MapleStory Phantom Skill Build Guide

MapleStory Phantom is a class that allows you to steal skills from other players and using this skill build guide you'll be able to steal the best skills. Phantom was officially released in V112 in Global MapleStory and is part of the Six Heroes of MapleStory branch of classes. Phantom is a unique character as it is currently the only class that can steal skills from other players and use them for himself. Phantom is a great versatile character, allowing to change it's skill set for different situations including bossing, mobbing and support. Let's dive into the best skills to steal for Phantom and the skill build you should be taking.

MapleStory Phantom Skill Build Guide

  1. Phantom Stat Points
  2. Phantom 1st Job Skill Guide
  3. Phantom 2nd Job Skill Guide
  4. Phantom 3rd Job Skill Guide
  5. Phantom 4th Job Skill Guide
  6. Phantom Hyper Skill Guide
  7. Phantom 5th Job Skill Build
  8. Phantom Steal Skill Guide
  9. Updates

Phantom is a thief class that throws cards at his enemies to deal damage. Using his special skill swipe move, he can steal moves from other adventure classess, allowing him to be very versatile. He is one of the most popular classes in MapleStory, despite now being the best class for dealing damage. Phantom needs a decent amount of funding to do reach end-game compared to other classes, but it's ability to steal skills make it a class that can adapt very easily to the ever-changing meta of GMS.

There are some limits of which skills you can steal and use. You can store a limited amount of skills in your Loadout and the damage/duration/effects of certain skills are reduced when Phantom uses them. When you change a skill, there is a 60 second cooldown effect applied before you can change them again. You can also only use one of each job advancement skill at any one time (i.e. only use one first job, one second job, one third job etc).

Phantom is a great bossing class; it has many I-Frame type moves (invincibility moves) that allow you to take on bosses and dodge their one-hit KO mechanics. It is let down by it's damage, but being able to survive and use burst skills is becoming more and more important in MapleStory. Phantom has a great burst skill in 5th job called Luck Of The Draw.

Since Phantom can steal skills, he is able to steal skills like Holy Symbol for training, damage buff skills and skills to take on large maps of mobs.

  • Main Weapon Type: Cabe
  • Job Type: Thief
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Evan, Luminous, Phantom, Aran, Mercedes, Shade
  • Legion Effect: + 1/2/3/4/5% Mesos
  • Link Skill: Phantom Instinc (+10/15/20% Critical Rate)

Phantom Stat Points

Phantom's primary stat is LUK. When you level up your Phantom, you should put all your points into LUK. Each time you level up you'll get 5 SP to distribute (put it all into LUK!).

When scrolling equipment, you'll want to go for LUK and Weapon Attack.

Phantom 1st Job Skill Guide

  • Double Entendre (1), Phantom Swiftness (2),
  • Phantom Swiftness (5)
  • Double Entendre (MAX)
  • Phantom Swiftness (MAX)
  • Impeccable Memory I (MAX) [Steal Haste)
  • Feather Foot (MAX)

Phantom's early attacking skill is called Double Entendre. You'll want to start upping the mobility skills of Phantom early on to help get around maps faster and then max your main attack. After that, start to max Impeccable Memory I and look to steal the Haste. Haste can be found from most Thieves. Check out the Phantom Skills To Steal section.


Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Douyble Entendre Double Entendre Main Attack Skill
Phantom Swiftness Increases jump distance and speed
Impeccable Memory I Steal skills from adventures 1st job branch
Feather Foot Increases Avoidability

Phantom 2nd Job Skill Build

  • Calling Card (1), Cane Mastery (2)
  • Cane Master (5)
  • Cane Booster (6)
  • Carte Blanch (MAX)
  • Calling Card (MAX)
  • Cane Mastery (MAX)
  • Impeccable Memory II (MAX) [Steal either Rage / Bless / Monkey Magic]
  • Devils Luck (MAX)
  • Cane Booster (MAX)
  • Miles Cartes (MAX)

Your new main attack is Calling Card and you also unlock Carte Blanch, which when triggered, throws a card at an opponent. As your Phantom gets stronger, you'll find you start activating Carte Blanch quite often. Miles Cartes isn't as good as Calling Card, so you can leave that skill to max last. Stealing wise, you'll want Rage, Bless or Monkey Magic.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Calling Card Main Attack Skill
Cane Mastery Boosts damage
Impeccable Memory II Steal skills from adventures 2nd job branch
Carte Blanche Throw a card at an enemy each time you hit a critical attack.
Cane Booster Increases attack speed
Devil's Luck Increases LUK
Miles Cartes Secondary attack skill

Phantom 3rd Job Skill Build

  • Blason (1), Impeccable Memory III (2)
  • Impeccable Memory III (MAX)
  • Blason (MAX)
  • Piercing Vision (MAX)
  • Lune (MAX)
  • Mist Mask (MAX)
  • Bad Luck Ward (MAX)
  • Final Feint (MAX)
  • Rapier Wit (MAX)

