Extra Services + Updates

We recently just added our new Extra Services page.

We often get requests from users to help them setup their sites, install software and other misc issues. I usually end up wasting a lot of time discussing prices with people, so now I've made a page for set prices on the most common requests. Check it out and let us know if there is anything else we can add. I'm currently working on a new product but also have decided to revamp Feedback Tracker.

We'll be using the Pro Login base and setup to bring the code and system a nice clean fresh look. Look forward to that this month hopefully! Finally, I've got some new blog posts in the works that I'll hope to post this month. I'm enjoying blogging and coming up with posts you guys can read, so if you have any ideas of some topics I could cover, post in the comments! P.S. Leicester City won the Premier League (my city!)


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