100 Sales For ProjectBox

big Hi everyone! It's been two months (or so) since we released ProjectBox on CodeCanyon and it has just recently hit 100 Sales, helping us push over the 400 total sales mark too. We are very proud of this product and glad it has been received so well on CodeCanyon. It was one of the longest products we have worked on and it's very rewarding to see it selling so well. To top it off, this week we sold it's first ever extended license ($195!). The idea for ProjectBox came when I needed to figure out how to organise all the products I want to develop. I had so many ideas that I was literally running out of paper and I wanted a way to keep them all in one place. Granted, I could of just used something like Microsoft Word, but the more I developed an idea, the harder it was to keep all the information on it together. Hence, ProjectBox was born. I had the idea for it for almost 4 months before I even started working on it, so I took a long time to be able to come up with the features and content I wanted to include in it. For anyone interested in purchasing ProjectBox, we are going to be constantly updating it and adding new features to make it one of the most complete project management tools. We recently released a Calendar system for it to help you keep track of important dates, a long with lots more User Group options. We've also had lots of suggestions from our customers that we hope to try and implement too. As mentioned in the first paragraph, we also hit over 400 sales! Our other products are slowly accounting for our sales, as well as our first released WordPress Plugin, Envato Referral Booster. By the end of the year, we hope to have two more products released, as well some more updates to our existing list. Next year we want to look at extending additional content for our products on our website, such as translations and other useful content that will help our customers. We also want to streamline our support offering by making use of a Ticket System and Knowledge Base, since now we have quite a handful of products. Our next content series, CSS For Beginners, is in the works too and then after that we are going to do some Boostrap Tutorials. Winter is coming- my favourite season!

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