website, which gives an overview of what the service is all about. Read their whitepaper for a more detailed breakdown of how they plan to use the blockchain to solve and improve various issues.

Join the Telegram and Discord channels for discussion on Refereum and live updates.

The Refereum Twitter account is constantly updated, so follow them for news, reminders and competition information.

And finally, check out the Reddit sub at r/refereum for more posts.

Bookmark These Dates!

Token Sale: 8th February 2018

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