Fortnite Season X - Weapon Loadout

Fortnite Season X has arrived with a giant robot dominating the scene; so what is the best weapon loadout you need to be able to get the Victory Royale this season? As with every season, Fortnite makes lots of drastic changes to gameplay, whether that's point of interest, new guns or new vehicles. Season X's most problematic change has been the introduction of the B.R.U.T.E Mech, a giant robot that can fire lasers across the map, stomp you to death and has a spammable shotgun. It's been such a controversial addition that the hashtag #RemoveTheMech was trending on Twitter! Lets take a look at the type of Weapon Loadouts you should be aiming to have when playing Fortnite Battle Royale Season X.

Fortnite Season X Weapon Loadout

We'll list several different loadouts you should aim to get when playing Season X. Of course, getting this loot is all luck and random, but it's always good to have an idea in mind about what items you need to take with you. You don't want to be caught wasting time sorting through a kill's loot when a heavy sniper headshots you out of the game. A good loadout means you'll last longer in game and get that sweet Fortnite EXP too.

Season X doesn't drastically change up the loadout from Season IX, however, with the vaulting of the Combat Shotgun, we are going back to the Pump Shotgun Era.

Loadout #1

Let's breakdown this loadout:

  • Pump Shotgun is better than the tacticle shotgun, which is the only remaining shotgun left in the game after the vaulting of the combat and drum (which sucked anyway).
  • Scar is the best Assault Rifle in the game (has been since season 1). You can switch this out for a sub-machine gun for up-close fights, but I love the way the Scar shreds opponents
  • Heavy Sniper is great for long range battles. I prefer this over an RPG or some kind of splodes, but really you could add those instead of minis or chug splashes. You can also replace the heavy with the bolt.
  • Chug Splashes and Blue Potions make up your healables. If you find yourself not needing to use many heals- or you want to rely on killing opponents who carry them, you can drop either for another weapon or projectile

Loadout #2

The only change here is the replacement of Chug Splashes for the RPG.

Loadout #3

The blue SMG replacing the Scar is also a decent substitution for it's close-quarters combat. It'll shred anyone who you can sneak up on.

Loadout #4

Adding in the stink bombs is more realistic for most people as the RPG is usually hard to get now it's only obtainable from Supply Drops. Stinks also can stack up to 6 and it's a great way to get players who box themselves in to get moving.

Loadout #5

Replacing your sniper with the mini-gun can be effective way at taking down enemies who love to build. The Mini-Gun has been buffed in recent seasons and it shreds builds faster than any other weapon- the only issue is it does have an overheat feature which activates after too much fire.

Suggestions for Season X Loadouts?

Have you got any suggestions for Fortnite Season X loadouts? I'd love to get your opinions on the ones above and what you would change if you could pick any weapon in Fortnite.

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