MapleStory Kanna Skill Build Guide

Kanna is one of the most popular classes in MapleStory and this skill guide will show you the best way to grow your Kanna from 1st job to 5th job. Kanna is a class that came from JMS (Japan MapleStory) and isn't available in the original version of MapleStory (Korean MapleStory). As such, a lot of Kanna's skills are very strong and in some cases, overpowered, making it one of the best classes for mobbing, DPS and bossing.

MapleStory Kanna Skill Guide

Kanna is a mage class and one of the best all-around classes. She has great mobbing skills, great bossing skills and has very good damage as she scales up. The class has gone through many revamps overtime, with the latest one in being in patch 205.

One of Kanna's best skills is it's Kishin skill. This skill is incredibly useful because it boosts the amount of mobs on a map and the time in which they respawn, making training a lot faster (and leveling up faster). This skill has created a new MapleStory Meta, where players have a Kanna mule to buff their maps. As such, this class is one of the most used and popular on MapleStory GMS.

Kanna's get the Kishin skill in 3rd Job (around Level 60, max around Level 70). Since the Kishin skill is so useful, MapleStory also has an item that can be purchased for Reward Points called the Fury Totem. This item costs 2,000 Reward Points, and lasts for 2 hours. It basically gives any character the Kishin skill for a limited time (2 hours). (UPDATE (22/06/2020); since patch 214, Kanna's Kishin skill was nerfed to only last 30 seconds with a 60 cooldown! In addition to this, the skill Nightghost Guide will extend the duration of the skill for 5 seconds when activated. This has all but killed Kishin Mules as you need to be actively playing the character in order to maintain Kishin.)

When Kanna gets to 5th job, you'll get to unlock more skills that help Kanna to cover whole maps, allowing them to defeat all mobs on a map at once. This makes it a very easy class to train on and makes it very popular to "Meso Farm" on Reboot worlds.

If you're interested in having Kanna as your first MapleStory character, go for it. It's one of the easiest to play and has many useful skills that will benefit you in the future if you decide to switch to another character in the future.

  • Main Weapon Type: Fan
  • Job Type: Mage
  • Shared Cash Shop Inventory: Hayato, Kanna

Kanna Stat Points

Kanna's primary stat is INT. When you level up your Kanna, you should put all your points into INT. Each time you level up you'll get 5 SP to distribute (put it all into INT!).

When scrolling equipment, you'll want to go for INT, Magic Attack and HP. HP is useful to Kanna's because of a beginner skill that converts HP into Magic Attack.

Kanna Skill Guide

Each time Kanna levels up (from Level 10), you'll gain 3 AP to distribute to your skills. You can use this guide to upgrade the skills in the right order, to maximise your damage and leveling speed. If you make a mistake, not to worry, Kanna gives enough AP to max out all skills.

Link Skill: Elementalism (Gives 5% Damage at level 70, 10% Damage at level 120).

Legion Block: Boss Damage (1/2/3/4/5%)

Kanna 1st Job Skill Guide

  • Shikigami Haunting (1), Mana Warp (1), Ghost Yaksha Trainee (1)
  • Shikigami Haunting (MAX)
  • Mana Warp (MAX)
  • Ghost Yaksha Trainee (MAX)
  • Spiritual Enlightenment (MAX)

Kanna's main mobbing skill is Shikigami Haunting. This skill will upgrade as you job advance, but ultimate it will stay the same as you main attack skill. Mana Warp is your powerful teleport skill, which has incredible distance. Ghost Yaksha is your summon skill, which will also get upgraded to more powerful versions as your job advance. Spiritual Enlightment will boost your damage and defense.

As mentioned, Kanna doesn't use MP; instead she uses Spirtual Power for skills. This power regenerates over time and certain skills will consume it (apart from your main attacking skill Shikigami Haunting). You can regen the amount of Spiritual Power faster by standing in Mana Viens, which are generated by using specific Kanna Skills:

  • Shikigami Haunting
  • Exorcist Charm
  • Shikigami Charm
  • Falling Sakura
Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Geomancy Generates Mana Veins randomly every 5 seconds. Mana Veins increase Mana Regeneration.
Shikigami Haunting Main attack skill
Ghost Yaksha Trainee Summons a ghost to attack mobs for you for 30 seconds.
Mana Warp Teleport skill. Can teleport to Mana Veins on the map.
Spiritual Enlighment Increases Int by +40 and Defense by 400.


