What monitor does Dakotaz use?

Monitors in competitive gaming are very important when it comes to having an advantage over your opponents, so what monitor does Fortnite player Dakotaz use? Dakotaz is one of the most popular Twitch.tv streamers and is often found streaming Fortnite Battle Royale for hours and hours at a time to thousands of viewers. Dakotaz is known for his high-skilled gameplay and crushing opponents in public lobbies in Fortnite.

Dakotaz Fortnite Monitor

A gaming monitor offers many more advantages over using a regular monitor (or even a normal TV screen) when playing competitive games like Fortnite. A gaming monitor is designed for professional players to help give them everything they need when they compete. A gaming monitor will typically have low input lag, so that when playing your reactions in game are displayed as fast as possible. Resolution gaming monitors tend to be optimised for HD display and now that 4k is becoming popular you will see even more 4K gaming monitors come on the market.

Since Dakotaz is one of the most popular players in Fortnite, everyone wants to know what kind of monitor he is using when he pub-stomps regular players.

So what montior does Dakotaz use?

ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5

ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q 24.5" Gaming Monitor Full HD 1080p

Dakotaz is currently using the ASUS ROG Switch PG258Q Gaming monitor which supports Full HD 1080p gameplay resolution. It has a 1MS response time for virtually zero input lag, supports up to 240 hertz refresh rate and is a nice 24.5 inches in size. The monitor has an adjustable mount and also this monitor is great for being wall-mounted. It supports NVideo G-sync technology for smooth gameplay experience and also comes with eye-strain prevention technology to make longer gaming sessions better for your health.

This monitor also comes with adjustable LED lighting effects, perfect for making your Battle Stations look awesome and matching with other peripherals.

Who is Dakotaz?

Dakotaz is a Fortnite Battle Royale player who streams on Twitch.tv. He also streams other games, but is best known for playing Fortnite Battle Royale. He often plays non-competitive matches and has a more chilled stream that attracts tens of thousands of viewers. Dakotaz is sponsored by G-Fuel and often does giveaways from the profits of his creator code.

Got any suggestions for a Gaming Monitor?

Have you used any good gaming monitor and want to let us know about it? Let us know in the comments and we'll investigate!


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