When To Use a VPN For Gaming

Anyone who has been serious about gaming have always considered using a VPN to see if it can improve their online gaming experience. But when are the best times to use a VPN and is it even beneficial to gaming online? This article will discuss why you might consider using a VPN and their benefits.

VPN Gaming

There are plenty of VPN services on the internet these days and you're likely to have seen them offered for all sorts of things; whether that's streaming your favourite TV shows, getting around geo-blocked content or helping preserve your online privacy.

You can even try out a VPN to see if it works for you, such as https://surfshark.com/download/chrome and it takes minutes to get connected.

So what even is a VPN? A VPN is a private server you connect to that routes your internet traffic through them, essentially performing your tasks through a proxy. A VPN will usually provide you a piece of software to download to your computer that will then allow you to select from a number of servers to connect to. This allows you to appear as though you're connecting from other countries. There are paid for and free versions.

In terms of gaming, a VPN can help in a number of ways (online gaming obviously):

  • Reduce your Ping: VPNs can be setup so that your data is sent in a more direct route to the gaming servers and help reduce in-game lag. This can make your gaming experience a lot more smoother with little delay between common actions. Usually get better results when you have a very high ping.
  • Make your connection more stable to avoid getting huge lag spikes and having a general more comfortable play session.
  • Get around blocked-IP restrictions by giving you a fresh IP. Just make sure that any free VPNs are not also blocked.
  • Access country-specific content for a game; some games get content early depending on their country and a VPN can allow you to connect as that country.

Choosing the right VPN can also be tricky with so many different offers out there. You're best to go with one with great reviews and trusted scores on review accumulators. Try to do your research and see how many different servers the VPN offers you and make sure they have servers in countries you need them to be in.

For example, if you're playing a game in Korea, you'll want to make sure they have servers in Korea to help get lower ping when playing. Some games will also block connecting from VPNs so make sure you have read the rules in regards to connecting via VPN before doing so.

Once you have chosen a VPN, try using a trial version first to see if you notice any improvements. If you don't like the service enough to consider paying, then this will help save you some money and early frustration.

Let us know in the comments your favourite VPNs for gaming.

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