Status Checker – PHP Site Server Status

Status Checker is a PHP Script that allows you to post status updates about your websites. You can use it to ping your site for response codes and display the live active status to your users. This tool is great if you need to keep your users informed about the availability of your site.

The Status Checker is simply to install and requires PHP 5.4+.

The Status Checker also allows you to post updates and news to your users. Users can subscribe to updates so that whenever you post a new update, they’ll receive an email notification alerting them to a new update.

The site checker feature allows you to ping your sites for exepected responses, such as HTTP Codes, JSON data and string data. Based on the results, the status will change to either available or down, letting your users know in real-time whether the site is up or down.

Test Drive Before You Buy

Demo Link:

Demo Login Details:
Password: test123

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