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The Envato Referral Booster is a WordPress plugin designed to help make referring new users to Envato Marketplaces easier. The plugin allows you to display products from Envato Marketplace and it automatically adds your Referral Link to the product so that if a user clicks on the product and purchases it, you will be creditted with the referral and earn a % of the sale. You can read more about Envato's Affiliate System here: The Envato Referral Booster comes with 2 Option pages that allow you to customise how you display products. e1 In the Option Page you can set your Envato Username, Default Post/Page display option, Display Sales and Enable Keywords. Keywords are words that have a URL assigned to them. Then when you load your WordPress Pages/Posts, the Plugin will search for those keywords and automatically convert them to links. The links also automatically add your Referral Username that you specify in the options page so that if a user clicks on those links, you'll be credited with the referral. e2 Products can be displayed in Widgets, Posts and Pages. The Widget allows you to display multiple products at the same time. Just select what product list you'd list to display from Popular Products, Newest Products from Author, Newest Products from a category, Search Products and Specific Products. e3 e4 Once you save your options in the Widget, products will begin to be displayed in your Widget Areas on your WordPress page. Untitled-2 You can also select individual Posts and Pages to display their own lists. On each Post/Page just select from a small Options Page the settings you'd like for displaying your Products. You can choose to select the products above the post/page, below the post/page and/or overwrite the Widget Area. e5 And finally you can use the plugin's shortcode for displaying any individual product in any post/page anywhere. All you need to do is find the ProductID and add it to the simple code below: sc You can find the ProductID in most Envato Product page URLs:
  The plugin has been installed on this WordPress Site. Feel free to browse the site and see how easy the Envato Referral Booster plugin can display products. Some examples:  - Popular Items on CodeCanyon - Search products on CodeCanyon in the WordPress category with keyword "Weddings" - Newest Products on ThemeForest in the WordPress Category - Overwrites Widget The Sidebar Widget also displays newest products from Author Patchesoft. This page also displays the newest WordPress plugins on CodeCanyon at the bottom of the page. If you're interested in buying this product, click here!

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