Fortnite Level Up Fast

Each season in Fortnite your level is reset and you have to start grinding for EXP to get back to level 100- so what is the best way to level up fast in Fortnite? With over a hundred levels to potentially obtain each season, leveling up in Fortnite can be a tough ask especially if you do not know all the tips and tricks that can boost your EXP as you play. We are going to look at all the best methods for leveling up fast in Fortnite, including the best game modes, the best boosters and any other tricks and mechanics you can put to your advantage.

Fortnite Level Up Fast

As well as their being a hundred new levels each season, every player also has an "account level", which is the culmination of all your season levels put together. You can find this level by checking your settings and going to misc tab. Whilst getting to level 100 doesn't directly effect the Battle Pass unlocks, gaining more EXP in Fortnite will give you more Battle Stars that can help you get to tier 100 in the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass also comes with some nifty EXP boosts that can help you get to level 100 that much faster.

At max level (level 100) you'll need a total of 1,170,250 EXP gained. Yep, that means each season you need to gain over a million EXP to reach max level and let's say your EXP per game averages around 1,000 EXP, that's playing over 1,000 Fortnite games. A solo game in Fortnite (assuming you don't die right at the beginning and you get to the end circle) will last around twenty minutes. 1000x20= 20,000 minutes = 333.3 hours. A season on Fortnite usually lasts around 10 weeks, so each week you need to be putting in 33.3 hours a week! That's almost the same as a full-time job! Of course, there are better ways to spend your time than grinding 30 hours on Fortnite each week for max level, and that includes making sure you take advantage of all the Fortnite EXP boosting mechanics, which can drastically increase your EXP per hour.

EXP Boosters in Fortnite

There are several different EXP boosters in Fortnite that you can take advantage of to help level you up faster. These EXP boosters come with the Fortnite Battle Pass and they increase as you unlock more and more Battle Pass Tiers. The best way to get all of these EXP boosters is to do your weekly challengers, as you can get a handful of stars each week for minimal effort. The EXP boosters are:

  • Personal EXP Boost (MAX: +100%)
  • Party EXP Boost (MAX: 40%)
  • Flat EXP Gain

The personal EXP boost is applied directly to you when you play games. For example, in a solo game, you would get 300 EXP for Victory Royale, but with the boost you'd get 600 EXP.

The Party EXP boost is applied to everyone in your party. You can have up to four members in your squad, so that makes for a total of 120% extra EXP you can earn when playing with others who have maxed their Party EXP Boost.

You can also gain Flat EXP boosts, usually around 5K EXP, for completing weekly challenges. These go along way in helping you level up, so don't forget them.

Best Game Mode for EXP In Fortnite

There are several game modes in Fortnite that reward different amounts of EXP. The game modes are always changing too, so some weeks you might have a good game mode that can boost you quite a lot, and other times you might have to be stuck with regular game mode types.

When playing Fortnite, you also have to consider the amount of time you spend in game to get the max amount of EXP possible. For example, a game of Team Rumble can give youn an average of 500 EXP and you spend only about 10 minutes playing. A solo game can take up to 20+ minutes, but can reward you with 1000 EXP. Of course, if you don't manage to get to the final circle many times, you won't be getting that 1,000 EXP and instead wasting time. In Team Rumble, you have unlimited lives and can die as many times as you like, but still easily hit the max amount of EXP possible.

But if you have a great squad of friends, who easily hit 4-5 kills per game, playing Fortnite Squads is the best mode for EXP gain. You get the 100% EXP personal boost, 120% from party and then you are uncapped by the amount of EXP gained from eliminations (in Team Rumble EXP stops after getting a certain amount of kills).

Every now and then Fortnite release a LTM (limited Time Mode) which has better EXP modes. Unfortunately, these are hard to predict and rely on when it comes to leveling up fast. You'll just have to take advantage of them when you can.

Fortnite EXP Events

The other method of gaining EXP fast is when Fortnite host an EXP event. These usually happen at the end of a season and for a limited amount of time (usually a weekend). EXP is doubled across all game modes, so its the best time for gaining EXP with friends. The only problem is, the lobbies will be a lot harder since everyone will be trying their best to get the most EXP during the limited time. Again, these events are hard to predict when they can happen so relying on them is not a good idea.

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