November Income Report - 2017

This is my 18th Income Report in which I detail how much money I made online this month.

These reports are designed to show you that it is possible to make money online. I also want to use them to give myself motivation to meet targets, describe new challenges and achievements. Every month I'll post reports of my google analytics, income stats and more.

I really apologise for the back-to-back late Income Reports. December was such a busy month for me that I never got the chance to sit down and work on the blog.

That being said, let's start with my CodeCanyon work. I manage to push updates for Support Centre, Titan, Pro Login, Pro School and Social Network. Most of these updates included updating outdated libraries, framework code and also fixing bugs and issues that have been reported. Now that these are out of the way I can now begin working on big updates.

The first update I've been working on is a new Titan update. Version 1.6 is going to improve on a lot of features and content. One of the bigger updates is a revamped invoice section. It will allow you to pay for invoices in parts, such as paying $100 now and then $100 later when you get the money. It'll also revamp the entire Invoice UI, making the verification and validation of data update in real time. This is just one of many big revamps and changes planned for the next year. Since I also use Invoices in Pro Schools, I also hope to push this content to this product too.

I hope to get Titan 1.6 finished by end of January. After that I'll be then working on a big update for Support Centre. I've got a massive list of user suggestions for this product so I'll try and get most of them implemented.

My blog section for Recommendations has been slowly gaining traffic too. So far no bites, but this will hopefully be just one of many sections I can grow over time. My only concern is time; I have so many different projects going on in my spare time that it's hard finding the time to write!

Earnings Report

Source Earnings Last Month
CodeCanyon $3,022.06 +51.5%  (+$1027.47)
Freelance $300.00 0% (+$300)
Affiliate $10.52 +343.8% (+$8.15)
Total $3332.58 +66.8% (+$1335.62)

November Income hit another $3k worth of sales on CodeCanyon. Granted, a lot of this money came from the fact that two of my products were on sale for the Cyber Monday campaign ran by Envato.

Items were sold at 50% of their original price and that really helped boost profits; I did get a big increase in support emails to handle also but it definitely begs the question whether selling items at a discounted price makes a difference? The campaign probably gave me a huge amount of boosted traffic too so simply slashing prices of items probably isn't enough. I'll definitely try and take advantage of these promotions in the future.


Traffic Stats 2017 November

A 15% increase in traffic to the blog this month. I think the fact that I've added lots of articles to my Recommended section has really boosted traffic. Some of my other articles like Amazon Affiliates article are slowly climbing the google rankings too.


Time Stats November 2017

Time dipped by 10 hours this month. To be honest, I don't know how since this has been one of my most productive months in a while. If you read my reports regularly, you'll know I try to hit 100 hours a month, but I've failed probably for the last 8 months. I definitely won't hit this target in December, but maybe 2018 will be the year.

Plans For December

My main plans for December is to continue working on the new Titan update right up until Christmas. The update is taking a huge amount of time because a lot of the new updates require rewriting significant portions of the old code. I also want to take my time with the product to make sure I'm not rushing anything otherwise come six months I'll end up recoding it again.

December will be another unproductive month. I am going to New York City on December 18th and then after that the Christmas holidays will eat up all my spare time and I don't really plan on trying to work through them because we have lots of family coming at this time. I've even had to vacate my house to allow for my relatives to stay. Right now I'm back at my parents, which feels strange since that is where I started this business from.

I also need to write out my plans for 2018 and other yearly related blog posts that I like doing. If I get time, I'll hope to post them before then but if not, they'll hopefully come early January.


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