Quora Partner Program - Case Study - Part 3

This update shows some improvements with earnings after I've managed to cut down on time wasting inputting the questions. We're still not hitting the big time, but it's starting to get closer and closer to earning from a minimum wage job!

Quora Case Study Part 3

Quora's Partner Program has just done their first payout to me, which was around £50.00. A lot of people get skepticle with certain companies which only pay-out after X amount of days or after you've earnt X amount of money. I've seen it before where people can end up with literally nothing. Well, Quora has been professional and true to their word- payments come out at the end of the month as long as you've earned more than $10. So at least we can rely on actually getting paid for our mundane work.

No More Time Wasting

After the last Case Study, I wanted to work on cutting down the amount of time I spent adding questions to Quora. I don't mean actually coming up with questions, I mean the data-entry of adding each individual question, selecting experts to answer and making sure the question is in the right category. One way to do this is to hire someone to do it for you- but then that eats into your already small profits. If I was working with bigger numbers, say thousands of questions a day, this might be worth considering since you can easily find cheap labour on Upwork or Fiverr.

The other way was to write a program. And since I'm a programmer, that's what I did. I formatted all my questions into a nice list, then I wrote a program to add them to Quora for me. I spent maybe, an hour or two getting this to work flawlessly, and now I can literally come up with questions and add them to my program and it adds them in the background for me. No more time wasted on inputting questions. Perfect.

That means that I can literally cut off half the time I spend adding questions to Quora, making my hourly rate go up to a more reasonable rate.

Bored Of Coming Up With Questions

I think that's the only real issue for me. Since I have many other better paying jobs, coming up with questions for Quora feels like a real waste of my time. Since I'm doing a case-study to try and find out how much I can earn from doing it, I have been trying to get into the mindset of someone who wants to earn money any way possible to help with paying bills. But alas, my motivation for coming up with questions is a killer. I'm almost at 1,500 questions and I really find it hard to come up with interesting ones. That might sound pathetic, because there are millions of questions to ask, but Quora already has millions of questions on their site. You have to think outside the box with your questions, otherwise any duplicate questions just get merged into the original and you get a big fat ZERO earnings for it.

I think I need to use some other places to come up with questions. I literally sit at a blank document and try to come up with questions. But perhaps I should try going on news sites and asking relevant questions about those articles. That might mean I ask fewer questions in an hour, but it might mean I get more unique, relevant questions asked.

Quora Partner Program Earnings

So how well did I do? Let's take a look.

Date: June 10th - August 9th
Time Management
Hours spent on Questions: 4
Hours spent on Input: 0
Hours spent on Research: 0
Total Hours Spent: 4
Questions Asked: + 243 (Total: 1319)
Total Earned: + £28.39 (Total: £78.81)
Earnings Per Hour: £7.09
Questions over £10: 0 (Total: 0)
Questions over £1: +5 (Total: 13)
Questions over £0.50: +6 (Total: 27)

So we are getting closer to the UK mimium wage (£8.21). I will say that the questions I added this time round haven't done half as good as my first ones (a lot of the earnings came from the older questions) so I feel like if I can come up with some good questions I'll be in a better position.

I think the next case study update will be my final one. The earnings for this program are far too low for the effort you have to put in for me to consider doing it for a long time. But for someone who wants to make -some- money on the internet, this might be a decent way to start out whilst waiting for bigger freelance jobs/clients.

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