October Income Report - 2017

This is my 17th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

It always feels strange to be writing the October Income report at the dead end of November; I apologise for being so late on this one. But let's get right into it...

Social Network

I managed to finally finish my new product Social Network. It's a PHP script (like my others!) which allows you to create your own Social Network. This product took quite a few months to complete due to it being a difficult period for me personally, but also because a lot of the product I had to research into. I'm happy with how it turned out and I'm definitely excited to improve upon it and give it new features over the coming years.

With the release of the Social Network, it means I can now focus on my other products, which I have been neglecting due to all my time going towards the new one. My first target is to release bug updates which will solve many of the reported issues. Once they are done, I'll then be focusing my time on updates that introduce new features, user suggestions and general improvements. I won't be working on any new content now until next year, so I'm determined to make some great updates.

I also have introduced a new section to my blog: Recommendations. I'm an Amazon Affiliate and I've always struggled to list their products in my articles because 9 times out of 10, they just weren't relevant. So, my new recommendations section is targeting products on Amazon. Currently I'm going to try and target sites to do with Laptop Gaming, since I'm quite interested in the topic. Over the coming months I want to build a really good directory of recommended products. We'll see if this improves the amount I can earn from Amazon Affiliates.

One other topic I've been researching into is Cryptocurrencies. Recently, they hit the news because there is now a method to allow you to mine cryptocurrency using just your web browser. This allows site owners to earn cryptocurrency by just having their users visit their sites. The problem, of course, is that it's not regulated. Unfortunately, it's been abused across the internet so any chance of it becoming main-stream adoption is pretty limited. But it does give ideas to site owners of earning new income other than plastering adverts all over their sites or via affiliate marketing. I've been thinking of giving downloaded content to users and offering users to mine cryptocurrency in order to obtain it. Any thoughts?

Earnings Report

Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $1,994.59 +41.3%  (-$1403.53)
Freelance $0.00 0% (0)
Affiliate $2.37  -25.9% (-$0.83)
Total $1,996.96 -41.2% (-$1404.36)

Last month was the highest I've ever earned on CodeCanyon. This month has been one of my lower months. It gives you a good idea of what it's like to be an author on CodeCanyon; you're earnings rise and fall like the wind.

Next month I'll be participating in the Envato Cyber Monday campaign so we'll see if that has an effect. This will be the first time I'll have discounted my products so I'm interested to see the results. Of course it won't be really a test of discount because I'll be getting a lot of extra traffic from the Envato Campaign too.


October Traffic results

A tiny rise in unique visitors this month. I haven't done much work on the blog this month other than a post about developer tools. Next month I'll be working on my Recommendation section and so it'll be interesting to see if I can rank in that category.


October Time Stats

Still not hitting the 100 hours I would like to hit. I've recently been downloading some productivity tools to see if they can help. My main problem is getting up early to begin work so if I can sort that out I'll be able to increase my hours. I'm not going to bore you with these struggles, because they just come across as lazy excuses (which they are!). The struggle is real.

November Plans

My main plans for November are focused on updating my existing products. I'm going to make a plan on what products to work on and which ones need updating critically. This plan will shape the last two months of the year. I want to get one big update out for either Titan, Support Centre or Pro Schools. We'll see how much time I have to do this.

Blogging wise my priority will be the mentioned Recommendation section. I'll be improving the backend of the blog to accommodate this area as it's going to need new display options and grouping of affiliate products.

Do you guys have any thoughts on mining cryptocurrency in your browsers? Would you be interested in free products/code if all you had to do was let your computer mine for say, 15-30 minutes? I'm thinking of moving some of my older products to a "Free" section and then adding some other things such as themes and/or code which provides external features.

Until next month,


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