Pro Login User Management System Version 1.1 Update Preview

Hi all! We just released our first update for Pro Login User Management System, version 1.1. It contains a host of new features surrounding Micro-transactions. A lot of our customers had been requesting this type of feature and we are happy to finally release it to you guys. Let's take a look at the new update.

Adding Funds to your User Accounts.

This new feature is the basis for implementing micro-transactions to your system. It allows users to add credits/funds to their account by purchasing them via PayPal. The user selects the amount of credits they wish to buy and then checks out via PayPal. Using the PayPal IPN, the user is then creditted the credits automatically once they have made the payment. Since the payment process is handled by PayPal, it's very secure and very easy to setup. We have even included a new user guide in how to set it all up.

Payment Plans

This new section allows the Admin of the system to create plans that your users can spend their credits on. These plans add Premium Time to an account that buys them. Users with Premium Time will then be able to access exclusive content you create, allowing you to add value and unique content to your paying users. 

You can create Payment Plans in the Admin Panel, including setting the price and the amount of time each plan gives. You can also create a plan which gives unlimited Premium Time to the user.

Admin Options

We updated the Admin Panel with new options to help you manage the new payment plans and options. First up is Payment Settings, which allows you to set the PayPal account, currency and whether to enable/disable Payment Options altogether. 

There is also the Payment Plans area which allows you to manage the Payment Plans and also see how many sales each one has. You can also set the colour of the background and font. Finally, we also added in Payment Logs, which will list any payments that have been made to you. It gives information such as time of payment and who made the payment to you.

Other Updates

We made some other changes, including updating the system to the latest version of CodeIgniter 3.0.3.

If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see for the Pro Login User Management System, let us know in the comments or contact us via email.

We are always logging user suggestions so that when we make an update to the system we have lots to choose from.

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