Learn Linux: Setup DNS Server with Bind On Debian

This guide will teach you the basics of DNS (Domain Name System) and how to setup your own DNS server so that your domain names point to your website. DNS in it's basic form is the process of converting domain names to IP addresses. Whenever you type in a domain address (like www.google.com) in your [...]

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Linux Command Cheatsheet: User Management

Add a user to your system: adduser <username> Add a user to your system with a specific home directory adduser --home <directory> <username> Add a user to your system with a specific group: adduser -g <groupname> <username> Change a user's password passwd <username> Change a user's home directory usermod -h <directory> <username> Add a group [...]

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Learn Linux: User Management with adduser, usermod and addgroup

User Management in Linux is made easy by using a few simple commands. This tutorial will go over some of the basic commands and also explain a few concepts of the user system. Want the cheatsheet version? Cheatsheet Linux Commands: adduser, addgroup, usermod, passwd, id We'll be using the Debian Linux system, but for many [...]

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