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SEO tools are very expensive for someone just starting out with SEO work and so we've created a page to list any SEO tool sales we find and notice. You can subscribe to our email list to get alerted when a sale goes live so you don't miss out. You can also see a list of offers we have available currently on this page.

SEO Tool Sale

Current SEO Tool Sales

Here is a list of all our active SEO tool sales that can be found across the web.


SEO Tool Sale Email Alerts

Want to get alerted when a SEO Tool is on sale? We have created this email list that you can sign up to. We will alert you of any SEO Tool sales the moment we find them and send you an email with the offer. No spam- we won't send you anything other than SEO tool sales. You can sign up below!

SEO Tools

SEO tools are usually priced with agencies in mind, which is why if you're a solo SEO doing work on a few client's websites, getting these SEO tools can be very expensive and can eat into your profits. It's especially difficult if you're just starting out as a SEO with no income stream and you're trying to learn how to do SEO because these tools are exactly what you need when starting out. They give you information on competitors, what keywords to go for, link opportunities, domain hunting and so much more that makes your life as a SEO that much easier. It's not impossible to get by without these kind of tools though, but it does slow you down considerably.

If we look at the industry standard that is Ahrefs. They charge $99 per month for access to their tools (at their smallest package). This tool has everything you would pretty much need to get started with SEO, but the $99/month is something most SEO's can't afford. You might also not use the tool enough to get the most out of your money. These tools are designed with agencies in mind, where multiple people from the same company is using the tool every day for hours a day. That would be getting your money's worth and maximizing your usage of the tool.

There are some ways you can use these tools, such as taking advantage of Free Trials. These usually offer a limited version of the tool for a short amount of time. Ahrefs has had problems with people abusing their free trial, so you have to pay for 7 days usage of the tool for $7. Some tools like KWfinder will let you try the tool for completely free (currently let you try for 10 days without needing a credit card).

Then there are holiday sales that you need to be aware of. Black Friday usually presents many opportunites for SEO sales as software companies tend to give decent discounts every year on their subscription packages. Of course, checking these sites every holiday can be quite tiresome and you often forget and miss out on the deals. Well that's where we come in. We have created a specific subscription email list for SEO tool sales where we will only email you once we find a new SEO tool sale that you can take advantage of.


Ahrefs Logo

Ahrefs is the big daddy of SEO Tools. It's one of the most comprehensive tools in the industry with access to a massive database of link data. The Ahrefs tool allows you to do Keyword Research, Backlink Research, Content Research, Rank Tracking and more. The tool requires a subscription of at least $99 for its lite version, and $179 for its standard version. It does offer a 7 day trial version for $1/day. For $99/month you get access to 22 different tools that can help you with your SEO work including unsual ones like YouTube Keyword Tool, Amazon Keyword Tool and Content gap.


KWFinder Tool

Kwfinder provides a collection of tools for a monthly cost of $40/month (annual plan). The tools include keyword research, rank tracking, backlink analysis, link miner and site profiler. The tools don't have quite as much data as Ahrefs but for the price and the beautiful user interface this tool is great for SEOs who are just starting out. They often do a Black Friday sale too so you can get a discount on the package.


Semrush Tool

SemRush pricing is similar to Ahrefs and their tools are very competitive with the rest of the industry. They offer lots of tools to help get your SEO work done, including: Backlink deep analysis, domain vs domain tool, keyword research and more. There is no trial plan/free trial available unfortunately.


Moz SEO Tool

Moz offers plenty of limited free tools for users new to SEO. These tools usually have a cap on how many searches you can do per month, but you can unlock these limits by subscribing to their Pro version. The pro versions starts at $99/month but there is also a 30 day free trial where you get access to everything (it does require adding a payment method to verify). Moz pro offers keyword research tools, Rank tracking, site crawling and more.

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