If you would like to order any of the standard services below, please send me an email and we'll get started. Please contact with your request. Thanks!

Installation Service - $60.00

I can install any script for you from my Portfolio on CodeCanyon. All you need to do is provide me with your web host details, such as FTP and access to PHPMyAdmin and I'll do the rest. I can normally have it done within an hour, it just depends when I'm online and available. If you're interested, please contact me with the software you want me to install.

Setup Website + Script - $500.00

I can setup your own website for you and install any of my scripts on the site. You'll get your own domain name of your choice, web hosting and an installed script. You'll be given all the details of the website, including logins to webhosting and other areas so that you can manage them down the road. If you would like me to look after your site, it will cost $10/month extra.

What you get:

  • Domain Name (1 year)
  • Web Hosting (shared at Bluehost (comes with Cpanel)) (1 year)
  • Setup Software up and running

Bluehost Pricing

Setup other script - $120.00

I can also install other scripts/software for you. The script must be on CodeCanyon and you'll need to send me the files to install it for you. Send me an email with your request and I'll be happy to help.


If you have another request, such as setting up a website, WordPress Blog or anything else, please send me an email with the details and I'll let you know if I can help.

Please send all enquires to: and I'll respond ASAP.

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-Peter Freddie Lee

I have just purchased
Social Network - PHP Social Networking System
I am wishing to get this program uploaded onto the above site as was discussed before I made my purchase.
If you could contact me as soon as possible to make these arangements, that would be good
Thank you


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