Ezoic - Google Adsense Alternative

Ezoic is an advertising platform that works for you and is great Google Adsense alternative. If you've been looking around for ad partners for a while now, you should be considering Ezoic as the platform to serve ads to your site. I've been a partner for over a year now and today I'm going to show you all about how Ezoic works, how much you can earn from using Ezoic and other features of the platform.

Ezoic Google Adsense Alternative

  1. Why using Ezoic makes sense
  2. How You Can Join Ezoic
  3. How much can you earn from Ezoic?
  4. Ezoic Features Make Setting Up Adverts Easy

Why using Ezoic makes sense

Ezoic was established in 2010 and this year will celebrate it's 10 year anniversary as a leading ad platform. It was founded by Dwayne Lafleur, who was a former CEO of Facebook's advertising network Cubics. Ezoic is described as a "self-learning" ad-platform that will display ads to your visitors using machine learning algorithms to get the very best rates possible.

Instead of just putting a set of adverts on your site, Ezoic ads use many different metrics to learn what ads work best on your site, including different positions and placements, ad types such as simple banners versus sticky footer ads and much more. The algorithm uses best practises of putting ads on your site with as little impact as possible on your visitors.

Using these metrics, it allows you to maximise your site's potential revenue with very little effort. Sounds good? The best part is it's free to sign up and get started.

The best part about Ezoic is that this platform actually works directly with Google too. Ezoic works with thousands of ad partners that all compete for a slice of your advertising space, maximising the potential ad revenue you'll get compared to if you just worked with one single partner.

How You Can Join Ezoic

You can sign up to Ezoic here. Ezoic does have a few requirements to join their ad network and not every site will qualify for their network. They work best with sites that provide informational content; I have tried in the past to get "games" added to Ezoic, but they have been denied. That being said, some of my sites have been accepted when I thought they might not qualify.

The one big requirement from Ezoic is to have at least 10,000 monthly views.

In order for their machine-learning algorithm to learn what ads best work with your site they need a healthy amount of visitors; this provides Ezoic with lots of analytical data that they can work with to optimize their ad serving platform. You benefit by having high ad rates and Ezoic benefits by being able to charge higher prices to advertisers.

If your site is just under the 10,000 monthly view limit, you still might be able to be accepted. It's best to enquire with Ezoic if your site can work with their network; it takes only a couple of minutes to get setup.

How much can you earn from Ezoic?

The big question for those wondering whether they should even bother applying to Ezoic is knowing how much money they will earn from using the platform. The answer to this question, and really any ad platform that you sign up to, is that it depends.

Every site that uses Ezoic is given a EPMV, which is earnings per thousands of visitors. When your site first signs up to Ezoic, this number will fluctuate widely as the machine-learning algorithm gets to learn about the best ads to serve on your site. After about 3-months of using Ezoic ads, your EPMV will become more stable and you'll get a better idea of how much you will earn.

The amount you earn will also depend heavily on the type of content on your site. You have to remember that ad partners are paying Ezoic to show ads on your website; they want to make sure their ads are being used on the right types of sites. I.e. a site all about football is going to have sports-related adverts etc. Certain content has a higher EPMV than others; the healthcare and medicine industry pay a much higher EPMV than for content to do with say blankets. Competitive industries in general will yield the higher results.

To give you some actual numbers, let's say my EPMV will fluctuate between $10-$12 depending on the season. So if my site gets 100,000 visitors in a month, I'll get $1,000.00~$1,200.00 from ads that month on average. Again, depending on the industry your site is will determine your EPMV rate so my example will probably not be the same for you. I've seen EPMV rates at over $30.00!

Ezoic Ad Rates EPMV

Ezoic claims to increase ad revenue by 50% on average. That means if you were earning $50 on Google Adsense, Ezoic could turn that into $75.00 a month (and that's just on average- it could be much higher!).

There are certain periods of the year however when ad rates get extremely juicy; the lead up to Black Friday and Christmas you will usually see your EPMV ad rates increase. This is because buying intent is extremely high during this period and advertisers want to cash in on it so they offer higher rates than usual.

Ezoic Premium Invites

One of the exclusive parts of Ezoic is there Premium program. This program is invite-only, and usually only offered to advertisers once. The premium program gives you the chance to earn higher rates than normal; Ezoic has a limited inventory of premium adverts from it's partners who are willing to pay higher prices than normal and are given only to sites inside the Premium program.

Premium revenue is often generated through the use of programmatic guaranteed deals with specific advertisers that are interested in your inventory. These guaranteed deals tend to be at very high CPM rates (often above $50 cpms) but only on a limited amount of inventory

Unfortunately, it's invite-only and you cannot apply for it. There is a big waiting list and only special partners get accepted- but if you manage to get in you'll be able to enjoy the same exclusive premium rates.

Ezoic Features Make Setting Up Adverts Easy

Once you've signed up to the program, it's incredibly easy to start placing ads on your site and start earning money. They offer two ways to setup ads on your site; you can either change the DNS of your domain to redirect to Ezoics so they can place the adverts automatically for you or you can use their JavaScript library that you just need to include into your site's code. There are various benefits to using the DNS method, such as faster loading and better ad displays.

Ad Tester

One of the main features of Ezoic is it's Ad Tester feature. It trials different adverts across your website, including sizes, advert type, visitor's browser, visitor's platform and more. Once it learns what has the best impact on your site it will then stabilize your earnings.

Ezoic Options

You can also use the Ad Tester to disable ads on certain parts of your site or even a percentage of your traffic. Suppose you don't want any ads shown to mobile users- there is a simple switch you can use to turn this off. Other features and options include:

  • Disable Ads on specific pages
  • Integrate exisiting ad campaigns into Ezoic
  • Ad restrictions to block ads you don't want showing on your site
  • Max Ads per page settings

Ezoic Site Speed

One of the ways Ezoic goes above and beyond helping users earn more from their ads is by speeding up your website. There are several techniques it uses to automatically speed up your site and get you a high Google PageSpeed score, which is crucial for ranking higher on Google and giving your visitors a better site experience.

The first feature they offer is caching. Sites that use the DNS option to implement Ezoic Ads can have their pages cached by Ezoic- which means a "temporary" version of your site's pages and content are stored on Ezoic's server. This temporary version is periodically updated but crucially, offers a faster serving speed than connecting directly to your site for the live version. This feature can be turned off too- if you have lots of dynamic content then caching your pages might not work for you.

The other feature they offer is their Site Speed Accelerator. This feature allows you to perform many different speeding-up techniques to show your site to user's faster and get you a better PageSpeed score. You can select what settings you'd like to use and see what works best for your site. Unfortunately, this does cost a subscription fee.

Ezoic Ad Layout Design

Whilst the Ad Tester from Ezoic will allow you to test adverts on your site's layout, you can also choose to put the exact same page content onto Ezoic Layout's which help improve user experience and ad revenue. This feature allows you to choose from a hundred different layouts that within a simple click will automatically transform your website. These layouts have been tested by Ezoic and prepared to help user's get the most from their content without having to worry about design.

Interested In Joining Ezoic?

If you're interested in joining the Ezoic ad network, simple use the link below and sign up. You don't have to pay a penny to get started and can increase the amount you earn from your website. If you do sign up from the link below, we do earn a small commission from Ezoic for referring new partners at no expense to you.

If you've used Ezoic before, let us know in the comments how you got on and whether you would use the platform.

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