MapleStory Monster Park Guide

Monster Park is a special area in MapleStory that allows you to gain various rewards and EXP every day. It is limited content, with up to 2 free entries every day and then a max of 5 extra entries if you buy the Monster Park Additional Entry ticket from the CashShop.

Monster Park MapleStory

Monster Park is available to all players starting when your character hits level 105. Monster Park has stages for players all the way up to level 230, with different zones you can take on. One of the best parts of Monster Parks are the rewards, which are extremely helpful in leveling up your characters. A player can enter Monster Park:

  • Two times a day for free
  • 5 extra times with Monster Park Additional Tickets, which can be purchased from the CashShop (or given out via events). In Reboot Worlds, you can buy additional tickets for 3,500,000 mesos.

Each day there are specific rewards. You will gain a special box each time you complete a Monster Park dungeon and opening it will give you a specific reward based on the day of the week, plus Monster Park Commerative Coins which you can spend in the Monster Park shop.

Day Of The Week Reward
Monday Crafting Material
Tuesday Spell Traces
Wednesday Trait Increasing Items
Thursday Honor EXP
Friday Mesos
Saturday A random reward based on any day of the week.
Sunday 30 minute EXP Coupons: 1.5x or 2x

The boxes do not have an expiration date, so you can stack them up in your inventory for when you want to use them (such as the EXP coupons).

Monster Park CoinMonster Park CoinMonster Park CoinMonster Park Coin

With each box you'll also get between 15-30 Monster Park COmmerative Coins. You can use these to purchase items from the Monster Park Shop. In particular, these are the items you'll want to get your hands on:

Item Cost Info
Extreme Red Potion Extreme Red Potion Monster Park Coin x5 Gives +30 Weapon Attack for 30 minutes
Extreme Blue Potion Extreme Blue Potion Monster Park Coin x5 Gives +30 Magic Attack for 30 minutes
Extreme Green Potion Extreme Green Potion Monster Park Coin x5 Gives +1 Attack Speed for 30 minutes
Extreme Gold Potion Extreme Gold Potion Monster Park Coin x10 Gives 10% EXP for 30 minutes
Greed Pendant Greed Pendant Monster Park Coin x150 Gives 20% Drop Rate for Equipment when equipped

There are other items, but generally these are the ones you'll want to spend your coins on. If you complete all 7 Monster Park runs a day, you can get between Monster Park Coin 105-210 coins a day.

Monster Park Zones

Monster Park has various zones you can complete. Each zone gives a specified amount of EXP when you complete it (if you die or quit before completing the final stage, you'll get 0 EXP!). There are some level restrictions on which dungeons you can enter but there is no EXP penalty for completing lower level dungeons.

Beginner Dungeon (Level 105-115)

Dungeon EXP Per Clear Time Rating
Auto Security Area 3,517,411 Medium

Intermediate Dungeons (Level 115-159)

Dungeon EXP Per Clear Time Rating
Auto Security Area 3,517,411 Medium

Advanced Dungeons (160-230)

Dungeon Level EXP Per Clear Time Rating
Ruined City 160-169 19,790,735 Easy
Dead Tree Forest 170-179 26,950,030 Easy
Waterman's Tower 175-184 27,953,565 Easy
Dragon Nest 180-189 33,576,980 Easy
Temple Of Oblivion 185-194 35,340,485 Medium
Knights Stronghold 190-199 39,775,800 Very Easy
Spirit Valley 200-209 40,650,435 Medium
Vanishing Journey 200-209 128,541,100 Medium
Chu Chu Island 210-219 642,539,340 Hard

For farming Monster Park Coins, generally the fastest dungeon is Knights Stronghold. It can be cleared in under a minute when a character can one-shot the mobs.

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