What mouse does Bugha use?

The Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha is one of the best players of Fortnite, so we want to know what mouse does he use that let's him compete against the best players? Gaming Mouses are typically designed to aid gamers in competitive games, giving them all the tools they need to be reactive, smooth control and great response times. They don't have to be expensive either, especially when compared to a normal mouse that you can buy. Bugha rose to fame when he won the 3 million dollar prize for winning the Fortnite World Cup and ever since then players have been wanting to know more about Bugha's setup.

Bugha Mouse

Bugha was once a relatively unknown Fortnite player who streamed his gameplay on his Twitch channel. Once Fortnite's competitive mode became available, he began streaming his successes live to thousands of players and has become known as one of the best players. Bugha's streaming style allows us to see his keyboard input on stream, which let's you know all about how fast and reactive you need to be to compete against the best. After winning the World Cup, Bugha is now competiting in the next Fortnite competitive series and you can watch him on his on Twitch streaming channel.

But what we want to know is, what mouse does Bugha use? Bugha is currently using ...

Bugha Gaming Mouse Air CHerry

Air58 - Cherry Blossom Red Finalmouse

The Air58 Cherry Blossom Red Gaming Mouse is Ninja's sponsored branded mouse that he uses. When it was first announced, the mouse sold out completely and was unavailable for months. The Air58 is described as the "perfect esports gaming mouse" and weighs a little under 58 grams for an amazing lightweight feel. The mouse is designed in a cool cherry blossom red with a hexagonal design and each finalmouse comes with a Haiku inscribed on the mouse wheel "Hand painted and engraved Individualized Haiku Scrolls on every mouse".

The mouse is corded, which is important for responsive times as a wireless mouse can often suffer from lag. It is built with it's infamous Phantomcord, which prevents the mouse cord from getting tangled with other equipment.

"The same industry standard performance you have come to expect from the Ultralight Pro and Phantom. Still best in class sensor and input latency across the board."

Who is Bugha?

Bugha is the winner of the first Fortnite World Cup, winning $3,000,000 in earnings (not to mention the amounts he earned through qualifying too!). Bugha regularly streams his gameplay on his Twitch channel and pulls in thousands of views. Since winning the World Cup, Bugha is not slowing down and is competing in the next Fortnite competitive competitions.

Got any suggestions for Mouse?

Have you used any good gaming mouse and want to let us know about it? Let us know in the comments and we'll investigate!

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