Kanna 2nd Job Skill Guide

  • Shikigami Haunting 2 (1), Haku Reborn (1), Ghost Yakshee Brother (1)
  • Radiant Peacock (6)
  • Shikigami Haunting 2 (MAX),
  • Haku Reborn (MAX),
  • Exorcist's Charm (MAX)
  • Soul Bomb (MAX)
  • Ghost Yaksha Brother (MAX)
  • Radiant Peacock (MAX)
  • Shikigami Charm (MAX)

In second job, Kanna gets it's Haku Reborn skill which gives buffs to Kanna that can heal you periodically, increase damage and absorb/reflect damage. You upgrade your Shikigami Haunting skill and Ghost Yakshee summon. You also get an attack speed skill called Radiant Peacock, allowing you to attack faster. Soul bomb is useful for mobbing as it deals damage to enemies around the one that dies. I never really used Shikigami Charm, so I max this last. Exorcist's Charm is great for training at Drakes as it hits multiple platforms and can 1-shot.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Shikigami Haunting 2 Main attack skill
Ghost Yaksha Brother Summons a ghost to attack mobs for you for 30 seconds.
Haku Reborn Buffs your Kanna, gives free heal and boosts magic attack of party
Radiant Peacock Increases attack speed
Soul Bomb When an enemy is defeated, a soul bomb is generated and explodes dealing damage to nearby mobs.
Shikigami Charm Creates a vortex to damage enemies
Exorcist's Charm Deals damage in a smoke area; any enemies that walk into the smoke are dealt damage over time.

Kanna 3rd Job Skill Guide

  • Shikigami Haunting 3 +1, Kishin Shoukan +1, Ghost Yaksha Leiutenant +1
  • Spirit Path +1, Yosuzume +1, Tengu Strike +1
  • Kishin Shoukan (MAX)
  • Shikigami Haunting 3 (MAX)
  • Spirit Path (MAX)
  • Ghost Yaksha Lieutenant (MAX),
  • Lifeblood Ritual (MAX)
  • Tengu Strike (MAX)
  • Yosuzume (MAX)
  • Mana Balance (MAX)
  • Blossom Barrier (MAX)

Kanna's 3rd job gives you the best mobbing skill in the game: Kishin Shoukan. It spawns monsters faster on maps and increases the amount available. To speed up training, you'll want to max this skill out first. Unfortunately, Kishin Shoukan was nerfed in version 214 to only last 30 seconds with a 60 second cooldown. You can now only maintain 100% uptime once you get to 4th job. At some point, you can choose between maxing your Ghost Yaksha or Tengu Strike. Personally, I never found I needed to use Tengu Strike in the early levels so I maxed out my Ghost summon.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Shikigami Haunting 3 Main attack skill
Blossom Barrier Reduces the amount of damage taken and status resistance
Ghost Yaksha Lieutenant Summons a ghost to attack mobs for you for 30 seconds.
Kishin Shoukan Increases the amount of mobs on the map and reduces the amount of time they take to respawn. 30 second duration/60 second cooldown.
Lifeblood Ritual Restores HP when you kill an enemy
Mana Balance Sacrifice HP for Mana
Spirit Path Increases Magic ATT, Critical Rate and Critical Damage
Tengu Strike Attacks horizontally across the entire screen
Warding Barrier Sacrifice mana to create barriers
Yosuzume When attacking, has a chance to summon Shikigami Charms to mobs.

Kanna 4th Job Skill Guide

  • Shikigami Haunting 4 +1, Kasen +1, Haku Perfected +1,
  • Nine-Tailed Fury +1, Ghost Yaksha Boss +1, Nightghost Guide +1,
  • Nightghost Guide (MAX)
  • Shikigami Haunting 4 (MAX)
  • Haku Perfected (MAX)
  • Kasen (MAX)
  • Ghost Yaksha Boss (MAX)
  • Akatsu Warrior (MAX)
  • Nine-Tailed Fury (MAX)
  • Shikigami Doppleganger (MAX)
  • Binding Tempest (MAX)
  • Bellflower Barrier (MAX)
  • Vanquisher's Charm (MAX)
  • Orochi Unbound (MAX)
  • Hero's Will (MAX)

