2016 Plans & Updates

Hi everyone! Back in 2015, I talked about my plans and goals for 2015. In this post, I'll be doing the same for 2016 and hopefully this time will go much better than 2015. I'll do a quick recap of the ideas and plans I had for 2015 and what actually happened instead.

2015 Recap

  • - We had planned to release 6 new products, but this year we only released 2. The main reason for this was due to Envato Slump I talked about. We felt pretty demotivated by lack of sales and instead a lot of our time went was spent freelancing since it was proving to be a lot more profitable.
  • Moved Office- we did this (I moved house really, but my office = my house) and I'm all settled in. This was a big change in terms of the way we worked because a lot of our free-time in the evenings was being taken up. Things have settled down quite a bit now.
  • ThemeForest Products didn't happen. I had planned on dipping my toes into ThemeForest again, however again due to time contraints, I really didn't make any leeway into it.

So let's recap 2015: most of our products selled well. We generated around the same as we did last year ($20,000), despite only adding two new products and a lot of our old products not really being updated. Of our two products, only one we actually are very proud of and that's our ProLogin System. This product is going to be used as our base for new products going forward as the code is very well written and organised and makes it perfect for us to start out with a good skeleton code.

I would have liked to have done more products in 2015, but I got so many commission requests this year that my time was pretty much taken away.

2016 Goals and Plans

Here are my new goals for 2016:

  • Release 4 new products whilst still maintaining our existing ones.
  • Release our new Poker Site in Alpha and Beta stages.
  • Start a new regular blog series

4 New Products

4 new products over a year does not seem like a lot, but last year I said I wanted to do 6 and I didn't manage that. I already have an idea of our first product for this year, and I'll begin developing it as soon as I finish the new ProLogin update, which I'm excited about.

I think some of our older products need revamps too; some of them are over 2 years old now and the code has been chopped and hacked a lot with new updates here and there. I've also learnt a lot and I think I could apply these new practises to updates.

Release our new Poker site

I have created a new Poker site. I enjoy playing Poker in my spare time and so I came up with an idea for a way to store your hand history online and view it later. I want to create a service out of it, but first I need to give it to actual Poker players. I've been holding back on this, so over the next 2 months I want to spread the word of it. I still need to tweak it a bit more but I definitely hope to try and get this up and running in the next year and earning some money.

Start a new regular blog series

I wrote the HTML and CSS tutorial series back when I first started blogging. I want to start a new series, but not a tutorial series- more of a king of experimental type of series where I create something and give you progress/updates on how it's doing. Sort of like a Road To series; I'm still thinking of ideas- I need something that isn't going to eat up a lot of time but also something that I can grow and build over time. If you have any ideas, let us know in the comments.

Overall I think 2016 will be very fun year. I'm getting loads of work opportunities and I'm excited to expand Patchesoft even more.

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