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Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, VOIP is critical to business and so getting the best VOIP network switch for your setup is something you should review and take care with. The market is flooded with network switches and the choice can sometimes be overwhelming on what is within your budget and what will take care of your business's needs. We'll take a look at why VOIP is so in-demand and also what VOIP network switches you should consider for building your own network.

voip network switch

VOIP And Business

VOIP (voice over IP) is a group of technologies that allow you to communicate with voice, video data over the internet. VOIP popularity has increased dramatically as business infrastructure and internet speeds have reached a point where streaming data like video is simple and cost effective. VOIP is also becoming more reliable to businesses and clients, as well as being low-cost for making calls and communicating. As such, this has seen many businesses invest into VOIP, creating a new market of technology hardware for setting up a VOIP network.

One important aspect of VOIP networks is a VOIP network switch. It is the heart of your network, allowing you to connect as many devices up to your network as you require. You can find switches with as many as 50 ports, so if you're planning on running a big network, there is likely to be a switch available for your needs.

When considering a VOIP network switch, you should consider the following:

  • PoE - Power Over Ethernet ports allow you to use your server's power to power other devices on your network. This allows you to manage your power more efficiently and plan easier for setting up devices in the network. The quality of your ethernet ports is also vital to making sure the VOIP delivers good quality voice transmissions. Gigabit switch ports are generally the standard needed for this type of data transmission.
  • Ports - Different switches have different amount of ports. Consider how many devices you think your network will need and go from there. The more ports the more costly the switch will be. Switches usually come in 8, 16, 24 and 48 ports, with some enterprise switches being able to handle even more.
  • QoS - Quality of Service solutions allow you to prioritise VOIP network data over other traffic, meaning your important voice calls aren't suffering from quality during high traffic on the network.
  • Alternate power supplies - if your switch goes down, your VOIP network is in trouble. Having the switch have alternative power supply can be key in keeping the network up 100% of the time.
  • Extra features: If you're planning on running WLANS or RSTP, you'll need your switch to support these methods too.

Choosing a switch can be quite difficult in today's market, due to the amount of variation and types of switches available for different customer needs. However, as long as you have a clear idea of what your network needs, your budget and your setup plan, you should be able to find what you need.

The best VOIP Network Switches

Check out these network switches below to see if they match your needs for your VOIP network.

Switch Ports PoE Ports SFTP Ports QoS Mountable Price Purchase

Cisco SG20050P 50 port Gigabit PoE Smart Switch (SLM2048PT)
5024 PoE2 x combo Gigabit SFPyesno$578.99 Buy On Amazon

Cisco Small Business 200 Series SLM2048T-NA Smart SG200-50
50none2 x combo Gigabit SFPyesno$384.00 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR 10-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS510TLP)
108 PoE+2 x 1G SFP portsyesyes$200.00 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR 52-Port Gigabit Stackable Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS752TPSB)
5240 PoE and 8 PoE+4 x 1G SFP (2 are shared) and 2 x 1G/2.5G SFP portsyesyes$0.00 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR 28-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS728TP)
2824 PoE+4 x 1Gbps SFPyesyes$299.99 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR 52-Port Gigabit/10G Stackable Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS752TXP)
5248 PoE+ ports2 x 10G SFP+ ports (stackable)yesyes$1649.65 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR 52-Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed Pro PoE Switch (GS752TP)
5248 PoE+ ports4 x 1G SFP portsyesyes$499.99 Buy On Amazon

Adtran Netvanta 1550-48P - Switch - 48 Ports - Managed - Rack-Mountable - Black/Blue (17101548PF1)
5248 poe+4 x 10Gbps SFP+yesyes$2165.00 Buy On Amazon

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Best VOIP network switch


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