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Maple Tour Dungeon is a new feature introduced in patch v212 for Global MapleStory to allow players to earn mesos in the early levels of the game. Players are restricted to using Maple Tour a maxmium of 7 times a day and the mesos can only be obtained after 7 days of using the dungeon. This content was introduced after the removal of popular farming map Bye-Bye Station to help ease players into earning mesos.

MapleStory Maple Tour Dungeon


Maple Tour is Nexon's solution to the problem of players playing on lower-leveled characters and farming at maps which give out significantly more mesos than other mobs. Players would constantly kill themselves so they would stay in the level range required to earn mesos from these mobs. Aside from the fact that this game design was unintentional, it also meant players would need to create an alternative character in order to play the main game. There were also periods of where players would get flagged as characters abusing the system and get banned (which was later rectified).

With patch version 212, Bye Bye Station (the best map in the game for farming at lower levels) was removed and along with it the ability to make hundreds of millions of mesos per hour. To help players get over this shock, Maple Tour was introduced so that players could earn a decent amount of mesos.

Maple Tour

Maple Tour can be accessed through the dimensional mirror in any major town in MapleStory. Only characters level 105 and above can enter this content and they can enter a max of 7 times a day. The first 2 times you enter Maple Tour are free and to enter the next five times you need to pay 300 Maple Points (paid for currency) or have a Maple Tour VIP Pass (given out from certain events). You can only enter on one character until you claim the meso rewards on that character, then you are free to use another character.

You can also access Maple Tour by accepting this quest from the lightbulb at the side of the game: [Maple Tour] Lulu Spinel's Request.

Maple Tour is similar to Monster Park, in that there are 6 stages you need to clear to complete it. There are various level ranges you can enter and mesos scale with monster level.

Completing Maple Tour will also reward you with a Maple Tour Coin, which can be used to purchase items from the Travel Bag located in MNN Broadcast Station.

Items in the Travel Bag:

Item Name Coins Description
Meso Piggy Bank 140 Obtain 50 million mesos a day with a cap of 1 billion mesos. Usuable for 28 days.
Star Force 5-Star Enhancement Scroll Coupon 70 Gives +5 StarForce on equipment.
Spell Trace (x100) 5 Gives 100 Spell Traces
Lulu's EXP Box 1 Gives random amount of EXP for your level.
Power Elixir 1 Gives 100 Power Elixirs.
Meso-Raining Chair 50 Consumes 1,000 mesos every three seconds you sit on the chair. Displays total amount on chair up to a max of 999,999,999 mesos.
Golden Meso Tree Chair 7 Must spend 999,999,999 mesos on the Meso-Raining Chair to buy this chair.

Maple Tour Mesos Rates

Here are the mesos rates you earn when you take on Maple Tour. You are given wages per run, which can be claimed after 7 days from the first run.

Reboot Worlds

Level Wages
Level 130-139 15,836,625 Mesos
Level 200+ 27,234,075 Mesos

Maple Tour Dungeons

Here are all the available dungeons in Maple Tour. Each one has a level range filled with monsters; if you enter a dungeon where the level range is lower than yours you will receive a penalty to your mesos/wages.

Dungeon Level
Zipangu - Mushroom Shrine Studio Level 115-129
Malaysia - Kampung Village Outskirts Studio Level 130-139
Shanghai - Yu Garden Studio Level 140-149
Shanghai - Mount Soung Studio Level 150-159
Commerci - San Commeric Outskirts Studio Level 160-169
Commerci - Sospetto Forest Studio Level 170-179
Zipangu - Midnight Pine Forest Studio Level 180-189
Zipangu - Showa Town Studio Level 190-199
Masteria - Krakian Jungle Studio Level 200+

How much can you earn from Maple Tour?

Assuming you do the 2 free runs a day, and don't spend your 2 Maple Tour Coins on anything other than the Meso Piggy Bank, you can earn the following rates at level 200+:

Daily: 27,234,075 x 2 = 54,468,150 Mesos

Monthly: 27,234,075 x 2 x 30 = 1,634,044,500 Mesos

90 Days: 27,234,075 x 2 x 90  = 4,902,133,500 Mesos

Now if you do all 7 runs a day:

Daily: 27,234,075 x 7 = 190,638,525 Mesos

Monthly: 27,234,075 x 7 x 30 = 5,719,155,750 Mesos + (mesos piggy bank gains: +1,000,000,000 mesos) (70 spare coins)

90 Days: 27,234,075 x 7 x 90  = 17,157,467,250 Mesos + (mesos piggy bank gains: +4,000,000,000 mesos) (50 spare coins)

If each run takes approximately 1 minute to complete, 7 minutes a day, for 90 days is 10.5 hours. Your hourly rate is somewhere around 2 billion mesos an hour (max 7 runs a day for 90 days with piggy bank collection). Of course, this will also cost you in Maple Points; for 90 days of extra 5 runs a day it'll cost you a total of 135,000 Maple Points, or $135.00 USD.

Feel free to submit your data in the comments.

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