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 Hello there! Welcome to Patchesoft's blog- this homely place will be the source of all our content that we develop, including products for CodeCanyon, tutorials, guides and snippets of code to help other developers create useful content for their business. Patchesoft has been running (at the time of this post) for 4 months now and our main focus is on developing CodeCanyon Products. So far on CodeCanyon we have created 3 products, our most successful being the Support Centre. The Support Centre is a PHP Ticket System that allows clients to ask questions and receive support in an organised and efficient manner. It currently has 97 sales and grows every week with new updates and content! This blog will hopefully be a useful source of information for other developers. In the future it might turn into something else, but for now we want the focus of this blog to be on teaching and posting experiences of creating products and content. As a PHP Developer, expect to see lots of programming tutorials and also useful tidbits of information on using different libraries to help build your website. Feel free to post a comment and say hello! If you're a customer of one of our products, we'd love to hear from you also. Peace, ~Patche

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