Blason becomes your main attacking skill, but you also get to steal 3rd job skills from Adventures. One of your main attacking buffs you'll want to steal is Cross Surge, which comes from Dragon Knight class. It will help increase your damage significantly. Alternatively, you can also steal Holy Symbol for boosting your EXP. You also get quite a few damage boosting skills, with Lune and Piercing Vision helping you out here.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Blason Main Attack Skill
Lune Boosts attack power
Impeccable Memory III Steal skills from adventures 3rd job branch
Piercing Vision Increases Critical Hit chance and Final Damage
Mist Mask Increases avoidability
Bad Luck Ward Increases HP and abnormal status resistance
Final Feint Revives you from death once, cooldown 1800 seconds
Rapier Wit Second attack skill

Phantom 4th Job Skill Build

  • Miles Aiguiles (1), Carte Noir (1), Cane Expert (1)
  • Impeccable Memory IV (MAX)
  • Carte Noir (MAX)
  • Cane Expert (MAX)
  • Miles Aiguiles (MAX)
  • Priere D'Aria (MAX)
  • Maple Warrior (MAX)
  • Tempest (MAX)
  • Penombre (MAX)
  • Vol D'Ame (MAX)
  • Hero's Will (MAX)

In fourth job, Phantom really starts to take shape. You gain the main attacking skill called Miles Aiguiles and you the amount of extra cards you throw for additional damage is insance with high critical rate. You will want to max Impeccable Memory IV very early so you can steal either Cannon Bazooka or Showdown, as these two mobbing skills are much better than your main attacking skill. Vol D'Ame is great for stealing buffs/cancelling enemy buffs; you'll also get Tempest, which when used with Miles during bossing makes up for some good DPS. Sadly, Tempest does have a cooldown so you need to use it whenever possible.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Miles Aiguiles Main Attack Skill
Carte Noir Throws a card at an enemy each critical hit
Impeccable Memory IV Steal skills from adventures 4th job branch
Cane Expert Increases damage

Priere D'Aria

Increases Ignore Defense by 30%

Maple Warrior Increases All Stats by 15%

Tempest Secondary Attack Skill


Third Attack Skill

Vol D'Ame

Steal Debuffs from mobs/bosses

Hero's Will Clear any status ailments

Phantom Hyper Skills Build

  • Miles Aiguiles Reinforce
  • Miles Aiguiles Extra Target
  • Miles Aiguiles Guardbreak
  • Tempest Reinforce
  • Tempest Cooldown Clutter
  • Tempest Extra Target
  • Carte Rose Finale
  • Heroic Memories
  • Impeccable Memory V

Phantom 5th Job Skill Build

  • Luck Of The Draw
  • Ace In The Hole
  • Last Resort
  • Feud's Wisdom
  • Venom Burst
  • Trinode 1: Carte Blanc, Miles Aiguiles, Impeccable Memory IV
  • Trinode 2: Tempest, Penombre,  Impeccable Memory III
  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Decent Sharp Eyes

With 5th job you gain access to the V Matrix, which allows you to equip special nodes that give you skills. These skills come from items called Nodestones. Upon job advancing, you will get 3 Nodestones specific to your class.

In the case of Phantom, you get Luck Of The Draw (main burst bossing skill), Ace In The Hole (semi-useless), Last Resort (increases damage at a cost of avoidability- has cooldown). Phantom's 5th job skills arn't really used much during mobbing; the Ace In The Hole can be used when you have really high damage, but for the most part the damage it deals will be too small for you to want to keep using it. What you'll really want to focus on is your Trinodes.

Trinodes contain 3 skill boosts and can be randomly obtained when you open a Nodestone item. You'll need to try to get lucky to get the perfect nodestones as it can take opening over a 100 nodestones to get the perfect trio. The good news, you can unequip and equip different nodes all the time, so in the beginning levels it is a good idea to just equip any to get the damage boosts early on.

Getting Decently Holy Symbol and Decent Speed Infusion nodes is really important for speeding up training.

All mobs in Arcana drop Nodestones.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description

Luck Of The Draw Burst Damage against Bosses, gives a buff + I-Frame once used.

Ace In The Hole Fires a ball that hits enemies around the map for a small amount of damage. Explodes after 20 hits.

Last Resort

Increases damage in various stages whilst sacrificing avoidability.

Freud's Wisdom Gives up to 6 different skills/effects, with the last one being an I-frame for 30 seconds. Must be stacked to get to the next stage.

Phantom Skills To Steal Guide

Phantom can steal skills and store them in the Impeccable Memory skills. Here is a list of useful skills you'll want to steal on your Phantom to maximize his potential.

Job Skills
1st Job Dark Sight (Thief), Haste (Thief)
2nd Job Rage (Fighter), Bless (Cleric), Monkey Magic (Cannoneer), Heal (Cleric)
3rd Job Cross Surge (Dragon Knight), Holy Symbol (Priest), Arror Blaster (Ranger)
4th Job Final Cut (Dual Blade), Showdown (Night Lord), Cannon Bazooka (Cannoneer)
Hyper Sacrosanctity (Paladin), Inferno Aura (Fire, Poison)

Phantom Update History

Released in patch 112.

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