What monitor does Bugha use?

Playing on a gaming monitor is a must for any competitive player and so we take a look at what monitor does Bugha use when playing Fortnite Battle Royale. A monitor, a part from the main computer, is probably one of the most important aspects of a setup. They can have an impact on frame rate, input lag and resolution when playing games, all of which of key elements in a competitive setup environment. After winning the Fortnite World Cup, everyone wants to know Bugha's setup so they can compete against players like him. Is he using something special? Is his setup better than mine? Let's dive in and take a look at the monitor that Bugha is currently using.

Bugha Monitor

Monitor's tend to be the second most expensive piece of equipment you'll purchase for your gaming setup. With games now putting out 4K resolution, a lot of the older monitors become second-class due to only supporting HD resolutions (1080p). It's also important to make the right choice when selecting a Monitor because some monitors support different settings. Usually, it's easier to just use a monitor that another competitive player is using so that you know you're getting one of the best in the game. Bugha often streams on Twitch.tv so we usually know what setup he is using.

Bugha's montior that he uses to play Fortnite Battle Royale is...

Bugha Monitor Alienware

Alienware AW2518H Monitor

Bugha is using the Alienware AW2518H as his monitor, which comes in stunning full-HD resolution and a beautiful futuristic design that will make any battle station setup look awesome. It's has a 1ms response time for making sure you're always getting the action first, an amazing 240hz refresh rate to give that virtually no input lag. This monitor also works with NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which aims to eliminates screen tearing and minimizes display stutter and input lag. Whilst Alienware sometimes can be pricey compared to other models, this monitor is quite competitive in terms of pricing.

This monitor is a 25-inch display so it doesn't take up too much desk space like the 27 inch models. The back panel has custom lighting options to help set the mood for your gaming room and it features a USB 3.0 port, Audio out and headphone jack slots for your other gaming gear. It has a brightness of 400 nits with an aspect of 16:9 ratio (standard for most monitors).

Who is Bugha?

Bugha is the winner of the first Fortnite World Cup, winning $3,000,000 in earnings (not to mention the amounts he earned through qualifying too!). Bugha regularly streams his gameplay on his Twitch channel and pulls in thousands of views. Since winning the World Cup, Bugha is not slowing down and is competing in the next Fortnite competitive competitions.

Got any suggestions for Monitors?

Have you used any good gaming monitor and want to let us know about it? Let us know in the comments and we'll investigate!

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