A Spring Update!

Hi everyone, So this Spring has been really interesting for us on Envato. We wrote a blog article for them called How To Cope With Tragedy When Running A Business. It’s an article based on my own experience of having to deal with tragedies and unexpected situations which cause you to lose focus on your business. It was published on their Community Website and we got quite a good response for it. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Which also leads us to being awarded the Community Superstar for the month of April. This was a genuine surprise and I really didn’t expect this. I definitely would love to write more articles for Envato- I just don’t have the time at the moment. I will treasure the new badge (that comes with being the Community Superstar) thoroughly though!

We also reached a new milestone: sold over $40,000 worth of products! To be honest, I wanted to hit this milestone a lot sooner than we did, but there has been so many changes and so many different ups and downs with Envato that my focus on them wasn’t always committed. I’ve recently got back into the swing of things though and I’ve been working on some new products/updates.

This past month we published the Pro Polls software and also a new update to Pro Login. I’m very happy with Pro Polls; it’s based off the Pro Login software and it made it a lot faster and easier for us to focus on the core of the product (Polls) rather than the other backend stuff (like admin options, member systems and permissions) since that was already coded there with Pro Login.

Moving forward we’ve decided that we’ll be building a brand new product to release in the Autumn. It’s a huge product, with so many bits and pieces, but something I really want to work on and get right because it has so much potential. I’m not ready to announce it just yet or let you know what I’m working on, but when it gets a bit more progress, I’ll definitely preview it here first.

Finally, I want to work on some of our graphics. Envato recently held a competition for graphics for authors to use and so I’ll be tinkering with some of those graphics to see if I can spruce up the design of Patchesoft. You can view the freely available graphic templates here and use them on your own site.

Hope you’re all well,

Peace :)

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