October Income Report - 2016

This is my 5th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

October saw me finally release a product I have been working on for the last 3-4 months: Titan. It's a project management system that has been built from the ground up. It has both been frustrating and rewarding working on it for so long.

The frustrating aspect was that I never put in the required time to get it done. I spent the first 2 or 3 months of development doing little bits here and there. In the 4th month, I finally decided to work on it full time and I made some real deep progress with it.

I learnt so many different libraries during the development of this product, such as FullCalendar and DataTables, that it will also give me added benefits for other products, since I can now use these libraries with those. That is one of the things I have learnt during the development of this software- is that even though I'm taking a lot of time learning a library, I can then reuse it in the future for something else. It bolsters my armoury of skills and technologies.

I also released another smaller product, the Pro Login Content system. It is basically Pro Login, but with a built in Content Creator system. I wanted to give this option to customers since I get a lot of emails asking me how they can create their own pages; normally I would tell them they'd need programming experience to do so, but with this product all they need to be able to do is use a text editor.

The exposure of these two new products has also helped my increase sales of my current portfolio. My main product going forward is going to be Titan. I hope to release an update every couple of months to improve upon it and give it more features and content. I'm currently using it myself to help manage various products and projects, which will give me more ideas on how to improve it.

Envato has been pushing their new Elements subscription based service to users on their marketplaces. A lot of authors aren't happy with this because they are driving customers away from their current market. So far, Elements doesn't really affect me because they aren't offering PHP scripts- but if the marketplaces start to decline because of this, it could have an indirect affect. I'm not too sure I agree with their decision to do this or if both sites can co-exist, but time will tell.


Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $684.74 10.3% (+$67.68)
Freelance $220.00 -66.6% (-$180.00)
Total $904.74 -11% (-$112.32)

The first half month of Titan has seen a small increase in sale profit for me. I'm not too concerned with the small increase because the product is very new. It's missing ratings, comments and a good history of updates which can increase buyer conversion.

I didn't take on as much Freelance work this month; I'm getting offers to take on huge big projects but I just know at the end of the work I'll be stuck in the same position of looking for a new gig. I want to grow a business and not have to keep starting from scratch.

Google Analytics

We had a slight increase in overall stats to the blog this month. Nothing major; the increase was probably to do with the fact that I actually did produce some new content this month (Apache article). I also decided to change the layout of the site to a more simpler one because even I was getting fed up with the way the blog loaded. I didn't make any attempts to increase traffic this month either, so not too much to report there.


Another good solid working month for me; a slight decrease on hours but I had a few disrupted days this month and after working so hard on Titan I did take it a little easier since I didn't have too many deadlines and todo's to work on. Next month I'll be working hard to try and finish a completely new revamp of a product (see below) so I hope to have another solid working month.

Plans of November

I managed to accomplish most of my plans for October (release two new products and an update) so I was very happy with how I managed to meet those goals. For November I'm going to be working on a completely new version of my Support Centre product, the first ever product I made. It's going to be rewritten completely and redesigned completely. I doubt I'll finish it for the end of November- I'm hoping for an early December release, but we'll see.

I want to test the waters with releasing a new product entirely versus adding a new update to a product. The difference is that on CodeCanyon, the new product gets a couple of days notice on the frontpage and then sits in the search rankings. With an update- it largely goes unnoticed; you don't get any new publicity on the site apart from alerting previous buyers of a new update. But what I hope will happen is that because the Support Centre already has lots of great reviews and sales, users will see the new version and be more inclined to buy it- rather than when they see a brand new product which has 0 ratings and only a few sales. So we'll see if there is any difference in doing those things.

If I have time in December, I want to release new updates for the Documentation Builder product and also Pro Polls product. I want to clean up their designs and make some small modifications.

I have a new idea for a new article I want to write for next month and I'll also do a new update to the Niche Site Case study that I've been slowly working on.

Last month I also got to see Lord Of The Rings Live in concert- which is basically watching the Films with the music played by a live Orchestra. I saw it at the Palais De Congres in Paris and Kaitlyn Lusk (the soloist) was superb. It was an amazing experience and for anyone who enjoys the film, I definitely recommend going.

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Is Titan update for "Project Box - Team Management Tool" ? How long do you plan to suppot Titan ?




Titan is a separate product that I plan to update consistantly going forward. Already hope to have it's second update out by the end of the year :)


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