Envato World Cup Tournament!

big Envato has created two competitions for this year's World Cup (you know, that football tournament everyone and everything is talking about?). All authors and buyers of the Envato Marketplace can enter the competitions and the rewards will be shiny new badges, and as an author, new badges rock! The first tournament is a FIFA World Cup Brazil tournament played on the PS3 Edition. We have just played the first round this week and I managed to progress against staff member maximilius (3-0). To be fair to maximilius, he hadn't played Fifa in years but he still gave me a decent game. My next opponent is going to be against Steve_cakefree and I have a feeling this will be a tougher game, so I'm going to need to practise! The game itself (FIFA World Cup Brazil) is basically just a reskin of the FIFA 14 edition released last year. You can follow updates on this competition here The second tournament is to predict the World Cup. You basically have to guess as many correct scores as possible and you gain points for each correct result. You gain 1 point for the correct result(win, draw, lost) and 3 points for the correct score. This is my favourite of the two competitions since anyone can get involved and it makes watching the World Cup games more interesting. You get GD (goal difference) too if you predict close to the actual result. On Saturday I was ranked 9th, but then I had 4 disastrous results and now I'm back down to 44th in the table, 6 points off the top. If you want to get involved, you still can, just visit this thread here. I'll try update you with the results of both these tournaments when they finish. I really love football so to have a football badge on my account will be something to appreciate :D Stay tuned for a preview of my new product this week too and perhaps the third part to the HTML series.

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Envato World Cup Tournament!

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