Moving to HTTPS!

Hi everyone, Over the last month or so, I've been upgrading our VPS system and have been learning all about HTTPS. In the next 3 weeks, I'm going to begin the process of porting over all our systems to the new server, which will also have by default HTTPS enabled. This will give us lots of benefits, not least of all help us with google search engines, but also making sure your data is safe and secure.

It will start with porting over all the demos of our products. This isn't quite so simple and may cause a bit of downtime because we need to update all the links on our products to the new site. We'll also be changing the DNS configuration on the domain to point to the new server, so that will need to change too.

We've been getting a lot of alerts of mysql going down due to using too much memory, so we're going to increase our resources too to help combat this issue. It's definitely not a good thing for our customers to try out our demos only for the pages to be really slow/down.

I'll post another blog post when this process is complete, or you can follow me on Twitter for updates.

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