Free Nimiq Cryptocurrency - Win A Nano Ledger S

I'm excited to bring you guys the opportunity to get your hands on some free NIM (cryptocurrency) and be entered into a competition to win a Ledger Nano S.


Nimiq is a new Cryptocurrency that recently launched it's mainnet in earlier this year. One of it's most interesting aspects is the ability to mine cryptocurrency using your browser. Anyone can use it and get setup within minutes at

Well, for those who want to get started, I'm now giving away some NIM (the Nimiq Cryptocurrency) to new users as part of a promotion that the Nimiq Team is hosting. By signing up through a special link (known as a cash-link), you'll be given some NIM to start off your account. Right now, you can buy NIM at around $0.002 on various exchanges, so they aren't worth too much! But, who knows, it may end up one day being like Bitcoin.

You'll also be given the chance to win a special branded Ledger Nano S, which is a hardware wallet used for storing your coins safely on. It supports all the major coins including Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also supports NIM, so if you manage to win one (usually retail at around $100.00) you'll be able to store your NIM securely.

How To Earn Free NIM

If you're interested in some free NIM, send me an email at or comment below and I'll send you a link to sign up which will give you some bonus NIM(100+ Nim) when you create an account. I only have 25 links available, so first come first served. By registering, you'll also recieve a chance to win the Ledger Nano S too!

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I could use that bonus :)
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Gostaria de participar do soteio e ganhar esse bonus.


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