Best Routers For Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty is one of the most online-played games and with a new version coming out annually, the best routers for Call Of Duty are essential for getting the best online and lag-free experience. Routers are responsible for your internet connections and having a slow router can make your experience playing online very frustrating. We'll dive into what makes a good Rouer and take a look at some of the best features they can offer you to help improve playing online in Call Of Duty.

Best Routers Call Of Duty

The latest installment of Call Of Duty is Black Ops IV. This version of the game comes with 3 popular modes: Multiplayer, Zombies and Blackout (which is the new Battle Royale mode). Whilst Call Of Duty isn't the popular juggernaut it once was, it's still got thousands of players across the world playing it at any one time. Each year Activision's studios will release a new entry into the mix, with new guns, maps and mechanics you'll have to get used to. One thing you shouldn't have to worry about is Lag in Call Of Duty. Often when playing multiplayer, you'll witness instances of being shot from around corners or just being completely melted with no time to react. This can be a result of not having a great connection to the Call Of Duty servers and one way to improve on that is to have a good Router.

Routers are pieces of hardware that manage your internet connection. They provide Wifi all around your house, handle incoming data and data you send to others. Most of us will still be using the standard Router our Internet Companies send us and never upgrade to better Router. These days, Routers can pack a lot of useful features that can improve your experience online, help boost the Wifi range around your house and give you dedicated bandwidth when others are using the internet. There's nothing worse than your little brother streaming Twitch and hogging all the bandwidth when you're trying to play!

Check out our full review of the Netgear Nighthawk XR700 Gaming Router for a comprehensive look at one of the best Routers available for gamers.

Router Features

These days, Routers have been designed with gamers in mind. They come equipped with plenty of bells and whistles to help make your online experience better. Router manufacturers compete against each other, trying to improve their hardware the best they can so that you will consider upgrading and buying one; with this the companies have developed ways to help maximise the performance of your internet connection (even if you don't have a particular super-fast connection).

Quality Of Service

One basic feature Routers will offer these days are a Quality Of Service tool that allows you to prioritize devices connected to your network so that they get the best internet connection. This means you can setup your Router so that your PS4 or Xbox One gets the best connection when others in the house might be using it to stream music or videos.

Geo Filtering

Geo Filtering allows you to specify which servers you want to connect to. When playing Call Of Duty, you are connected to servers close to you automatically, but sometimes this fails and can connect you to servers very far away, giving you a bad experience and lots of lag when playing. Geo Filtering allows you to set a maximum zone of the servers you want to connect to- so if you live in the U.K, you can set the zone to only to connect to servers in the U.K. The downside is that you may have to wait longer inbetween matches to get a good server to connect to.

Router Speeds

Router's can provide different maximum speeds to devices. These speeds are theoreticle, and usually achieved under "lab conditions", so they don't take into account the walls in your house and other devices that may interfere with your connection. Wired Connections are the most reliable, but Wifi speeds can vary quite a lot between devices.

The Best Call Of Duty Routers

Here we have a selection of Routers that should provide you with enough features to help improve your online experience. You need to remember the maximum speeds are theoreticle and that if you have a slow internet connection to begin with, a Router may not be able to improve your speeds. What they can improve is connection quality and wifi signal.

Router Max Speed Geo Filter Protocols QoS Price Purchase

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR300 WiFi Router
1.75 Gbpsyes802.11acyes$199.99 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR AC1200 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router
1.2Gbpsno802.11acyes$59.99 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR700 WiFi Router
7.2Gbpsyes802.11acyes$449.89 Buy On Amazon

GRYPHON - Advance Security & Parental Control Smart Mesh WiFi System
3Gbpsno802.11bgnyes$389.00 Buy On Amazon

TP-Link AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
1.3Gbpsno802.11.acyes$52.49 Buy On Amazon

NETGEAR Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 WiFi Router
2.6Gbpsyes802.11acyes$265.30 Buy On Amazon

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