Niche Site Case Study - Content Creation - Part 2

Welcome to my Niche Site Case Study series, where I attempt to make money by building up a site from scratch, targeting a specific niche and gaining traffic by search engine traffic. Check out the rest of my series here and follow along to see the progress I make!

In the first update, I was setting everything up. I had found my own specific niche to target, purchased a domain and web hosting, looked up keywords I could attempt to rank for and planned out my strategy.

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Content Building

From that post until this post, I have been working on creating content for the site. My target was to write at least 10 articles on my niche, which I was easily able to do. My articles range from 300-1000 words each and they are all to do with specific areas of my niche. The articles themselves weren't focusing on my keyword targets, although some did include them just by natural occurrence.

I also managed to do 1 guest post on another site. This was unexpected, but I saw an opportunity and thought why not. It didn't take me too much time to get done either and it was a good experience because in order to grow the niche site, I'm going to have to be making lots of Guest Posts to build backlinks.

Some of my articles contain affiliate links. Since I'm going to be using Amazon's Affiliate Program, I figured now is a good idea to start practising with them. One thing I did learn was that Adblock can actually block Amazon's image based affiliate links, so now I will try and focus mostly on text links. It didn't take me long to get approved on Amazon's affiliate program, in fact it was pretty much instantly.

Brand Building

I also created some social media accounts for my niche. I'm familiar with using Twitter and Tumblr, so those were the ones I went with. But I also am going to launch a Facebook one and possibly a Pinterest one too, but I need to do some research into both these on how to reach audiences. Twitter and Tumblr are very easy to use; you simply use #hashtags to target audience members.

An example of using the keyword revealer.[/caption] I discovered a new Keyword Tool called KeywordRevealer. You can sign up for a free account that allows you to do 3 searches per day for various keywords and it tells you how difficult your keywords are to rank for. This is a tool I really should of learned to use at the beginning of finding my niche, so I could see how competitive the market actually was. The Keyword Revealer tool told me that my keywords have around a 30-50 score, meaning medium difficulty. This might be quite high for a niche site, but I'm determined to give it a go anyways. The lower the keyword difficulty, the easier it will be for you to rank for.

SERPs Update

Since we haven't been building any links to our newly created site, I didn't expect for my SERPs to change at all. But I was actually surprised to see that my link actually ranked for one of my keywords already! However, this was at the beginning of September and since then it's lost it's position in the top 100. The actual brand name of my site is ranking very high, which is expected because it's quite unique and I doubt it has much competition.

Next month will be a link building month, so I hope to improve my SERPs a lot.

Time Update

This month I spent a lot of time writing content for my niche site. I actually forgot to log my time, so it's actually quite skewed towards the end sine I tried to estimate how much time I did spend. About 5 hours seems right, since it'd take me around 30minutes to write each article.

Google Analytics

Not much traffic is exepected, since we aren't ranking for any of our keywords yet. Most of it has come from social media when I've tweeted about a new article I've written. Not much to say about this at the moment but hopefully when we start ranking, this will increase.

Cost Breakdown

Only hosting was needed to be paid for this month, which cost us just $5.00. This is the great thing about Niche Sites, they cost very little to get setup and started.

Next Month

From this point on, I'll be building links for my site. I'm going to track how many links I manage to create and I'm hoping for around 100. That's about 3 links per day for a month. I'll be posting on blogs, forums, reddit, social media and also attempting to do some guest posts. Guesting Posting links will probably be the most valuable links, but they also will take the most effort since I need to write content for those guest posts.

I'll also try and write 3 more articles for my Niche site, since I want to build up a lot of content on the site. I'll be going over some of my older articles too, just to make sure that they have great content and if there is anything I can add to them.

So until next time, peace!

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