December Income Report - 2016

This is my 7th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I’ll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

December has come and gone and I've had a really good winter break. This winter I was coming back from spending time in Paris, so it was really important for me to spend lots of time with family and friends, as I'm heading off to Montpellier right after christmas.

Another good month for me in terms of sales. December continued the November trend and I am finding sales keep coming in. The updates I've been making to my products seem to have really helped, especially Support Centre which has seen a very high increase of sales.

I've also been getting a lot more support requests and questions. I probably wake up to an inbox of around 10 every morning and if I don't get on top of those emails right away, it can build up into a huge pile of work. This was one of the reasons for redeveloping the Documentation Builder because it will give me an easier platform to post support material for my users.

One other request I've been getting a lot of has been freelance requests. Lots of users have been requesting me to make modifications for them on existing products and others want complete full solutions. I've turned down most of these with the exception of one this month. I decided to give myself a break from product making in December in order to spend more time with family and to refresh my creativity, so I thought I would also do some freelancing work in my spare moments.

I probably won't continue doing freelancing work going into the new year, since focusing on products has been very rewarding.

Since I didn't spend a lot of time in December working, I did think their might be a drop in sales. But nope, my sales were even higher than last months! This is why I love developing my own products because you can decide yourself when to take the time off and still earn money. With freelancing, this was never the case- if I didn't work I wouldn't get paid.

I also managed to update the blog a bit more this month since I had a bit more spare time. I got a couple of new articles out, including an update to the Niche Case Study. I've been also looking into making some new mini-series for upcoming blog posts too that I hope to be able to start work on soon.


Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $1,497.00 +15.86% (+$205.00)
Freelance $860.00 +100.0% (+$860.00)
Total $2,357.00 +82.43% (+$1065.00)

A really good month for me in terms of income. My product sales continued to increase and I also took on a freelancing job which helped a lot. With tax month coming up, it was always good to see some good money coming in.

I still haven't released a new product since Pro Login Content but I have been releasing updates to my other products and keeping them fresh with new features and user suggestions. I think a good balance of updating and new products will help increase my CodeCanyon earnings.

Google Stats

Unfortunately, my google analytics was hit with spam attacks this month so they are completely inaccurate. You can see those huge spikes which represent the spam attacks. I've managed to block them now so they shouldn't show up again for January (hoping).

The spam attacks were from a user called Vitaly Popov. He basically sends fake data to your google analytics account and it causes it to look like above. You can tell you've been hit because you'll see messages in your country of origin list like:

"Vote Trump 2016!"

".Vitaly rules google ?*:????*?(^?^)?*????:*? ¯\_(?)_/¯(???)(???)(???)?(?_??)( ?° ?? ?°)?(???)??•??•?? ????(=^ ^=)oO" " search shell is much better than google!"

and other such nonsense.

Time Stats

Since this month I took a break half way through to reconnect with my family, the amount of work hours is way way down. I'm hoping for a big increase and push when I finally move to Montpellier in January because I can't wait to get working on new products and updates. I definitely feel well-rested!

Plans For January

First and foremost, this month I want to get settled into my new home. I'm moving to Montpellier for a while to support my girlfriend whilst she is at University. It's a really beautiful part of the south of France so I'm really excited to go.

Once settled, I'll be doing some quick bug fixes to products and updates that have been reported to me over the last few weeks. Once that is done, I'll begin work on some new updates and a new product I have in mind.

I also want to write a new tutorial for the blog. It's a PHP tutorial about some of the new libraries I have been using in my products. When I was learning them myself, I couldn't find any good tutorials myself and I spent a lot of time searching through the API and documentation so I feel these guides might come in help for some of my users.

I think using this month to just get back into the groove of things will be good. Having had such good months in terms of sales, I really want to push on and get to the next level. I have a bad tendency to get comfortable and not push myself.

Hope you all had a great winter period!

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