Fourth job brings you lots of damage boosts and your final upgrade on both main attacking skill (Shikigami Haunting 4) and summon (Ghost Yaksha Boss). You'll gain some great bossing skills too, including the Binding Tempest (which stuns an enemey for 10 seconds). At level 140, you'll also gain access to Hyper Skills, which will boost your 4th job skills even more. You'll want to max Nightghost Guide early on so you can get 100% uptime for Kishin Shoukan skill.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Shikigami Haunting 4 Main attack skill
Ghost Yaksha Boss Summons a ghost to attack mobs for you for 30 seconds.
Akatsuki Warrior Increases All Stats by 15%
Bellflower Barrier Increases damage done to mobs and bosses when inside the barrier.
Binding Tempest Binds bosses/mobs for 10 seconds.
Falling Sakura Damages enemies as it's summoned and heals all party members for 100%.
Haku Perfected Upgrades Haku Reborn skill to give better buffs.
Hero's Will Removes any status ailments
Kasen Boosts damage
Nightghost Guide Increases EXP and chance to drop equipment with potential. Extends duration of Kishin by max of 5 seconds each time it's activated. Can be activated by using Shikigami Haunting, Exorcist Charm and Circle Of Suppression.
Nine-Tailed Fury Damages up to 15 enemies on the entire screen, giving a 20% damage buff for 60 seconds.
Orochi Unbound Attacks 15 monsters on the entire screen
Shikigami Doppleganger Damages enemies after a period of time of accumulating mana.
Vanquisher's Charm Old bossing skill (single target)

Kanna Hyper Skills Build

  • Geomancy - Spread
  • Geomancy - Persist
  • Bellflower Barrier - Boss Rush
  • Bellflower Barrier - Cooldown Cutter
  • Bellflower Barrier - Persist
  • Circle Of Suppression
  • Veritable Pandemonium
  • Princess's Vow

Ideally you want to upgrade your Bellflower Barrier over Vanquisher's Charm. Vanquisher's charm is not as ideal as Shikigami Haunting in the current meta and it relies on having your mana up at all times.

Kanna 5th Job Skill Build

  • Spirits Domain
  • Yuki-musume Shoukan
  • Liberated Spirit Circle
  • Trinode 1: Shikigami Haunting 4, Ghost Yaksha Boss, Tengu Strike
  • Trinode 2: Kishin Shoukan, Exorcists Charm Final Damage, Yosuzume
  • Decent Holy Symbol
  • Decent Speed Infusion
  • Sengoku Force

With 5th job you gain access to the V Matrix, which allows you to equip special nodes that give you skills. These skills come from items called Nodestones. Upon job advancing, you will get 3 Nodestones specific to your class. In the case of Kanna, you get Spirits Domain, Yuki-musume Shoukan and Liberated Spirit Circle. All of these skills are great and will aid you in mobbing and dealing damage.

Then you'll want to get the "perfect" trinodes. Trinodes contain 3 skill boosts and can be randomly obtained when you open a Nodestone item. You'll need to try to get lucky to get the perfect nodestones as it can take opening over a 100 nodestones to get the perfect trio. The good news, you can unequip and equip different nodes all the time, so in the beginning levels it is a good idea to just equip any to get the damage boosts early on.

Getting Decently Holy Symbol and Decent Speed Infusion nodes is really important for speeding up training.

All mobs in Arcana drop Nodestones.

Skill Icon Skill Name Skill Description
Spirits Domain Creates a giant vortex that damages enemies for up to 60 seconds. Also increases the attack speed on party members when the spirit stone is fully charged
Yuki-munsume Shroukan A summon that stays by your side dealing damage to enemies.
Liberated Spirit Circle Summons a circle periodically that damages enemies as it moves up the map. Summons when attacking using Shikigami Haunting

Kanna Update History

Released in patch 129.

Kishin Nerf: (UPDATE (22/06/2020); since patch 214, Kanna's Kishin skill was nerfed to only last 30 seconds with a 60 cooldown! In addition to this, the skill Nightghost Guide will extend the duration of the skill for 5 seconds when activated. This has all but killed Kishin Mules as you need to be actively playing the character in order to maintain Kishin.)

Last modified in patch patch 205

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