Sager NP8377 Gaming Laptop Review

Our review of the Sager NP8377 Gaming Laptop takes an in-depth look into how this laptop performs, the type of hardware you're getting for your money and the overall feel for this laptop. Sager produce mostly gaming laptops and accessories and are known as a "trusted brand for Gaming Laptops", so let's put this laptop to the test and see if it lives up to the tagline.

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Review Of Sager NP8377 Gaming Laptop

  • The Pros
  • FULL HD Screen 144hz refresh rate
  • RTX 2070 GPU
  • Intel i7 6 core processor
  • 32GB Ram DDR4
  • G-sync Technology
  • Backlit keyboard
  • The Cons
  • No 4K Support

  1. Sager NP8377 Screen
  2. Design Of The NP8377
  3. Sager NP8377 Performance Review
  4. Conclusion

Sager NP8377 Screen

Gaming Laptop screens can give you a good indication about the type of hardware and power they have. In a world where we have HD, Full HD and 4K gaming, screens need to be upgraded to support those resolutions and backed up by powerful graphics cards and CPUs.

The Sager NP8377 provides a Full HD 1920x 1080 screen that is 17.3 inches (a nice big display!). It provides a refresh rate of 144hz, which is perfect for playing games that rely on reaction times and split-second decisions. The refresh rate is how many times a second the screen updates and the higher the refresh rate the more up-to-date you are to the action (which makes a difference when playing FPS type games). The 17.3 screen is a widescreen Full HD display and provides a Matte Display, which reduces the glare and reflection in dimly lit conditions, so if you're playing for long hours your eyes aren't going to get burned out. The screen isn't an IPS screen though, which is becoming a bit of a standard with most monitors for gaming.

Sager Screen

The bezel around the screen is a lot smaller and thinner compared to most other 17.3inch laptops too, giving you more screen real-estate and less edge.

The screen does come with Nvidia's G-Sync technology, which pairs up the screen's refresh rate with the on-board graphics card for reducing screen tearing, stuttering and input lag.

Design Of The NP8377

Not too many gamers care about the design of their gaming laptop, they are most interested in it's power. But for the price you pay for some of these laptops, you should expect a decent design and feel to your brand new machine.

The NP8377 definitely exhibits the "gaming laptop" feel, from it's RGB keyboard and clunky black feel. It's not going to feel like a smooth Macbook Pro, but it does have an aluminium finish to it that makes it feel much more sturdier than those plastic built laptops down at the $300-400 range. The laptop's trackpad isn't centered, instead it's positioned slightly more to the left, which is a strange design decision since most laptops have their layouts usually in a symmetrical type way. I get the feeling the positioning is to help with gamers using WASD keys, but most people will just use a mouse with their gaming laptop since trackpads are inherently difficult to use in gaming.

Taking a look at the keyboard, it's got everything you want for a gamer's setup. Each key is illuminated with an RGB backlit LED and in the dark this laptop looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. Each individual key can be customized however you like, so if you just wanted an all blue feel, it's easy to setup. The size of this laptop allows for the keyboard to come with a numeric pad, giving you the feel of having a less compacted keyboard layout. The trackpad also comes with a fingerprint scanner, meaning you can lock your laptop the same way you did the older iPhones.

Sager NP8377 Performance Review

The Sager NP8377 comes with everything you'll need in a mid-range gaming laptop. It's going one of the latest generations CPU in the i7-9750H processor, which offers up to 6 cores and 12 threads for fast multi-tasking and great for games that utilize multi-threaded action. Each core is clocked in at 2.6ghz with a max frequency of 4.5ghz (though if you want to melt your laptop, be my guest). This is probably the best laptop-processor you can get at this price point; even laptops in the $2k price range are using this processor. Intel processors are some of the best on the market.

In terms of graphic power this laptop comes with an RTX 2070 8GB card, which is one of the newest cards from Nvidia, offering it's new "Ray-Tracing" cores that are supposed to be the future of gaming. In that sense, RTX is still slowly being pushed out by games, so you won't exactly need it right away, but you're all set for the future for when game developers do start implementing support for it. The 2070 RTX sits between the 1080 and the 1080 TI graphics card in terms of power, but of coure, those two old generation cards do not have the RTX support. A 2070 is going to be great for most modern games and allow you to play them in high-quality settings for HD display.

GPU Sager

This version of the Sager NP8377 comes with 32GB of Ram, which is a massive amount for a laptop. 32GB will allow you to run the laptop for ages without the need for restarting, run multiple applications and do video editing with HD and 4k footage. If you're into YouTube or Twitch streaming, this laptop will do well with rendering videos given it's decent 12 threaded processor and massive amount of Ram. You can get this laptop in 16GB Ram if you want to cut costs on it's $2k price point. 16GB is fine for gaming too and you won't have many problems with running it. The RAM is clocked in at 3000MHz, which is fast ram!

It also comes with a 500GB SSD ( Samsung 970 EVO Plus PCIe NVMe ) and a 2TB harddrive for storage. This is the perfect setup as you can put the applications you want to run fast and load up quicker on the SSD (like games) and put your storage files like movies, videos, photos and music on the harddrive. The SSD is lightning fast and will boot up the laptop in seconds.

Overall Sager NP8377 Thoughts

Honestly, this is a great gaming laptop. On Amazon, you can customize it slightly to your needs (including changing how much RAM and storage you need) to help lower the price. The model we are looking at has 32GB of Ram and 500GB+2TB harddrive and is going for around $2,000 USD. At that price point, you could buy a top-of-the-range gaming desktop which will allow you to play any game in ultra-detail and support 4K gaming. This laptop is for HD gaming and of course, being a laptop, it's not going to have the same amount of power as a desktop. But laptops have other advantages, such as being mobile, gaming on the go and not taking up a huge amount of space in your house.

The laptop comes with a great graphics card and CPU, perfect for gaming in HD. The screen on this laptop hits 144hz and you'll be able to use the hardware to boost your FPS in games like Fortnite, CS:GO. I'm not a fan of trackpads, and prefer plugging in a wired mouse for better control. The keyboard on this machine is great and if you're into the RGB-thing, this laptop will be perfect for you (you can also turn off the RGB lighting).


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